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dehghani Firoozabadi in a conversation with defa press:
Vice President of the national security and foreign policy Committee, said: we have reached the conclusion that we have the ability to develop and strengthen the defense, missile, and its capabilities, we rely on deterrence
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Publish Date: 14November 2017 - 10:48

The development of missile power continues with powerThe development of missile power continues. Kamal Dehghani firouzabadi, Deputy Director of the national security and foreign policy Committee of Parliament told reporters in an interview with Islamic Republic of Iran's missile strength of the will of our nation's youth and of the Interior, which is our pride and power.

He added: "the enemies are trying to stop our progress, but we are due to directions and instructions of Imam Khomeini and Supreme Leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran, we continue to progress and authority and today we in the region as a big power.

Peugeot firouzabadi said the security of the Islamic Republic of Iran also obtained this way and the enemies who intend to sabotage and undermine security and the power of their own, they know the power of our deterrence capability of the missile to the enemies of his terrible thoughts have been removed.

He concluded: we have reached the conclusion that it should rely on our internal capabilities to missile defense capabilities and strengthen its deterrence in this regard with no European country, especially we will negotiate.

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