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General Hajizadeh,
The commander of the Aerospace Corps said that the recent victory of the resistance front has been overcome by ISIL supporters.
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Publish Date: 16December 2017 - 00:26

The victory of the resistance front was overcoming ISIL supportersForce Commander aerospace faculty in Islamic revolution Guards Corps Basij which held Shahid beheshti University, with the congratulations of the axis victory and overcome the resistance groups that daesh also stated it was splitting. : A great depth and the risk is not clear to us yet daesh, because the area was threatened with us a great distance; so to win this is also good for our people and it is not specified.

He added: the issue of understanding and recognition of futurism, threatening daesh it was important to recognize that with the leader and with dispatch and the presence and use of axis resistance mstsharan in Syria, the great victory it was business. The authorities would have to explain the issue and its importance for people.

Sardar Haji Zadeh, stressing that the issue of deep threat and daesh area was considered, stating: we are in discussion with the takfiri Hebrew, Arabic and Western front of collecting together we faced the takfiri group and the support and the victory of the resistance front actually overcome the supporters Daesh.

The Commander of the guard's aerospace force noted: If the records said, and look at the output of the Zionist research organisations, see Create a project had been predicted beforehand daesh and enemy since the ability to overcome the Muslims had tried to use his power of the region to deal with Islam and use this The path cost countries in the region that the Iran-Iraq war, the Afghanistan civil war, ethnic conflicts, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen war and internal conflict in Iran early in the revolution, all of these were sex and it's because of the weakness of the enemy and its inability to deal with other countries in the region.

He reiterated: the enemy in the area that have the possibility to find and log the fault and after the implementation of the Mission of the foot to escape that has the ability to reciprocate. And if you're in Iraq and Afghanistan was directly due to the weakness of its defensive strength of countries.

Sardar Haji Zadeh stressing that proven strategies and tactics, but their American strategy is variable, "said American Presidents each macro strategy based on the move and looking intimidated out countries in the region in the wake of the realization of their goals are, for example, at a juncture of Bush the father with the creation of the shadow war in region b. (E) seek further realization was, at the time that Obama was looking for work over the head with cotton and was still Trump wants to cancel contracts with the crazy game and with the world in the interest of the United States to the fold that all these are tactics.

Stating that we of the adverse conditions of war and have crossed arms sanctions, said today if we didn't have missiles to countries which do not exceed our account number.

The Commander of the guard's aerospace force told us today in the field of unmanned aerial vehicle, aviation, marine and ground defense capabilities that we got that improvements obtained with effort and were able in these areas of large dams, so we can pass using the elite, the country's existing problems in the field of economy and culture of n. یز. Today the defence system, smart bombs and unmanned aerial vehicle within the polymer raw materials but make and chocolate imported from China, so as long as this would not be in the shape of the economy so much volume that embezzlement and portrays the economic view, in front of the defenders of the shrine youth mokhlessi because the No. martyr hojaji the Mujahedeen.

He said unity in regard to all comes with the Government today to solve the problems and if most of your concerns, asking me what say unemployment and economic problems and poverty problem.

Sardar Haji Zadeh stating: we are not worried about the foreign enemy today because the US elite and much of the equipment warehouses in the wrong as he should have, and if the enemy armed forces faced with a handful of coherent. If the nation, the State and other powers, they also go hand in hand, together with other problems will be solved. As Commander at the front counter was working axis Soleimani daesh today in any arena and there should be a provincial Qasem Soleimani as the centerpiece. We do not big problems in the area of today's military is not up to date and that we have to offer in the field of aerospace topics and do not do.

He announced the news at the end of the camp with the innovation Institute to form the front we have given Tehran martyr, said last year more than 600 big project has been done by this collection, use the templates in other areas can also give us many opportunities.

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