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An account of life, jihad and martyrdom of Hasan Taherani Moghadam;
The narrative of the life of the Iranian rocket's father, "Martyr Hassan Tehrani-Moghaddam", in the days when Iran stands at the height of its deadly response to the enemies, is a readable and sweet narrative that you read in this report. Tags: Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam , Martyrs , Missile, Holy Defense , Life , Elham Heydari , Hasan Shafizadeh
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Publish Date: 13November 2017 - 11:18
"Masoumeh Sepehri" from the writers of the Holy Defense Sector on the occasion of the firing of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) missiles at the Takfiri positions in Deir al-Zur, a readable description of the biography and activities of the martyr "Hasan Tehrani Moghaddam", reported to the epic reporter and the Jihad Defense Press. The missile commander of the Revolutionary Guards has written that we read:

Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam had a tall body and a normal face. Since its inauguration in November 1338 in Tehran's Sarcheshmeh neighborhood, until the battle of the war with the invasion of the enemies became clear, it was once a hard but adventurous but ordinary occasion. Poverty and stiffness passed along with the family of Prism and Baha'ism, who spent the day with a deceased mother-in-law.
Khomeini needs you!
The most important seeds of faith are mothers in the hearts of children. When he worked with Ayatollah Lavasani to revive a small mosque that was besieged by their homes. The children of the family of the boys of the family of Tehrani Moghadam tried to build this small mosque: a 15-meter mosque named Zaynab Kobra(SA). That little mosque also spawned the soul and the lives of these boys. Hassan at the height of love and interest in football, like his other friends, goes to the mosque for the first prayer .The great teacher, Aqa Seyyed Ali Lavasani, met with busy boys in a place where they were in a place where all kinds of corruption and problemswere, they saw and enjoy the beauty of Islam, and they did not end up being great men for the community.

The family of Taherani Moghadam during the days of revolution is passionate. Farideh, Ahmad, Mohammad, Hassan and Ali were active in Husaynayeh Ershad or mosques or secret combat groups . Hassan and Ali were more closely associated with their older brother Mohammad. Muhammad had the command of a teacher and commander for most of the children in the area. From the years ago , they had formed a group of local children who, due to their revolutionary hymns, SAVAK had been pouring into the program several times and failed every time with the support of the people. On January 12, 1977, the group sang on the day of the arrival of Imam Khomeini, part of the same episode that performed on Imam Khomeini's eternal anthem at the airport.

In the early days of the revolution, their uncles sent an invitation to continue studying boys in Germany. Mother said, "See where you can serve more." Khomeini needs you young people! The boys did not go outside and they would never regret it later.

Hassan was accepted in the field of metallurgy at Polytechnic University in 56 but continued to work with his brother Mohammed and his friends in the cultural activities of the revolution. Muhammad had been in charge of the Fomanat Guards for the time being. There were hard and prolonged days. In the deprived villages of the north, there were workers in the construction of mosques, bathrooms and schools, as well as cultural work for children and military training. The height of Hassan's wishes grew like most of her friends. Hassan, that young, thin, gentle and kindly man who had a wonderful morality, his sweet and sweet words began to open in every corner very quickly, was opened wide. With all honesty, she was doing everything she could to do something for her Islamic country.

No daring, Kalashnikov pipe does not do anything
The war had come to wreak havoc on the Muslim people of Iran. Hassan immediately ran to the front. His younger brother Ali went to the south and joined the MARTYR Chamran group. Hassan was with a group sent to the west of the country. In Sarapul Zahab, his first experiences of the bitterness of war. He witnessed the testimony of his friends and realized very soon that, if he was not daring and courageous, and if he did not have a heavy weapon, he did not do a small Kalashnikov pipe !
At the end of November, 59, Sarapul Zahab received news of the testimony of his younger brother, Ali. He burnt down with heavy calm and returned to Tehran. Her brother was buried and his only sister, who was the mother and teacher for him, did not go to Hassan Reza . But Hassan did not wake up and thought that under war conditions he could do something to defend the country.
Commander of fire at the discretion
Somebody did not want something from him. There was no mission for him. But his creative mind and firm determination, and his sincere spirit, forced him to drag him out of the ground. At that time, he had gained valuable experience and found the weak points of the Iranian front .The navy did not have a heavy weapon! But he started from zero. It would have been possible with the same mortar! Suggested that fire cracks that were hunted to the enemy in different parts of the world at that point in time should be adapted to make fire more effective.

His plan was quickly addressed by war commanders Mohsen Rezaei and Hasan Bagheri and was effective on the front. A few months later, when the commanders of the Revolutionary Guards decided to give up the artillery of the enemy’s spoils, they did not hesitate to hand over the commander: Hassan Moghaddam!

Hassan established his arsenal with his longtime help, Martyr Hassan Shafizadeh . The brilliant adventure of his presence in the battle with a steep slope was high. With the help of those who loved defending the Islamic homeland and helping the Imam, they shared a hinterland boundaries and started a complex and specialized work. They built simple basiji , carbide gunners and specialist, organized a specialist artillery repair center, organized a training center for artillery forces, and each day the strength and influence of the Army Corps took off.
The unmistakable support of Lieutenant General Ali Sayyad Shirazi, who was an artillery officer himself, and the unconventional art of Hassan Moghadam, who was removing all the obstacles with his own ethics, brought about the unattainable hopes of the IRGC, and those who were sharp, creative and Their faith increases the power of this new generation, the martyrs Alireza Nahidi, Hasan Ghazi, Hasan Shafizadeh, Gholamreza Yazdani and hundreds of gunners and other obscure watches.
The inability of the Ba'athist enemy on the battlefield has caused the bombardment and rocket rain of the cities to intensify to weaken the morale of the people and the warriors. Hassan Moghaddam, with a wealth of intelligence and faith that was unthinkable due to the connection with the infinite source, was unthinkable about the idea of acquiring a missile to overcome the boundaries of Saddam Hussein and the invading forces of Ba'athism. The top commanders of the war also knew this, and the fall of the year 63 was a big stage.
The first successful missile landing
13 detained patrols were sent to Sana'a by Hassan Moghaddam to learn complex missile training in the course of "Mohir al-Aqul” . They wanted to learn something that took at least two years in three months. The legend that even Shah Pahlavi did not dream of despite all the support of the West was realized: Iran took a missile weapon. In March 63, Saddam Hussein’s sleep slowly landed, and Scud Be, who entered Libya from Libya, landed at important Iraqi economic and military centers by Libyan advisers.

Hassan Moghaddam, who was sure that the Libyans would be in need of their interests, would not cooperate with Iran's missile commanders. During their two years, the presence of Libyans in Iran had made their lessons learned in Syria more complete, and on the 65th of January, when the Libyans in the missile system Iran disrupted the throttling and launching system , with the help of his companions,

They were able to eliminate the system defects in two weeks of boarding and hoping for divine grace and resorting to Ahl al-Bayt (AS). The first independent rocket firing by young guards who were flattering love for Islam and Imam and the Homeland brightened the brilliant and hard way: the Islamic Republic's authority with missile power.

During the war, the forces of less than 30 people, as commander of Hassan Moghaddam, were commanded by Iran's Missile Forces, wherever and whenever necessary, carried out mission-critical missiles on the enemy's ground, and in the words of this great martyr , the Islamic Republic missile Iran, as a sword on Saddam's throat, had a great impact on the war. The commander of the Revolutionary Guard during the war, General Mohsen Rezai, considered the value and importance of firing each missile as an operation! Iran's missile launcher threw 88 Scud Bye rockets and two solid rocket rockets built inside the country to Baghdad, Kirkuk, Mosul and Al-Amara cities with just under 30 special forces!

Making missiles with the phrase made in shia

The war ended, but he, who knew well about the enemy, knew that he had to stand with the enemy in order to secure independence and maintain his country's security . At a time when the divine motives were dim and welfare and wealth and power ... and even emotional affiliations to the family, many men had fought the war from that spirit , Hassan Moghaddam, in a difficult world, to prepare preparations, investigations and Making missiles that they say " made in sheaa." ", They were ambitious.

During this hard path, one person had knitted the mountain behind him, "Elham Heidari" was a young woman who had been talking with Hassan Moghaddam since 1968, and her sweetheart and sadness in her frustrating way. He had bought loneliness, hardships and shortages during the war because he loved Hassan rather than loved Hassan, and proved his dedication to this love during his 28 years of life. If "Hassan TeheraniMoghadam" in the deserts, in various barracks, sometimes abandoned, which he activated for rocket research and development, worked at sculpt workshops and factories around the country, stepping up his country's missile power. , Knew that his wife filled his vacancy in the family and for the kids.
Inspired not only by the wishes of God, his wife did not play and wrapping on his leg did not Khstgyhay him removed and due to its association with Koran and the students and teachers seminary, all hardships for the sake of the honor of Islam see and the good patience made A man who is silent and thinking more than he speaks. Instead of judging, it takes care of the functions and even learns from its enemy, its strengths, and more than the approval and encouragement of this and that eye, to the eye of divine satisfaction can make it impossible. Hassan Moghaddam was such a man.
Never waiting for someone to give him grades over important things. Although some of the officials would have known the importance of his work well during his lifetime, it would probably be less for him to stop, and his energy was less spent to justify his work, but he always remembered eight years of holy defense and faced with problems and falsehoods and hindrances. The racers went forward with faith in the future.

If Americans cannot, why cannot we?!

He always said that when the American brain sweat can invent this piece and fix this technical problem, why cannot we? We believe that everything is possible with our faith in God. But the Americans are bothering and researching and testing for years, and God's promise to bother everyone. He believed that, in the shadow of true faith in Allah, God enlightened the darkness and shortened the path to the experiments. His friends are lonely and lavishly devoted to Ahlul Bayt, especially to Prophet Zahra (SA) during the test days of the missile. He repeatedly taught his friends that he would do his hard work to the Prophet Zahra (S) in order to understand the blessings of the Prophet on their work properly.

The war for Hassan Moghaddam never ended. He was aware of the developments in the region, and when he was trying to train the Hezbollah resistance forces and their ability to fight missiles, he knew well that the missiles he and his followers would defeat the Israeli ghosts in the region. It is strange that when this great man heard the resistance of Hezbollah during the thirty-three-day war in Lebanon along with the family of the news of the resistance of Hezbollah and they saw rocket firing that brought him to the brink of Israel, he would never have licked The role of herself and her fellows in this victory is even for her family.
The spirit that climbed with the range of missiles
With his range of missiles, he had raised his soul above all human attachments and attachments! For someone who thinks about the foundation of the advent and believes in the difficulty of the path and importance of the outfit for the last battle of truth and falsehood, there is no place for spectacle, hypocrisy and gaining power and authority!
During the 23 years after the war with encouragement, with the plans of great aspirations and ideas, by keeping the spirit of effort and sacrifice alive, and most of all by being in the front line of these efforts, all the young scientists and forces of the IRGC missile detachment And kept the bosses who worked in the most dangerous conditions. The flame of scientific research was kept clear and taught friends that "we can be effective in realizing the advent of our Lord in the protection of faith in the power of God"

Hours before the test all the tests were important, and Hassan Aqa used to spend the rest of the hours in solitude before these tests, and then he would resort after the mountain was behind his children. The first test of the tests was prosthetic sugar. And success immediately approached God.

In the last years of his life, he wrote that he was about to advance the divine religion throughout the planet and to create the ground for his absolute obedience throughout the earth and to create the conditions for the emergence of savior and the expansion of the Alawite culture of the whole world.
If anyone did not know him and saw him play in the green rectangle, he thought he was a professional footballer. If he continues to climb the highest peaks of Iran, rock climbing and ice climbing, and their plans to conquer the high peaks of the world, were considered to be professional mountaineering.
 If someone saw him 12-kilometer daytime and did not know him, he thought of being unemployed and eager to exercise, which all sports. But his friends remember well that after each climbing and every two-ply and recreational program, their commander defines a new program and a new idea and divides it into work. She said many times that I would die if I did not exercise! All the facilities and conditions for his forces were also provided to bring sport to life. He believed that with this thought and physical body, if the body is not ready and strong, if after two hours it does not sweat and its toxins will not be repelled, it will not be able to spend hours in the laboratories on the chemical compounds that it has to achieve its desired fuel, Slowly Yes, he even considered sports, recreation and travel to improve his work and his forces.

They are biting each other with death every day

He was the kind and open-minded commander, who wanted whatever he wanted for even his simple forces and repeatedly told reporters (!) That they were working on a bomb every day ! It was right to say that the team that worked on fuel was struggling with death every day. Because of the difficulty and importance of the team's work, he himself spent the last four years with the group in a garrison called Madras who was half-hanging before, but with the establishment of the team and martyrs such as Mehdi Dashtibanzadeh, Mohammad Gholami, Seyyed Raza Amir Hosseini and ... Two of his long-time companions, Mohammad Qasem Selgi and Mehdi Navab, became a collection of the most beautiful memories.

He believed that the young people eventually became martyrs of
Honor among the same young people who liked them and called everyone in the name of a small rocket exploration in a bloody incident on November 21, 91 in a teacher's garrison in the deserts around Mallard.

On the night of Eid al-Ghadir and one day before the test, the greatest thing in her ambition was to rise to 38 with her younger companions to Malchut, not only to her family and friends who made her a leader and a nation. While giving a lesson of hope, faith, effort and sincerity to all people. Yes you can raise the height of your life as much as your divine wishes, and live beautiful, provided you are faithful to your path and pursue this pure path.

In the strange message, the Supreme Leader expressed the wisdom of many years of the endearing endeavor of this bona fide helper with three rhetorical and strange words:

Excellent magnate, prominent scientist and piously remarked on his talk with the family of martyrs : Hassan Aqa has fulfilled every promise that he has given to me and on the day of the funeral and burial of the honorable wife martyr I myself am in this hot, disaster!

Hassan Moghaddam has always tried to do something that he has to do. Whether it was when he founded artillery and mosquitoes, and when he was with his children as a father, and he liked to not compensate for his absence. He wondered at the great ideas of the satellite rocket at a great speed and was so keen on working out the science that he needed to work, which was to be discussed at expert meetings with university professors and head of missile designs. The "missile" for him was a child who was born on his side, and was seen lifting it by nightlife and enduring burning heat of the deserts, repeating tests and continuous work. He is called "the missile's father of Iran". The "conqueror", "uprising", "magnate", "Zelzal", "Sajjil", and "Shahab-3" were the steps that Hassan Moghadam played in the fundamental role of his achievement; his will strengthened his will and broke the problems. His majestic and lonely mountains were taken to the mountains, and at the time of the prayers of the night that he never left.


Must always be full of hands

Hassan Moghaddam was sure that Zionists should be always ready to be handcuffed against the threats of the United States and Israel. Two weeks before his martyrdom at a working meeting with a missile, he fumbled on the table with a fist on the table, saying that even if I had not been to me, in order to highlight his determination and determination to continue this way and to put an end to his young followers. Write on my grave this man wanted to destroy Israel!

Hassan Tehrani was the first and foremost man less man, but after his martyrdom, his friends passed through the borders and numbers. God, who is the master of hearts, gave his love to him and his path in the hearts of the moon before his martyrdom, when he visited the Supreme Command of the Supreme Leader at the visit of the Supreme Leader, who presented their recent papers, which were very important and important steps in the progress of the country's missile industry. This message received the Supreme Leader. A message that was broadcast after his arrogant martyrdom, and undoubtedly for anyone considering the excellence of our beloved country, Islamic Iran.

In the name of God

You have managed to do great work with the help and guidance of the Almighty God Almighty. This again brings to our attention the miracle of the abilities of the believer's resolve and makes us more hopeful than ever.

Do not be tired of making progress in identifying long goals and ways to reach it, then do not be tired of trying and stepping in; do not be content with the interconnected stations; trust in the great god and bring everyone to the forefront. May God help you, believers and scientists, and thrive.

Syed Ali Khamenei


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