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The second part / the detailed press briefing with Amir Sayari;
Pointing to the strategic importance of the Caspian Sea, the military commander of the Navy said: "The Caspian Sea, as requested by all the neighboring countries, has been raised as a sea of peace and friendship and should not enter the arms race."
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Publish Date: 25October 2017 - 15:44
The Navy has always been regarded as one of the pillars of the power of the countries of the world, so far as different countries have been dominating the other countries and exploiting vast resources in the seaside region, it has always been on the mercy of the sea, according to the defense press defense correspondent. They emphasize themselves and strengthen themselves in this regard.
Before the revolution, through autonomous governments and the influence of transnational governments, Iran had always been a source of these great sources of Goddess and development, until it became a strategic force from the year 88 under the command of the Supreme Leader of the Army, and its mission area was territorial waters Spread to the international and free waters of the world.

The navy has been carrying out significant activities since the year 88 by deploying more than 50 operational units while securing lanes in the north of the Indian Ocean, the Strait of "bab al mandab, the Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea in the field of defense diplomacy and the transfer of culture, as well as the development of the country's sea market. Have given. 

Nidaja has been successful in designing, manufacturing and producing various types of surfaces, substructures and pavements, as well as various types of offshore and defensive systems. The advancements in the field of open water supply and the provision of national lines and the construction of various types of vessels and equipment are light and Heavy and radar and missile systems forced us to serve the Amir Admiral Habibullah Sayari, commander of the Navy, and have an hour-long conversation with him, which you read later on in the second part of the conversation.
Caspian Sea should not enter the arms race / Americans say we are men of the seas are hard / Nedaja's progress in missile and torpedo areas
Escort 4,200 ferry ships in international waters

Defa Press: Tell us about the help you gave to foreign ships? Do you have any statistics on this?

General Sayari: The Supreme Leader said that the navy represents the authority of the Iranian nation in the field of the sea, and we are obliged to show the authority, culture, intelligence, science, knowledge and identity of the people in the seaside.

So far, we escorted 4,200 ships in the Gulf of Aden and the free waters, and helped with 25 ships from different countries who asked for help.
Caspian Sea does not enter the arms race

Defa Press: Perhaps over the past decade, in the division of the North Sea and its sources with the Russians, we have been confronted with the Russians for almost several years now, from your view of the Caspian Sea as a place of peace and friendship, please state our current situation in the area of division How is the interest and resource extraction in this sea?

Genera Sayari: The Caspian Sea is important and has plenty of resources and is considered a strategic area for the neighboring countries, but as the sea is closed, the rules and regulations governing the sea by the neighboring countries will apply. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Iran and the Soviet Union were in this area, but after the collapse of the Eastern bloc, three new countries were identified near the sea, and the number of neighboring countries reached 5, which included Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Iran, among them. Therefore, the laws and regulations of this sea are still being regulated by the countries and various meetings have been held in different grades to the president's rank, but when the view of Iran and all countries is that this sea is a sea of peace and friendship, it is not going to enter the arms race and use any drawer to operate this sea.
Today, the 20 percent available to us is completely under control and is constantly monitored, monitored and guarded and protected as a sea border. We have good communication and interaction with the countries of the region, and we are moving to the countries of the region for goods from each other, and we are looking for everyone to help establish the security in the region.

Providing relief and rescue exercises with Pakistan 

Defa Press: Is this year a friend and neighbor countries exercised to be held?

We continuously interact with the countries of friends and allies in the Persian Gulf and work with neighboring countries to maintain security in the region, and we have always said that we are active in the region and we do not allow others to secure security for us.

For many years, we have been conducting Omani exercises in the field of rescue and carrying out exercises with Pakistan on the agenda. And with the countries that are on the move, we conduct one-day exercises and work to coordinate and develop the visits. .

The navy is leading the Makren coast / the need to implement government plans on the coast of Makran

Defa press: Where is the development of the Makran coast now?

General Sayari: Makran Coast is the most important point in Iran for the development and development of the sea, and why has not been addressed there ever? The Prophet said that he was neglected in this regard. In the years before the Revolution, we were far removed from these regions and the shores of Makran, because the sea was the source of wealth and power, and the enemy did not want us to step in these areas.

With reference to the current thinking of returning to the sea, we are looking to go to the sea and rebuild the civilization of the sea that we have, so we need to provide the necessary funding and facilities for the presence of the people in this area to see growth and effectiveness in the beaches of Makran. The navy has been present at the forefront for several years. We hope the government will carry out the many plans that are envisaged here, and we will witness the practical progress of this region.
Caspian Sea should not enter the arms race / Americans say we are men of the seas are hard / Nedaja's progress in missile and torpedo areas

Thousands of Nedaja employees have been stationed from Minab to Pasa bandar

Defa press: Is there a base in the area now?

General Sayari: Yes, thousands of Nadajah's employees are now located in the vicinity of Makran, from Minab to Pasadbandar, to develop and improve the area with their families and the amount of equipment on the beaches of Makran. This is evident, and is of particular interest to the authorities and growth. And develop so that we can see the progress of the country.

Defa press: What do you expect from the government in this regard?

General Sayari: Actions related to the development, such as road construction, construction of railways and airports, and the establishment of health, education and health infrastructure in accordance with the tasks, so that we can see increasing progress.

New destroyer is on the way 

Defa press:What are the characteristics of the new destroyer you are working on?

General Sayari: The new destroyer will definitely be better off and better than the previous ones, and detailed details will be given at the time of joining the Navy.

Caspian Sea should not enter the arms race / Americans say we are men of the seas are hard / Nedaja's progress in missile and torpedo areas
The use of highly advanced equipment in Khark

Defa Press : What is the current status of Khark Harbor?

General sayari : Reconstruction of the khark battleship was one of the capabilities of the Navy, which was carried out by the youth of this border and canvas, it should be said that some of the equipment used in this carrier is so advanced that perhaps nobody believes that Iran has this capability. If it were possible for everyone to see this capability, it was very enjoyable.

We told Americans we are men of the seas are hard 

Defa Press : What was the current payback of the American sailors for the Sabalan?

General sayari : The maritime route is such that there is sometimes a desire or an unwanted connection between the boats, and according to marine laws, questions and answers are made, such as who you are? Where are you going? And ... This incident you mentioned once happened to the Sabalan destroyer in the Sea of China, so that in the course of Navy sailings, Americans questioned our Sabblan destroyer when we asked who were you and where is you going? Our sailors introduced themselves as the Naval Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran. After the destroyer, we asked you what you are doing here. Subsequently, Sabalan's wrecker on the other side questioned what you were doing here. Here we are closer to you! And this is the calculated answer. The American ship continues to say that we wanted to tell you that the sea's condition was damaged and that you were annoyed that our sailors replied that we should not worry; we are men of the sea and we have the necessary experience and to prove to them that they have this capability. The same waves of the sea sail and showcase their authority.

But as the Sabalan destroyed a number of missiles in a cowardly American attack in 1969, they thought that this was not Sabalan's destroyer, when they saw that Sabalan is growing up with its magnitude and power today against the enemy and stands that tribute. The enemy usually does not believe in the ability of the Islamic Republic in the field of construction, reconstruction, and optimization, so it is affected when it sees potential in the seaside.

Defa Press : In the end, if you have a talk.

General sayai : Progress in the field of missiles and torpedoes comes from generation to generation, and we can never end up with what we have. As in the field of technology and technology, with its daily advances, the same is true in the field of arms, and we are striving to upgrade ourselves every day in these areas.

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