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In a meeting with the families of martyrs
I resort to the three martyrs of the family especially Mustafa and wanted to return to the mother, a few minutes later mom took my hand. It was not believable, after 45 minutes of live, the mother died.
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The miracle of three martyrs in the mother's alive /the story of battalion palizvanipeople to people of great stature and the boys were drank, and mother of John SAP rzaq ate up the family tree of father solvent Palizvani with 10 boys to sit, and flowers of the tree between the three of them to 10 child testimony, one in the events The revolution, and the other two on defense. All the brothers are paternal Fergie a congregation prayer without nkhand and in all the years of the life of sweat poured and bread was unlikely, the audio of a family that everything in your way of Islam and the revolution have also sacrificed three boys, Islam.

The noble families of Palizvani that Tehrani was are there for the sake of three shhershan brothers of martyrs and another at the front are warrior. The passing of the years, the old mother and older brothers, even curved martyrs too, the age and the last of the year; however, the memories of his brothers to remember the details well. Sally's father invited a few of the martyrs will be right and keeper compliance today are martyrs, brother blood aftkharshan their martyr father and brothers accompany in the years away.

Officials at the Community Center in the series meet the Radwan family of martyrs "to watch Cypress» to meet the family of the martyr. Detailed remarks by Ali Palizvani and mother Palizvani martyrs in this meet, previously released, which you can read here.

In other words, more detailed two brothers and sister to visit Palizvani martyrs in this regard: battalion formed. The other brother martyrs Palizvani -Mahmoud Palizvani is that of the presence at the front of the battle and the formation of the battalion Palizvani says: after I got to the front entering the Mustafa Morteza order. Until that time I worked in the Prosecutor's Office, I saw that really need to go to the front. The selection was the guard to Morteza said, would like to go to the front, said of the mobilization of Nero, come through the action corps. I had a little work to do destruction. I resigned from the Justice Department went back and wrote the name of the Corps. Mustafa was a year and a half that was at the front. The time had also became a lover of the front. From each side of the other side of way we went. Demolition work on the nest for a while I was deployed to the front from there. I had come up with Mustafa comes front car, but not swarsh. Mustafa was fighting between rider and machine.

He and his brother, about his presence in Germany and England before the revolution continues: I prior to the revolution in Germany, two other brothers also lived in England. Because the Shah had bad situation and every day we wait every time we had a problem, someone to come and arrest in the House my parents get annoyed. Before that the Imam (Khomeini) to come to France, I was in France, but I had no news of the subject. Just came the same day that he announced on radio Paris [Imam] Khomeini (RA) came to Paris. I came to Iran and sometime later I went and after Noofel Luchatou Imam (Khomeini) back to back.

When I went to the Committee a right of Iran. I had some time in the Committee and then went to the Prosecutor's Office. After the war it began to go to the front and got the action because the course had seen previously was responsible for training the destruction. The next way to somar went and fkh. After the preliminary operation dawn m., m., a., a., a. and my dad came and said that at the front there is a con. After a while the sniper and the female RP Jay m. During this time all the brothers and another two for my brother boys and together in the battalion were destroyed. The work was also the destruction battalion that at any time you need to force the unit had destroyed a few people from the forces of destruction.

On the grave of Muhammad buried another person. Mahmoud Palizvani, Mohammad martyr from spiritually such narrative: we were always together in the family. Mohammed najibi kid. A lot of things for others was not normal. For example, do not in any way to the cinema. The father do we have bred that was even not pass in front os cinema. I don't know, the sixth grade at the cinema.

In the military went to police militaire. Air force garrison to guard the martyrs square to give up being the story of the revolution came up and the four went to the demonstration. Quote of the day was that our martyr Mohammad tomorrow for breaking the curfew, which had gone out. Enter an alley and slept beneath a Peugeot, came up the side of the car so that the enemy passengers could Putin enemy passengers from the side of the wheel of the car. Abbas and Ahmad were a higher lane. Guard soldiers came up and were not there when the alley was dark and had a fear of attack.

The night we were at the House, and we have said that if Peugeot the following all were killed. In the morning as usual that keep track of where we go to demonstrations to help Abbas, a taxi ride, because I knew what to do to the enemy passengers taxi knocked head field to help people if I wanted to help. During that cruise was voted the white linen cloth and a number of businessmen to the hospital. I saw the tail of the hospital that Ahmad. I said what are you doing here? TIR Mohammad said. I went to the inside of the saw on the ground next to the fallen, wounded, Mohammad. Because his lungs had eaten into the beams would not take a breath. He was taken to the operating room to hit the other artificial respiration that I saw do not breath. I was sure that the testimony is reached however the nurse crying and scramble to return his breath but Mohammad had all.

This is sick, for instance, that Muhammad as an elaborate and should be anteghalsh his body to another hospital to let the ambulance inside and grabbed her, went to the neighborhood mosque and serum to the mother for the last time to be able to see him. When you get to Heaven (q) we got although officials of Heaven (q) of the Guard troops feared and let their people to bury the configurations did not his:. They leave for tomorrow but people stopped. The grave to bury, historian and my father also went top of the barrel. Sometime later that we discovered in the msarsh on the part of Muhammad buried bury someone else.

  1. Palizvani in short sentences in a sketch of the Shahid says: in one short sentence can say what she herself wanted to and thought, The right at any time to Act. Anyone that does not listen to the words father and his mother. My 42 years 10. I recall when the Commander of the police station of the area were all rejected, the alley were dry. That time my father was Imam and images of his thesis and told us in the gutters of the House is possible. The father of the children in such circumstances.

M., was unabashed affection world. Sedigheh Palizvani that his wife is the sister of martyrs and martyrs of the sacred defense is about his brother Mohammad said: the world of affection and emotion, and it was because I was very interested to me a sister. Remember that once the mother is home. Eid al-Adha was close and his father had bought a sheep. I got a little bit of that in the House only of the sheep was also afraid. When Muhammad came back as an Angel. When Muhammad said, I was very upset afraid of sheep. Again I only did so when mom came home.

I had that a little age Muhammad was martyred, I recall m came home and said June m., a few minutes later to say the father was wounded and said Muhammad. With my mother, that we bring ourselves to hospital merchants it happened and the Imperial force with the adulterer steals from the first gun to my chest, my mom said that I come to see that July is said to him as one of the bullets is the same as you say, go. After we threw out.

Muhammad had testified to actually deserve because so much was clear. When I reached my testimony is in the funeral as I thought and not the other thing we see,To the mosque behind the ambulance run.

His only sister martyrs Palizvani Muhammad asked it as: we want good sequel of martyr and in the world and the hereafter to the purposes which we have.

The miracle of the three martyrs in rejuvenating the mother. The last child of the family of Ali-Akbar Palizvani was also in memory of the miracle of the martyrs said: lgensh 84 years of mother earth and defeat her to the room were forced to take action following the stroke. He brought out of the operating room, dear died. The growth rate of 45 minutes of Haj Ali and plastered all over the goshsh turned and saw John's body. He came to the morgue to take his fee if I can keep a mother's night? They accept. His doctor was operational the mother brain surgeon told the FT. To announce that the mother's family come to see. To the three martyrs, especially Sir m appealing found and told us not to, we need God's witness went back into the room is the mother who was dead 45 minutes and were hand drawn fabric growth rate of my brother. Doctors came and devices that were connected to an hour before carving. Had a mother who was a little better in my 70 years, he said, the doctor is taking everything you've seen what kind of?

Defined desert mom was taking. I reached out to an area that houses the ruins of the old house in a similar Qom. In the garden was open m and m and m I came inside the garden survived all the people that were waiting in the garden and saw was not the light of MKO. Our mother said you should have on your air and it saraght you to heaven.

He says: If an attribute of the martyr wall, three brothers of Mohammad a. Mustafa, despite of his and of m I svadsh on the obvious characteristics of Muhammad was very emotional and. Every time I came to the garrison of chocolate to me something.

The smallest of the family child advocates about the Palizvani shrine and the work that it is doing today, believes: the martyrs are the same of the holy martyrs of today's age of Defense testimony. These are the root of the same religious family.

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