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Notes / Shahab Shabani Nia
The emphasis of the Supreme Leader on the Arab-Hebrew intrigue that the Zionist regime and Arab reactionary countries are seeking to pursue requires the unity and unification of Islamic nations.
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Publish Date: 14December 2017 - 02:47

The beginning of the Arab-Hebrew intrigue with the occupied AL-Qods capitalSuch as "the Zionist regime is definitely over the next 25 years will see you've heard". The Supreme Commander of the entire balance of the answer to the leaders of the global arrogance, as if the mud of an Islamic world view. The current developments in the region of Western Asia saw it, such as the spread of Saudi attacks into Yemen and finish the job in Iraq and Syria are somehow daesh passivity in front of arrogance to follow.

The U.S. President's recent action in recognition of the new capital regime occupying Quds also reveals the inability and the inability, "they" (1). The Zionist regime, with the change of its capital from Tel Aviv to occupied Al-Quds in the wake of his fake identity and legitimize public distraction from the recent victory of the resistance front.

The United States and the regime occupying Al-Quds in the wake of the accidental normalization that are also in the future it will be unveiling a new curtains. Taking the first qibla of Muslims will cause them to destruction of Mecca and Medina as well as thought. As many Muslim thinkers have acknowledged the global arrogance, with the Saudi regime has the green light to such abad action. That is, if it was not Muslims, some countries of the so-called accompaniment that could not miss such an action. It is also proof of this issue that the United States change its Embassy to Al-Quds threw six months delay, so that public opinion and the world countries to prepare for this question.

Emphasis leader to deal with the Zionist regime, the Hebrew-Arabic intrigue and reactionary Arab countries are looking for, the need for coherence and unity of the Islamic nation. The world of Islam with engagement, the costs of the heavy action. Hamas and Fatah in a deliberate action to create a new intifada have bright days for promising the nation oppressed in Palestine. Muslim Nations supporting the new intifada in Palestine in the future can be an effective step in the destruction of the Zionist regime.

You can call the diplomatic relationship with Israel, countries where ambassadors and expel Israeli ambassadors of these countries can be one of the guidelines that currently affect the abundance. The creation of economic sanctions to Israel and other countries, including those of the sponsor that must be paid for that.

Muslim Nations with the establishment of the March and demonstration of their work in recent days in response to Trump's decision. Now, the Islamic Government should have played their role and this new world in the hands of the arrogance of intrigue a man choked.

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