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Note / Ahmad Kazemzadeh
The Zionist regime immediately changed the geographic and demographic structure of the city immediately after the occupation of the West of Jerusalem (Al-Qods) in the war of 1948 and its occupation of the East during the 1967 war.
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Publish Date: 15December 2017 - 17:20

Trump’s declarations Create space to expel 4.2 million Palestinians Immediately after the occupation of the Zionist regime, the West Jerusalem in 1948 and years of warfare in the war years, it occupied the East 1967 to change the city's demographic and geographic context, and action in this regard, the massive project in settlements that have carried it to the creeping occupation strategy can be interpreted. These settlements have been made in such a way that three separate security Strip from North to South along the West Bank and around Jerusalem the city of all four side in the siege.

The Zionist regime some time ago in the wake of the chance to shoot a beam like other vital issues to get rid of Al-Quds as the DP, frontier, and water from the Zionist settlements located in the West Bank and has been since herself according to the experiences of the past years, such as the beginning of the intifada after visiting Ariel Sharon ventured into Al-Aqsa Mosque and the power of not necessary, responsibility for the Donald Trump laid out its basic role in its power. In fact, the governing right-wing factions occupied Palestine under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu wants a new round of spending measures in Quds, especially Jews in eastern part of it will be paid from the pockets of America that are considering the next applications of this regime can be heavy and far to serious trouble The Middle East and the world, like America and the prestige to dock during the George Bush the son greatly in the world of Islam and distort its soft power with a fundamental challenge facing. In the event that the purchase of American goods boycott whispered slogan to become America's next political and security costs, the economic costs are also paid.

Although the export declaration of the transfer of the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to cost this country enough to vector and is the country's mediation claims in what is called the process of peace talks, and the following question is from America and a supporter of the person as the face of the Trump of the Zionist regime propaghers And the ruling right-wing faction, and a member of the Netanyahu Cabinet is portrayed, but what comes back from the and the evidence is that it is not only the termination of the adventure and the Zionist regime plans and other actions in the head that if you run them responsibility as well as the neck The United States will be. Among these measures is that the Zionist right-wing faction led by Netanyahu is going to Trump fired into a vehicle for notices about 400 thousand Palestinians living in Al-Quds in the first stage and the Chinese to field close to the 2 million Palestinians living in the occupied lands of 1948 known as the years of Israel in the second stage of fever Dale and the responsibility for it on the neck of the United States.

From this sight if you have not achieved the universal approach Trump change and transfer the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is a practical aspect to take heavy costs in this country. The ruling right-wing faction of the Zionist regime and led by Netanyahu is thought to any extent that America is caught in a quagmire in the Middle East and relations with the Islamic countries to the fold could better service to this regime, and therefore intentionally enter the American predicament. Now America's feet to the mkhsmeh drawn but not the opportunity to compensate for it there and see this country adopt a historical decision and a choice between two options, securing the interests of the country and the implementation of the demands of the Right-winged war and peace under the leadership of Netanyahu, and choose any Which of these two options specific to their consequences together.

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