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Several impressions of the life of the martyr "Akbar Qazizadeh";
Shahid Gazizadeh's colleague said: "I came to the room on one day, and I see that Haji is putting a lot of money into the box." "I asked the cause," he said, "this money is offset by the time that I may have been running out of office."
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Before the end of the operation, he was not satisfied with seeing his ill child / paid the administrative costs According to defapress reporter: martyr Akbar Ghazi Zadeh for one year in the regional power had been working. In the year 1357 at test kitchen tips will accept and because of their work and studying, and resigned after two years, succeeded in obtaining the diploma degree in humanities. From then began teaching and at the same time the responsibility of the school to help with his "24" became martyrs for the delegate. After a while the nobonyad religious school Deputy martyr Bahonar was responsible. Due to the success of work and lovingly and seriously  that showed her to join the staff of the administrative infringements proceedings the Office of Kerman's total income and education in August 1364 in time management of a martyr "Hojjatoleslam Ali Haj Shaykh » General iranmanesh Manager Kerman education time, responsibility for education Mahan. He repeatedly during the sacred defense in the war front and presence on the 19th February 1985 in operation Karbala-5, testify to the Shalamcheh region achieve grade enrollment.

For more information about this great martyr of a few slices of his life and his wife's narrative:

The wife of a martyr: arrest in s.

Before the revolution, every year, in the middle of Sha'ban Mr. GHAZIZADEH festive in the village of qanatghstan, which I held with the cooperation, he added. A year in the position, place this poem we install:

The sequel of the Mahdi, the helm of this world in

Someone had reported this move, on behalf of the station came to the place where the position of the fabric that it took and the lyrics were written and the growth was accompanied by a judge and I were born. After interrogation and torture abound for fifteen days, kept us in jail and then released.

Hojjatoleslam Dehghani: station after the food

Before the revolution the half Sha'ban on the night he officers arrested qanatghstan and Mahan, Kerman and from there taken to detention centers for fifteen days during this time and kept him and targeted persecution, was later quoted to me in a way that took me some biscuits I bought And in this period of the food did not use any and every time the food, it's so you and me so the cookies a few days was enough.

The wife of a martyr: he saved a file. The thesis before the revolution of Imam Khomeini (RA) from Qom to Kerman and distribution between friends. In a trip that the officers, the bus stopped and entered the bus for inspection, when he asked his rucksack, check; he opened the bag and said: it's not, because the eyes of needles more clothes to cans of officers fell to a RASP file to compliment and they The rest of the tactical packs were discouraged.

After the victory of Islamic revolution up to date in the Administration working together, even once since and the absence of the subject of the complaint and did not see a problem, what about any subject that spoke the name of God can be heard in various forms.

Hossein Dehghani fellow martyr: stripping sexy. He was Chairman of the education and training while Mahan. Maybe a surprise; he has with the service of Kerman, Mahan went public while the car could run.

Although the responsibility of the Department of education was responsible for but to go to the front of any counsel. In a trip that was supposed to go to the region together with our family at home at noon. Ate lunch and went to the Terminal for the dispatch. The family had come together, when we ride the bus, the daughter of a physician, he's old now, crying and wanted to Go Daddy's side, but Mr. GHAZIZADEH getting he refused and said, "little by little the stripping of interest.»

The wife of a martyr: the most important task of the authorities from the perspective of a martyr. As he was an expert on Neuroscience education, learning and student ethics provisions. He had thought that the magnitude of the investment material and spiritual work to be valued over the future because students today and tomorrow what we will reap. This is the most important duteis of the authorities.

Abolfazl Mohammadi fellow martyr: paying attention to the MAL. Responsible for administrative violations of the whole field of education. To sign the letter before he went personal, said: "the next time I sign up auto», said: when auto is on the table, said:" this belongs to MAL and is not to be used for personal work.

Syed Habib Alvi, martyr has wasted time fellow of administrative costs: paid. When the administrative staff to handle infringements province education organization worked, a chest and said: "everyone from MAL phone uses its funds inside the Ark to dock." One day I entered, I saw torn head Haji is a lot of money to the Fund. The reason I asked with insistence, "said the compensation money is made that maybe I have wasted time out of Office.". The wife of a martyr: our cum

It was the eighth month of Muharram, we're going to go home, the father of qanatghstan village, along with the martyr came to the station, after a while of waiting to Haji said, why don't you mention that passenger cars? He is calm and composure with said don't worry, it's a car that is, our cum. Soon, a friend came and told you that after suit deferent situations you want to go qanatghstan this car belongs to some one is with you and to give them, because I don't go myself the opportunity and thanked that we have this trouble can we draw.

  1. martyr hmarzm mhaban: obedience is the Commander. For the implementation of the operations of the railway passing through the Arvand should swim in the pool training period, you saw. The commander said he was: you have the right to get out of this range. When I told him to come to the middle of the pool, let's go, he replied: "because it has not come out ahead of the Commander is.

I am looking forward to: martyr like intercession. Due to the familiarity that steals the muscle and Defense had sprains, whenever the kids in the front were faced with this problem, refer to me. Martyr Ghazi Zadeh, a day that had been suffering from pain, to see me. I said that the business costs should be! He said: it's a few cranky? "said:" a promise. "he said:" whatever be the promise. » said: quote me if you make me a martyr as intercession», said: "I promise and now wait for the promise of a martyr."

Ali Askari hmarzm martyr: the implementation of the Act to get stuck up in the barbed wire. After he got hmsngr with operation Ramadan, so much so that there was a way that I would have to fit your ghusl of Friday, it was always with ablution; nafilah, especially not forget the night the intention of nafilah.

In operation Karbala-4 instead of alersas I went to island fish and I had the night till morning behind solar barrier, its hold. That night my eye happened to one person who was stuck between Pape barbed, which all came back tomorrow, Mr. GHAZIZADEH and saw that the front of his mouth are taken. I said what? He said: "last night I was stuck between barbed steel wire, a bullet from an enemy that is just tangent to the lip I declined."

  1. Mohammadi Shahid hmarzm: arja family operation

After operation Karbala-4 before I came and said: do not be operational soon? I said: what? He said: my father is in the hospital, if you go to see him, be said, because the operation Karbala-4 will soon be sure operation failed, he said: not so.

Rahim GHazizadeh martyr brother: endure the pain. In operation Karbala-4, mortar exploded near them, and a number of Turkish fine to the next, he was struck that infectious and causes discomfort, but he was tolerated and not something someone said. One day while I was ill I saw Akbar Haj, said: this must be for you go to Kerman. I told you that you are far worse than I don't go for "operation Karbala-5» you've left so how such a duty to me. He didn't say anything else.

Martyr hmarzm: after the operation to meet the child went his illnes. In "operation Badr" martyr's young children, who had suffered intense pain was close to falujeh, whatever the Commander and others insist that they go to, "said Kerman, not Roman, not all operations and after the departure of Kerman to the operation.

Part of the testamentary martyr. "We've been in good times actually thank the Lord that we deserve to understand such an era. If God gave the life expectancy should be sincere motivation, and if I was a martyr what better saadati. But it is necessary to know that the judiciary's hostility to remind:

 Dear colleagues!

It is a great responsibility and a difficult task, those who have entrusted their children to hand you expect good education and it's good to learn science. As the front trench fighting the enemy trench school teacher, physical is the study and dating of religious issues, its remake to my long workday others remake.

Dear officers!. Martyrs of the divine and neck naming the leading implementation of the decrees on religious criteria, in the implementation of what the Lord has designated it the duty of all of us were overtaking. Drinkers with a favorable way for you to run your hand of Justice, i.e. the law rather than legal terms to the relationship.

But a student you!

 But a student you! As bradrant of virtue and science school, the trench failed his exam and came out on the scene of the battle of the trench after the vicious attack against right now, the school and their arms to you and inform you the responsibilities are heavy. The Mission of the good lesson you read and deliver the message of the revolution and Islam to other poor people the world. As long as there is a task force need to front is the front and fill a successful if the religious reasons to participate in school activities in the front trench do not hear.»


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