Dispute in Israel war cabinet

Chaos in the house of the spiderTEHRAN (defapress) - Eight months have passed since the start of the war in Gaza. A war that has not achieved anything for the Zionists, and every day there is news of the escalation of conflicts in the war cabinet of the child killer regime reflected in the media.

The whisper of the resignation of Benny Gantz, a key member of the Zionist regime's war cabinet is also defined in the same direction; an issue that shows internal conflicts of this occupier and illegitimate regime, more than ever to everyone.

According to the received reports, Benny Gantz's decision to resign became serious when reports were published in the Israeli media indicating that this key member of the Zionist war cabinet was angry and unhappy because of the lack of a clear plan for the Gaza post-war situation. Since the prime minister of the Zionist regime, Benjamin Netanyahu refuses to present a specific plan for the future after the war, it does not seem that this problem can be solved.

Another issue that has aggravated the conflicts between the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime and his ministers and cabinet members is the lack of a detailed and codified plan to control the Gaza Strip. This lack of planning has caused us to witness the emergence of very serious conflicts between the members of the cabinet of the Zionist regime, who do not have any clear situation and perspective regarding the future of this war and the future of the administration of the Gaza Strip.

The condition of Israeli hostages who are captivated by Hamas is another cause and factor for the conflicts in the cabinet of the Zionist regime. Benny Gantz, a key member of the Zionist regime's war cabinet, strongly objected to the determination of the status of Israeli hostages who are held by Hamas and demanded a quick and appropriate resolution for this issue.

Regarding the latest efforts to resolve the issue of Zionist hostages who are held captive by Hamas, we must also point out that in this case we also see that Netanyahu has not cooperated to end this situation and even he hasn't accepted the proposals of the United States and other countries. While several meetings have been held regarding this issue, with Netanyahu's resistance to accepting the proposals, they have remained fruitless.

However, the departure of Benny Gantz and his party from Netanyahu's emergency cabinet, which was formed after the Al-Aqsa operation on October 7, will not cause the collapse of Netanyahu's coalition, which currently has 64 seats in the Knesset. But while increasing instabilities in Netanyahu's cabinet, it will intensify the current political crisis in the Zionist regime in the middle of the Gaza war.

On the other hand, because Benny Gantz as a key member of the Zionist regime's war cabinet has a good relationship with the Joe Biden government, his departure from Netanyahu's cabinet will lead to a significant increase in American pressure as well as international pressure on Netanyahu. This issue is not what the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime wants and it is expected that Netanyahu will take a series of actions to stay away from this situation.

In the end, it should be mentioned that the entry of Benny Gantz into Netanyahu's emergency cabinet has been met with widespread approval by the residents of the occupied Palestinian territories, and it can be seen as a sign of the internal unity of the Zionist regime, his departure from this cabinet can be a very serious and clear sign of the intensification of internal disputes and the critical situation of the Zionist regime in these days.