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Colonel Azadi spoke in a detailed interview with the press defense;
An expert from the Corps of Engineers of the IRGC's explosives engineering department revealed to the western conspiracies in neighboring countries that some Western countries, including Britain and Germany, have been producing counterfeit devices for the detection of explosives and selling them at high prices to neighboring countries, leading to numerous incidents such as " Al-Karraada "Iraq.
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Publish Date: 12November 2017 - 15:40
Defense Forces Defense Forces Raheem Mohammadi; When the Islamic Revolution in Iran came to victory, the enemies of this revolution to stop the Islamic revolution and even to overthrow it, implemented a number of programs in our country, one of these acts of assassination of the authorities and even the people Normal was using explosives.

Therefore, this led the IRGC to reactivate the enemy's conspiracy once again, and by forming and training specialist forces in the field of checking and neutralizing explosives, this plot would disperse the enemies.
With this excuse, we went to the Colonel Pasdar Mohammad Ahmadi, director of engineering for the explosions of the entire Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which is the result of this dialogue.

Undo bombs by check and neutral units

Press defense: How did the blasting and defusing groups in the IRGC come from?

Ahmadi: A collection of checks and neutralizations in the Revolutionary Guard with the terrorist events that took place, followed by the hypocrites martyrs of a number of personalities in our country, such as the events of the seventh of March and the eighth of August, which led to the testimony of Paradise and his followers, Rajai and Bahonar, start to work.
Exposing Western Conspiracy in Neighboring Countries; Selling Counterfeit Devices Explosive Explosives 
Since then, however, the Revolutionary Guard has started to set up a check and neutralization unit to protect the characters, which continued until the 90th year; at this time, due to the expansion of the terrorist operations in the region, the IRGC's explosive engineering managers predicted In the future, these threats, including bombings, will be thrown into the cities of our country.

Therefore, since 2011, the necessary measures have been taken to set up check and neutralization units in cities and provinces, which made good efforts in this area, so that there are now very strong units and teams in the country that have been able to The plot to foil enemy bombings.
Exposing Western Conspiracy in Neighboring Countries; Selling Counterfeit Devices Explosive Explosives

We have many words in the field of check and neutralization  

Press defense: At what level is the capability of the checking and disinfecting groups of the explosives in the IRGC compared to other countries?

Ahmadi: There were few experiences in the area when the control and neutralization units were formed in the IRGC, but no matter how much time passed, and given that the threats of the enemies in the area of bombing in our country were huge and still there, this The issue led to valuable experience for the forces of the Czech Republic and the neutralization of the Revolutionary Guards.

As we can now admit that there are many things to say about the capabilities of checking and neutralizing, and many of the countries that seem superpower, in this area, their experiences are much lower than us, because threats to our country are so much Excessively high, therefore, today's checks and defenses are the most powerful and have a lot to say in the world.

Press defense: Is it possible to say that the current achievements of IRGC check and neutralization units are the result of the efforts of destruction groups during the holy defense?

Ahmadi: The destruction and checking of the two are the engineering of the explosions, but their field of work is somewhat different, and especially the checks and neutralization that we carry out inside thecities, because there are sometimes hard work outside the city and of course work Sometimes it is easier and more convenient because outside the city can be used to neutralize methods such as remote blasting.
Exposing Western Conspiracy in Neighboring Countries; Selling Counterfeit Devices Explosive Explosives

While inside the cities, it is insisting on neutralization, because in the case of an explosive explosion, in addition to human casualties, there are many consequences, including the pleasures of enemies.

Martyr or veteran of the operation of checking and neutralizing

Press defense: Have you ever been martyred or injured in the activities of checking and neutralizing?

Ahmadi: So far, the martyr or veteran who was the result of the operation of checking and neutralizing was not due to the high ability of the forces of check and neutralization, and this is one of the honors of the forces of control and neutralization; of course, the loved ones who defended the holy shrine and other missions They were martyred because of this we could point to the martyrs of the shrine of Amin Karimi and Ibrahim Khalili, who were under the control and neutralization. And it should be emphasized that, despite the many missions that have been done so far, luckily, there have not been martyrs or wounding units in the process of defusing them.

Production of specialty check and high quality neutralization

Press defense: Perhaps one of the equipment or tools needed to check and neutralize explosives is to take advantage of special clothing for these activities; in this regard, did you try to make the clothes you need indigenously?

We produce almost all the special clothes of the operating units of checking and neutralizing operations in the country with a very high quality. About a month ago, the clothes we had produced were distributed to our colleagues in the units of destruction, and through the use of These clothes were two of the destructive forces operating on the borderline of the country, despite the fact that there was an accident in the course of the neutralization operation, but they were not damaged.

The difference between these clothes and similar foreign samples, in addition to the quality, is due to the climatic conditions of our country. Of course, in terms of checking and neutralizing activities, the move started long before is less use of human resources, because these activities are carried out with robots and remote control tools, so in Iran is also moving towards us.

So our effort is to use robotic tools and remote controls instead of higher-tech clothing for the activities needed to reduce the human lives of the worker so that the presence of manpower in the future The destruction and checking and dismantling of explosives will be very low.

Another point that can be added here is that devices are designed to protect the skilled human resource that is in the process of mass production.
Exposing Western Conspiracy in Neighboring Countries; Selling Counterfeit Devices Explosive Explosives

   Localization of all important checking and neutralization equipment

Press defense: What are the activities that are carried out to what extent does the day's knowledge fit?

Ahmadi: A major part of the activities is checking and neutralizing the equipment; the equipment is also subject to the sanctions imposed by the western countries against us, and despite the fact that the checking and neutralization equipment and mines and minefield equipment are humanitarian equipment The world is considered, but because of the sanctions that were imposed, we had a lot of restrictions on the supply of equipment, which made us rely more on internal power.

Therefore, with the actions we have, the equipment for checking and neutralizing our country is far ahead of the developed countries, but due to the materials that are there, we have not introduced these achievements.

Thus, we have to emphasize that the equipment we manufacture is of a higher quality than the external ones, in spite of the existence of foreign equipment, we are looking for the use of our equipment in our country, despite the high technology. This equipment is manufactured by our domestic specialists.

So all of this equipment that we built can be considered as an example of resistance economy, so that the construction of the necessary equipment for checking and neutralizing the country in the country amounted to $ 40 million in the currency sector and the thousand billion rials in the rials sector along with had.

It is also two to three times as good as the other similar ones, and they are priced at a quarter. Of course, it must also be acknowledged that we are producing all the equipment that is economical, so that we have localized all the equipment that is important in checking and neutralizing.
Exposing Western Conspiracy in Neighboring Countries; Selling Counterfeit Devices Explosive Explosives

 Prevention of suicide bombing and suicide bombing training

Press defense: Do you have a plan to prevent a bombing?

Ahmadi: One of the good things to do in this area is precautionary and precautionary measures, so we have prepared for the most difficult conditions; in other words, we have prepared for our worst case and These activities are carried out in the field of training as well as in the field of equipment as a "silent light".

In this regard, all the militants operating in the IRGC and in different sectors have become aware of the issue of dealing with bombing operations and suicide operations; perhaps one of the problems that exists in other countries is to deal with Such actions are limited to the presence of a particular unit. But we have integrated these training and we are going to be able to do any military force as much as the training it takes.

Issuing technology for checking and neutralizing friendly countries

Press defense: Have you ever been able to issue technology?

The friendly and united states of the Islamic Republic of Iran have received the technology and technologies for checking and neutralizing, but in terms of checking and neutralizing the security issue, we have always tried to show no achievements so that our capabilities for the enemy Not specified.

Press defense: Can you provide statistics about the activities that the check and neutralization units have done during this period?

Ahmadi: The volume of missions for checking and defusing is very high, of course, the size of missions is to prevent and check; therefore, it can be said that most of the missions we carry out in relation to checking and inspection for preventive action to prevent Terrorist activity and sabotage.
Exposing Western Conspiracy in Neighboring Countries; Selling Counterfeit Devices Explosive Explosives 

Of course, it's not a good time to tell them about the missions of checking and neutralizing the present, and perhaps a few years later, some of the missions that were carried out could be recounted, which shows that those who work in check and neutralization units Maybe the anonymous soldiers of the Imam of Time (AJ) are more obscure because the percentage of the activities of the unknown soldiers of the Imam of Time (AJ) can be expressed, but if we want to say, psychologically, the security that exists can be ruined .

Investigating the factors involved in importing a counterfeit device to detect explosives

Press defense: Is there any topic you want to tell it for the first time?

Ahmadi: Our enemies and even the Western countries have a great deal to insecurity in our country, especially in the field of explosive and terrorist operations; in this regard, one of their actions to fulfill their terrorist goals and for the first time here is the media. It is believed that Western countries were planning to bring a series of counterfeit equipment related to the exploration of explosives into the country.

In this regard, the most important equipment that was discovered was the "ANTENI" explosive detection devices; many countries introduced the device, which resulted in numerous terrorist incidents in those countries, but these devices, which were covered with coatings Different, at the very beginning of our work, were discovered by our specialists.
Exposing Western Conspiracy in Neighboring Countries; Selling Counterfeit Devices Explosive Explosives

So now, our colleagues are tracking and identifying the internal and external factors involved in importing this counterfeit device to detect explosives; these counterfeit devices come from many countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Sudan and several other countries at very high prices. Top sold out.

The mentioned devices, which only have a replica of the device, and because of the fact that the equipment is not used, may cost up to 20 thousand tomans, while sold for 20 thousand euros (80 million USD), while The countries that use these counterfeit devices have suffered a lot of casualties due to unexploded explosives.

Of course, the vendors of this device know that we knew from the very beginning of the device's fake, but we came up with the so-called "ride".

Use of neighboring countries from counterfeit detection devices

Press Release: What did the sellers of such counterfeit devices do to sell it in the country?

Ahmadi: Western countries, because they know that they are under sanctions, put these equipment on their own channels in order to arrive informally in our country, but in order not to be aware of the flow of counterfeit equipment to our knowledge, We bought samples we had brought.
Exposing Western Conspiracy in Neighboring Countries; Selling Counterfeit Devices Explosive Explosives

They also sought to sell the device with domestic production, in order to achieve their intentions and also knowing that some of the neutralization and neutralization equipment had been localized, but they realized with all these efforts that they did We got it fake.

But our neighboring countries, which are still struggling with terrorist acts, have not yet been able to collect the equipment, since the claim by the device manufacturers is that the device can find several kilometers of explosives.

If there is no device anywhere in the world that can detect explosives from a few meters high, the reason is that there is a special discussion in explosives that the explosive vapor pressure, especially the standard military explosive It means that when placed in the environment, there is virtually no "steaming" situation for which the device wants to detect it; therefore, its detection is difficult, but unfortunately, in the countries mentioned, it still remains Such a device is used.
Exposing Western Conspiracy in Neighboring Countries; Selling Counterfeit Devices Explosive Explosives

For example, in the last year's incident, Iraq's "al-Karraada", in which 280 people were martyred, used the counterfeit equipment in the "gate" of inspection, so the terrorists managed to use several checkpoints that detected explosive devices with these antennas It would be possible to pass through and then create a catastrophe in Al-Karraada.

UK and Germany are manufacturers of counterfeit equipment for the detection of explosives

Press defense: What countries produce such equipment?

Ahmadi: Several countries such as Britain and Germany produce such equipment.
How do you deceive the countries that use such devices?  

Ahmadi: This is a device that was used in other countries at first as a gaming device; it uses a suspended antenna; an antenna that never stays constant and even changes its breath, so the makers of such A device with this device, which the device referred to can detect an explosive 25% error rate, was able to deceive other countries to buy it. If the actual testing of the device is to be carried out in the other way, it has been possible to persuade some countries to buy such a device by expressing the probabilities.
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