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General Hajizadeh,
The commander of the Aerospace Corps said that the recent victory of the resistance front has been overcome by ISIL supporters.
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Publish Date: 16December 2017 - 00:26

The victory of the resistance front was overcoming ISIL supporters report of Defensive and Security reporter of Defapress: Commander of the Air Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Amir Ali Hajizadeh, at a meeting of the Basij Masters in martyr Beheshti University, congratulating the victories of the axle of resistance and overcoming ISIL and Takfiri groups that caused their disintegration, stated: The depth and intensity of the ISIL menace is not yet clear to us, since the menace zone was far from us; so the great victory has not been well known to our people.

he added " providence, Understanding the issue and knowing of ISIL's menace were important because of the recognition of the Supreme Leader and the dispatch and presence of advisers and the use of the axle of resistance in Syria, great victories were gained,". Authorities should explain this topic and determine its importance for the people.

General Hajizadeh, emphasizing that the issue of ISIL and Takfiris in the region was considered a profound menace, stated: "We were faced with the Takfiris with the aggregation of the Hebrew, Western and Arab front, which constructed and supported the Takfiri group, and the victory of the resistance front Indeed, it overcame ISIl supporters.

The commander of the Army's Air Force said: "If we look at the records of the statements and the output of the Zionist study centers, we see that the ISIL project was predicted in advance, and the enemy, since it did not have the ability to overcome Muslims, tried to use its power to counter Islam is used in this way to pay for the countries of the region that the war between Iran and Iraq, the civil wars of Afghanistan, the ethnic differences of Pakistan, the war between Saudi and Yemen, and the internal conflicts of Iran in the early revolution were all of this gender, due to the weakness of the enemy and the inability They are against the countries of the region.

He added: "The enemy has entered the areas that are possible and created faults and fled after the mission, because he has no ability to counteract. And if it came directly to Iraq and Afghanistan, it was because of the weakness of the defense powers of those countries.

General Hajizadeh, emphasizing that: the strategy and guideline of the Americans are fixed, but their tactics are variable, said: "The presidents of the United States are each moving on a grand strategy and seeking to frighten the countries of the region in pursuit of their aims, for instance, in the Lions of Bush, the father created a shadow of war The region was looking to achieve its goals. At a time when Obama was at work, he was looking for cotton, and today, he wants to screw up the world for American interests with a ban on the use of American interests, all of which is a tactic are.

He said that: today if we had crossed the strict conditions of war and arms sanctions, we would have raped us if we did not have missiles, the countries that we did not count them as numerals.
the commander of the Revolutionary Guards Air Force said :"Today, in the field of UAVs, air defense, naval and ground forces, we arrived at the capabilities that these achievements were achieved by trying to pass through large dams in these areas, so we can use the elites to solve the problems of the country,". Also in the field of economics and culture. Today, we build a defense system, intelligent bomber and drone inside, but we import polymeric materials and chocolate from China, so as long as this is not the case, the resistance economy will not take shape, and at the same time we observe embezzlement and economic corruption, on the front Defenders of the Shrine of martyr Hojaji are mujahedeen.

He said about unity: Today, everybody has to come to the aid of the government to solve the problems, and if you are to ask me today what is your most important concern, I say unemployment, poverty and economic problems.
General Hajizadeh said: "We are not afraid of the foreign enemy today, because we have very strong forces and stockpiles full of equipment, and if we face a false enemy, it will face a fierce bunch of armed forces." If the nation, government and other forces are to hand over, other problems will be solved. As the head of Suleimaniyah was working on the ISIL front, today, in every province and province, we have to have a Qassem Soleimani as the centerpiece. We do not have military problems in the military field today, and to this day there has not been a subject in the field of aerospace.

He said: "Over the past year, more than 600 large projects have been carried out by this collection, with the use of these patterns in other areas, there are many opportunities," he said, adding that the collection of Innovation martyr Tehrani Moghadam institute has been completed give us.

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