The Zionist regime is bound to accept the conditions of Hamas

The Zionist regime is bound to accept the conditions of HamasTEHRAN (defapress) -Commander Sanai Rad while saying that the Americans consider negotiation, ceasefire, and exchange of prisoners as the solution to the problems of the Zionists, stated that from the beginning, Netanyahu sought to impose an iron fist policy against the Palestinians to have a winning card in the negotiation field; but the developments in Gaza have shown that the occupiers have not achieved any of their goals and there are strong conflicts between them and their foreign partners.

The Political deputy of the political ideology office of the Supreme Leader Commander-in-Chief, while emphasizing that the countries supporting the Zionist regime are against the continuation of the genocide in Gaza, said that the continuation of the Gaza war has led to massive protests in the occupied territories, and on the other hand, we are witnessing the expansion of pro-Palestinian student movements in Western countries to support Palestine.

Also, Commander Sanai Rad talked about the acceptance of the ceasefire by the Zionists and said that Hamas will not accept an agreement that is not accompanied by the withdrawal of the Zionist forces and a permanent ceasefire.