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Tag: Iran
Palestine’s ultimate victory is imminent
News ID: 84092   Publish Date: 2022/04/27

HR Cheif:
Most attacks on Iran diplomatic missions occurred in Europe
News ID: 84091   Publish Date: 2022/04/27

IRGC Navy to expand operational depth in distant waters
News ID: 84087   Publish Date: 2022/04/25

Raeisi congrats wrestlers on crowning in 2022 Asian C’ship
News ID: 84086   Publish Date: 2022/04/25

Rear Admiral Irani:
No country dares approach territorial waters of Iran
News ID: 84082   Publish Date: 2022/04/22

Intelligence forces detain 3 Mossad spies in SE Iran
News ID: 84081   Publish Date: 2022/04/22

China calls on Sweden to respect religious beliefs
News ID: 84079   Publish Date: 2022/04/21

Moscow reacts to possible addition to terrorism sponsor list
News ID: 84074   Publish Date: 2022/04/20

Salami hails army, IRGC achievements in drones field
News ID: 84072   Publish Date: 2022/04/20

Iran condemns terrorist attack in Kabul
News ID: 84071   Publish Date: 2022/04/20

Sweden morphing into a prison for Muslims
News ID: 84069   Publish Date: 2022/04/19

Raeisi warns Zionists:
Israel center to be targeted in case of any move against Iran
News ID: 84068   Publish Date: 2022/04/19

IRGC cmdr.:
Army’s capabilities prevented enemies attacks on Iran
News ID: 84066   Publish Date: 2022/04/19

Iran navy to open maritime security center in near future
News ID: 84065   Publish Date: 2022/04/18

Swedish charge d'affaires summoned by Iran foreign ministry
News ID: 84064   Publish Date: 2022/04/18

Iran President felicitates Syrian National Day to counterpart
News ID: 84063   Publish Date: 2022/04/18

Military official:
Iran self-sufficient in producing ground combat equipment
News ID: 84062   Publish Date: 2022/04/18

VP Mokhber felicitates Syrian PM on Natioanl Day
News ID: 84059   Publish Date: 2022/04/17

Iran determined to coop with countries in need to fight COVID
News ID: 84057   Publish Date: 2022/04/17

Ershadi names main security issues threatening W Asian women
News ID: 84054   Publish Date: 2022/04/15