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The construction of a "heavy fighter" is on the agenda of the Ministry of Defense
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Publish Date: 08November 2017 - 10:57
General Hatami in an exclusive interview with defa press:

The minister of defense and support of the armed forces announced the implementation of the plan to build a heavy fighter in the ministry.

Major General 'Ali Hatami "Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics defense and security in an interview with the defa press , the ministry plans to strengthen the Air Force, said Air Force strengthening of the main programs of the department.

He said that, in order to achieve strategic airspace, we will do a good job in this period, saying that a large part of the program presented by the parliament and the government is aimed at strengthening the country's airspace.

The Secretary of Defense said that the main focus of these programs was the design and construction of heavy fighter jets that are under way.

In the end, he stressed: "The Islamic Republic's defense strength will be steadily rising and can not be negotiated at all."

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