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Note / Rasoul Hasani
He Ministry of art and culture of the Holy Prophet of the Presidential Committee, the defense of complex philosophy and a few layers, there is a need to state that in and of itself. As well as the media who have to go through the concepts of sacred defense should be moved to identify and strengthen.
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Publish Date: 15October 2017 - 23:02
Documentary theater; an opportunity to confront the distortion of the sacred defenseAccording to Defapress reporter, In other words, the theater was one of the first communication tools that people are hunting for others as events were defined. No matter how they act way better event, people interact with. Likewise the art theatre is part of the identity and the potential of all the people.

Therefore, investment in the art in the field of sacred defense can be achieved positive results. Among the types of documentary theatre, theater, one of the best methods of transfer debates to defend the Holy Islamic revolution. The actual text in the documentary based on documents that the author in his research. In fact, the documentary tells the story of the theater not with the tools and the original drama event.

Documentary theatre is an obstacle in the face of doubts.

In this type of showing everything readable. Unlike other types of views that it's trying to be part of sacred defense history by the story, and the writer-director is not dependent on events, priority documentary and documentary theatre scene is required.


For example, in the merzad operation, all of the events that led to the formation of the operations, as well as effective and the number of forces that people attended, its results internally, the events after that and related issues through dramatic games directly to their audience will be transferred.

The difficulty of working in this type of game is that it acts as an actor to be converted into a dramatic performance, not through the field. We are faced here with a real name, and the actors should be in the form of a historical character. Mirza Muhammad played a key role in the operations. To do such a scene on stage, the actors have to Warrior. All aspects of performance should be obvious Selighi character actor. Dependency behavior and words should be seen in the game.


In the theater, not only is the author of all the cast of the show is based on the documents, which the job on the stage become a documentary source. In fact, the documentary is a documentary theatre performance. Documentary theatre need growth over other related organizations such as the Foundation for the protection of relics and sacred defense values.

Regardless of the funds and other forms of support, these institutions must provide comprehensive documentation with the artists. In addition, they should be the priority of the subject categories and the conditions for the next step.


Documentary theatre allows the minimum distortion and allows the subject in other formats, such as books, articles, films and other forms of design. The arrival of the cultural revolution, the revolutionary guards and the army to the very essential documentary theater is practically impossible, which is the life of this presentation without these institutions. It is also due to the emergence of non-Iranian documentary theatre, Visual art and attractions to attract a lot of spectators there.

Documentary theatre is a great opportunity to give the revolutionary forces and the use of this medium is that it can be beneficial to the revolution, and defend the sacred is popular. It is also worthwhile to build the necessary infrastructure, such as training, equipment exhibitions, facilitate the process of research, financial support, extensive and widespread publicity.

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