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Tag: Africa
Russia-Africa Cooperation to Be Based on Principles of Justice, Respect for Rights
News ID: 79083   Publish Date: 2019/10/25

Iran, Russia Review Latest Developments in Persian Gulf
News ID: 79057   Publish Date: 2019/10/22

Parliament Speaker:
Iran Facilitates Investment Procedure for South Africa
News ID: 79055   Publish Date: 2019/10/22

Rouhani Calls on Int’l Community to Stand Up to US Actions
News ID: 79012   Publish Date: 2019/10/17

Zarif: Iran’s Strategic Patience Over
News ID: 78996   Publish Date: 2019/10/16

Iranian, South African FMs Meet in Tehran
News ID: 78976   Publish Date: 2019/10/16

US Sanctions on Iran Crime against Humanity: President Rouhani
News ID: 78940   Publish Date: 2019/10/15

Russia Assumes Presidency in UN Security Council
News ID: 78568   Publish Date: 2019/09/01

Iranian MPs Introduce Bill to Sanction US Officials
News ID: 78471   Publish Date: 2019/08/24

4 Police Injured in Clashes with Protesters Ahead of G7
News ID: 78463   Publish Date: 2019/08/24

Ayatollah Khamenei:
Deal of Century never to materialize
News ID: 78336   Publish Date: 2019/08/10

No Room for Ambitious Bullies in Persian Gulf
News ID: 78282   Publish Date: 2019/08/05

Zarif Wraps Up ‘Fruitful Diplomatic Trip’ to Americas, Africa
News ID: 78177   Publish Date: 2019/07/26

US Blocks UNSC Rebuke of Israel Demolishing Palestinian Homes
News ID: 78168   Publish Date: 2019/07/25

Reconciliation Doesn't Work in Face of Imperialist Powers: US Analyst
News ID: 77991   Publish Date: 2019/07/06

FM Zarif:
US imposition of sanctions on Leader’s office contrary to intl. criteria
News ID: 77892   Publish Date: 2019/06/27

Daesh Says Killed 12 Nigerian Soldiers in Borno State Attack
News ID: 77830   Publish Date: 2019/06/21

UN General Assembly Chooses Non-Permanent Security Council Members for 2020-2021
News ID: 77692   Publish Date: 2019/06/08

South Africa's ANC Wins Re-Election with Reduced Majority
News ID: 77354   Publish Date: 2019/05/12

South Africa Counts Votes as Ramaphosa's ANC Looks to Retain Power
News ID: 77310   Publish Date: 2019/05/09