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Several impressions of the life of the martyr "Akbar Qazizadeh";
Shahid Gazizadeh's colleague said: "I came to the room on one day, and I see that Haji is putting a lot of money into the box." "I asked the cause," he said, "this money is offset by the time that I may have been running out of office."
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Shahid Gazizadeh's colleague said: "I came to the room on one day, and I see that Haji is putting a lot of money into the box." "I asked the cause," he said, "this money is offset by the time that I may have been running out of office."

According to the reporter of the epic and Jihad Defense Press, Shahid Akbar Ghazizadeh worked for a year in regional electricity.
 In 1977, he was admitted to the Advanced School of Advanced Studies and, therefore, resigned from his job and began studying and, after two years, earned a degree in humanities. From then on, he began teaching, and at that time, he was assigned the responsibility of the martyrs' secondary school.
After a while, the vice chancellor of the newly-funded school of the martyr Bahonar of Kerman took charge. Due to the success of his work and his sincerity, he became a member of the Board of Administrative Violations of the Kerman Education Department, and in August 1985, during the administration of Shahid Hojjatoleslam, "Haj Sheikh Ali Ali Iranmanesh" Breeding Kerman accepted the responsibility of Mahan education.
 During the Holy Defense he was frequent in the battle fronts, and on March 19, 1365, he received a martyrdom in Operation Karbala 5 in Shalamche district.

To find out more about this great martyr, read a few sections of his life, narrated by his wife and friends:

Martyr's wife: Arrested in mid-Sha'ban

Before the Revolution, Mr. Qazizadeh held a jubilee in the village of Qanat Ghasan each year in the middle of Sha'ban, and I also collaborated with him. We installed this poem for a year at the site:
The end of Mehdi, the world leader
Someone had reported this move, they came from the police station, they collapsed the place and took the pillow that the poem had written, and they accompanied me and the judge. After being interrogated and tortured for fifteen days, they kept us in jail and then released them.
Hojjatoleslam Dehghani: It was a recipe for a militant food
Before Shaban's mid night revolution in Chennai, his agents arrested him and took him to Mahan and from there to the Kerman detention center for fifteen days, during which time he was persecuted, he later narrated to me in a way that They took me some biscuits and during this time I did not use their food at all, and whenever they ate the food, I sent it back and it was enough for me to cook these biscuits for a few days.
Before the end of the operation, he was not satisfied with seeing his ill child / paid the administrative costs
Martyr's Wife: A Succulent Package Saves His Life
Prior to the Revolution, Imam Khomeini (RA) published the treatise from Qom to Kerman and distributed it among friends. On a trip, the officers stopped the bus and entered the bus for inspection, when they arrived, they wanted to check his suit; he opened the sack and said: "There is no more clothes, because the eyes of the officers fell into a can of soup." They gave them the packet of sohan, and they gave up on the rest of the sack.
After the victory of the Islamic Revolution until the date of his martyrdom in administrative affairs we worked together, I did not even see him absent once, and I did not see the issue and issue of complaint, in his speech about every topic he spoke I heard the name of God in various forms.

Hossein Dehghani, martyr's colleague: Losing interest
He was the head of Mahan Education for some time. You might wonder: he went from Kerman to Mahan with public services while he could use the car.

Although he was responsible for the education department, he did not have any expediency in going to the front. On a journey we went to the area together with our family at noon. We ate lunch and went to the terminal to deploy. The family had come together, when we got on a bus, we were crying for a one-year-old doctor, who is currently a physician, and he wanted to hug his dad, but Mr. Qazizadeh refused to get him and said,
"At the very least, get relieved."

Martyr's wife: The most important duty of the authorities is from the eyes of the martyr
As an education specialist, he had a strong sense of student learning and ethics. He was keen on the fact that as much material and spiritual investment would be worthwhile, because the future will be made by students, and tomorrow we will reap tomorrow. This was one of the most important tasks of the authorities.

Abolfazl Mohammadi Martyr Partner: Attention to Beit Elmal
He was in charge of the Department of Administrative Violations of Education. I told him to sign his personal names and said: "Let's get it to sign up," I said: "Auto on the table," said, "It belongs to Beit Elmal and can not be used for personal use".

Seyyed Habibullah Alavi, martyr's associate, paid the administrative wage
When he was working at the provincial education agency's Administrative Violations Board, he brought in a trunk and said: "Everyone uses a cell phone to put it inside the box." One day I entered the room, and I saw that Haji is putting
a lot of money into the box. I asked the cause with insistence, "This money is offset by the time that I may have been running out of office."
Before the end of the operation, he was not satisfied with seeing his ill child / paid the administrative costs 
Martyr's wife: our car is our appreciation
It was the eighth month of Muharram, we intended to go to the village of Ghenat, the father's house, and we came to the station with the martyr. After a while, I said to Hajji: Why do not you mention cars that we travel? "Do not worry, that car, which is worthy of us, will reach us," he said calmly and calmly. After a long time, one of the friends came and said: "If you want to go to Ghana, go to this car belonging to this area and give it to them, because I myself am not allowed to go, thanking us that we are bothering this."
Mahdi Mohammad Shahid: Commitment to Commander
We should have a swim training course in the pool to carry out maritime operations and passing Arvand. The commander had told him: you do not have the right to get out of this range.When I told them, let's go to the middle of the pool, and they said, "Because the commander has commanded us, we will not get ahead."

Martyr Friend: Waiting for the martyr's intercession
Because of my familiarity with fixing muscle hunger and arterial defense, whenever children faced this problem, they came to me. One day a martyr Ghazizadeh, who had suffered from this pain, came to me. I said that the cost of the visit must be paid! I said: "One promise." I said: "Whatever I promise." I said: promise, if you are martyred, intercede for me, "he said," I promise, and now I look forward to the promise of the martyr. "

Ali Askari, Shahid Mobid: From the execution of the requisites to sting in the barbed wire
After Ramadan, I became my counterpart, as far as I remember, in the way that it was supposed to be the day of ghusl, it was always ablution; it did not forget the Naflahs, especially the night-time devotion.
In the operation of Karbala 4, I went to the fish island instead of Amr-Essa, and I had to keep myself at night for the sun behind the sun. That night, I saw one person stuck in between the barbed wire, tomorrow we came back, seeing Mr. Qazi Zadeh taking his mouth. I said what? "Last night I was stuck between the barbed wire, the bullet came from the enemy, which was just tangled on my lips," he sai
Abolqasem Mohammadi Shahid Hamehrzam: The operation is related to the family
After the Karbala 4 operation, I came to me and said: Will it be operational soon? I said: what do you do? "My dad is in the hospital, if I can go see him, I said:" Since the operation of Karbala 4 has failed, the operation will soon be operational, "he said," so I will not go.
Rahim Ghazizadeh Brother Shahid: Tolerance of pain
In Operation Karbala, four nearby mortars exploded and a number of small crackers hit his body, which later became infected and discomfortable, but tolerated and did not tell anyone. One day, while I was ill, I saw Haj Akbar, saying: You had to go to Kerman for treatment. I said that you are not worse off than me and stayed behind for Karbala 5, so how do you do that? They did not say anything else.
Shahid Mobid: After the operation, he went to visit his sick child
In the Badr operation, the martyr was told that his child, who was young, suffered severe pain near the flea, whatever the commander and others insisted on going to Kerman, said: "Until the operation is over, I will not go", and after the operation He went to Kerman.
Part of the will of the martyr
"We are grateful to God in the good times that this gave us the privilege to understand such a course. If God gave us life, we should be honest and if we were martyred, how much happiness would be better ... But I would like to remind you to remind me.

Dear colleagues!
The task is difficult, and the great responsibility, those who have given their children to you, expect to train them well and learn science well.As the Fencing Front is against the physical enemy, the Teacher's School is to build yourself up by studying and familiarizing yourself with religious issues so that you can build others.
Dear officials!
The martyrs were leading the divine orders and beheading the religious standards, overtaking us in fulfilling what Allah made them the duty of all.With their blood, they have provided a way for you to bring justice to your hands, so that the rules of the law, that is, the law, take the place of the relationship.

But you are a student!
But you are a student! As your brothers came out of the school's stronghold, science, and virtue, and they returned their exam in the battlefield right against false accusations, they laid you the barricade of your school and your arms and made you heavy. Your mission is to study and deliver the message of revolution and Islam to other destitute people in the world. As long as the fronts need power, it is the duty to fill the fronts, and if you fail to participate in the frontier for the sake of sharia, you will have to work in the trench of the school. "

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