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Donald Trump, US Republican presidential nominee, has said that Hillary Clinton’s policy towards Syria would “lead to World War III”, arguing that the Democratic nominee would drag the US into an armed confrontation with Russia.
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Publish Date: 26October 2016 - 10:12
Clinton’s Policies Drag US to World War III, Confrontation with RussiaTrump made the warning in an interview with Reuters on Tuesday, following Clinton’s proposal for the establishment of a no-fly zone and "safe zones” in Syria earlier this month; Press TV reported.

"What we should do is focus on ISIL (Daesh). We should not be focusing on Syria,” Trump said.

"You’re going to end up in World War Three over Syria if we listen to Hillary Clinton,” he said.

On October 7, the Democratic nominee said a no-fly zone was required inside the war-ravaged country to stabilize fighting, a move that was opposed in Congress due to the risk of entering into conflict with Russia, since a US-enforced no-fly zone would mean the US could shoot down Russian fighter jets should they enter Syrian airspace.

Clinton also described the situation in Syria as "incredibly complex” since the intervention of Russia.

"You're not fighting Syria anymore; you're fighting Syria, Russia and Iran, all right? Russia is a nuclear country, but a country where the nukes work as opposed to 
other countries that talk," Trump said.

The Republican nominee also referred to the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power as a second-level priority to defeating Daesh.
"Assad is secondary, to me, to ISIL,” Trump said.

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