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Note / Ahmad Kazemzadeh
The Zionist regime immediately changed the geographic and demographic structure of the city immediately after the occupation of the West of Jerusalem (Al-Qods) in the war of 1948 and its occupation of the East during the 1967 war.
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Publish Date: 15December 2017 - 17:20

Trump’s declarations Create space to expel 4.2 million PalestiniansTehran (Defapress): Ahmad Kazemzadeh wrote in a note: The Zionist regime immediately changed the geographic and demographic structure of the city immediately after the occupation of the West of Jerusalem(Al-Qods) in the war of 1948 and the occupation of the East in the 1967 war, and in this context launched a massive settlement project, from which the recruiting strategy of recruiting Gets The townships are built in three separate security strips extending north to south of the West Bank, surrounded by the city of Jerusalem (Al-Qods) around the four corners of the city.

The Zionist regime has long been seeking a chance to the final blow of Jerusalem (Al-Qods) as well as other vital issues, such as displaced persons, borders, waters and Zionist settlements in the West Bank, and since it itself, taking into account the experiences of past years, such as the onset of the intifada after the visit Ariel Sharon did not have the bravery and power of the (Al-Qods) Mosque, and Donald Trump was responsible for it.

in fact, the ruling Palestinian right-wing ruling party, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, wants to pay the new round of Jerusalem (Al-Qods) Jewish actions, especially in the eastern part of the United States pocket, which, given the future plans of this regime, can be very heavy and make America a serious trouble in The Middle East and the world, and America's image and validity, as in the era of George Bush, are heavily dictated by the Muslim world and their soft power faces a fundamental challenge. Americans will pay economic costs as well as political and security costs if the whispers of US-made sanctions become mottos.

Although the US embassy's announcement of Tel Aviv to Jerusalem(Al-Qods) is enough for the country to pay, and has questioned the country's mediation claim in the peace process, it has questioned the United States and Trump as a supporter of the Zionist regime And the right-wing ruling party and some kind of member of the Netanyahu cabinet, but what is obvious from the evidence is that the case is not only ending here, and the Zionist regime has other plans and measures that, if executed, are their responsibility It will also be on the neck of the United States.

From this point of view, the cost will be heavily foretasted if the Transatlantic approach does not change and the US embassy transfers from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (Al-Qods). The Zionist regime and the ruling right wing, led by Netanyahu, imagine that it can better serve the regime at any time that the United States is caught up in the Middle East quagmire and its relations with Islamic countries, and thus intentionally pushes the US into a pitfall. It is now under the control of the United States but there is still a chance to compensate for it, and this country is against a historic decision and a choice between two options for securing the interests of the country and the pursuit of the sovereign and anti-Peace-led demands of Netanyahu's leadership. And the choice of either of these options will have its own sequels.

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