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My son's wish was a testimony to defend the shrine
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Publish Date: 02November 2017 - 22:27
Martyr Moradi mother:

Martyr Moradi's mother said: "My son was very dedicated to the Prophet (PBUH), and his wish was martyrdom in defense of the shrine.

"Amen Mohammadi, mother of martyr" Abolfazl Moradi, said in a speech at the funeral of his child's body this morning in a conversation with the Kerman Defa press: "My son was 17 years old and I wanted to give him a son, but he always ordered us to pray for his testimony..

He continued, "My son was very dedicated to the Prophet (PBUH), one of his reasons for his own name, and always said:" I have to go to defend Hazrat Zeinab (As) and Imam Hussein (AS) . "

Martyr Moradi's mother added, "Tasooei told us last year that Abolfazl was captured and then gave us the news of his testimony, I was away from my child, and I would like to see him once more and embrace him.

Mohammadi said: Abolfazl I was young and went to Abolfazlvar, and he was captured as a martyr "Hajji", and then he was martyred and reached his dream of martyrdom in defense of the holy shrine of Zainab (AS).

"My brother told me:" It is very hard for me and I can not be indifferent, I must go and defend the honor of Imam Ali (AS) and the shrine of Hazrat Zainab (SA) and Hazrat Roghaieh, "said Roghieh Muradi, a martyr's sister on the sidelines of the funeral. (S)"

He continued: I told Abolfazl that we gave a lot of martyrs, the mother did not tolerate you, and Abolfazl answered, "Everyone chooses his own way, and I have chosen my own way.

Martyr's sister added: "My name is Allah, and I try to follow Zaynab (SA) and Hazrat Roghaye (S), and I want to follow the purpose and love that my brother has for the Ahl al-Bayt (S), and I hope Hazrat Roghaye (S) Be satisfied with me.

Also, during this spiritual ceremony, Hosseini, the mother of the martyr defender of the shrine "Ruhollah Hosseini" said: My son was with Abolfazl Hamrrzm, both of them were martyred during the year of Moharram and Tasooei Hosseini, and this year, the burial of Ruhollah and his burial burial burial day was .

He noted: "I am sympathetic to the family of Martyr Moradi and I hope Hazrat Zeinab will be happy with us.".

Hosseini said: "There are two sons of daughter and son named Ali and Roqiyah, who were born after the martyrdom of Rohallah.

This holy martyr's martyr's protector of the shrine stated: "The spirit of Allah always told me:" How can I sit quietly and do not move, let me go safely and with your consent and become the goddess of Imam Ali (AS)

He pointed out: I am not upset to my son's testimony, and I am very happy that my son is proud in front of God, Ahlul Bayt (As) and Hazrat Zeinab (SA).

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