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Notes / Shahab Shabani Nia
The emphasis of the Supreme Leader on the Arab-Hebrew intrigue that the Zionist regime and Arab reactionary countries are seeking to pursue requires the unity and unification of Islamic nations.
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Publish Date: 14December 2017 - 02:47

The beginning of the Arab-Hebrew intrigue with the occupied AL-Qods capitalThe International group-Shahab Shaban-Nia Defapress, you will certainly hear the phrase "In the next 25 years, you will not see the zionist regime".

The answer of the Supreme Leader to the prate of the leaders of global arrogance shows an Islamic worldview. The current developments in the West Asia region, such as the spread of Saudi attacks on Yemen and the end of ISIL in Iraq and Syria, have all been a kind of passivity on the arrogant front.

The recent proceeding by the US president to recognize the new capital of the occupation regime of Al-Qods shows "their inability and disability" (1). The Zionist regime, after changing their capital from Tel Aviv to occupying the Al- Qods, seeks to legitimize its fake identity and distort public opinion about the recent victories of the resistance front.

The United States and the occupation regime of Al- Qods seek to normalize something that will be unveiled in the future. Deviling will cause the first qiblah of the Muslims; they will also be able to think about the demolition of Mecca and Medina. As many Muslim scholars have acknowledged, global arrogance with the green light of the Saudi regime has been able to take such a heinous action. That is, if they were not accompanied by some so-called Muslim countries, they would not be able to take such an action. An example of this is the fact that the United States has delayed its embassy's shift to Al- Qods for six months, in order to prepare public opinion and the countries of the world for this.

The emphasis of the Supreme Leader on the Arab-Hebrew sedition that the Zionist regime and Arab reactionary countries are seeking to pursue requires the unification and unification of Islamic nations. The Islamic world can work together to heighten the cost of this action. Hamas and Fath have created a considered measure of a new intifada that will be a clear day for the oppressed Palestinian people. Supporting the new Palestinian Muslim intifada in the future can be an effective step in the destruction of the Zionist regime.

Calling the ambassadors of countries that have diplomatic relations with Israel and the expulsion of Israeli ambassadors from these countries can be one of the solutions that is currently in the pipeline. The creation of economic sanctions for Israel and its supporting countries is one of the other ways to be addressed.

Muslim nations have done their job in the recent days in response to Trump's decision by holding demonstrations and rallies. Now Islamic governments must play their part and smother this new intrigue of global arrogance in the spit.

1- Based on the statements of the Supreme Leader – 2017/12/9

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