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Mohammad Jawad Mehdizadeh /note
The Islamic Resistance Movement in Iraq has achieved great victories over recent years in the face of American-British invaders and their mercenary takfiri occupations in Iraq, whose origins have formed when Saddam's fake regime came to fruition.
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Publish Date: 22December 2017 - 14:25

International Defapress group-MJ mehdizadeh; the Islamic resistance in Iraq has managed in recent years was a big win against American aggressors and their mercenary-English invaders in Iraq.

Such an experience gained over 30 years fighting the Iraqi Mujahedeen, faithful and forces against the domestic and international elements. The beginning of the armed struggle "in Iraq to the Islamic Dawa party activity time and other popular groups of Shia against the Ba'ath party agents"-at the time of Saddam's regime and, in particular, the time of the assassination of the martyr Sayed Mohammad Bagher Sadr and the years of the Iran-Iraq war.

At this time, the Islamic revolution in Iraq, the House of to fight Saddam. "The forces of the Islamic revolution, with the House of stands for nobility of Ayatollah Seyed Mohammad Bagher Hakim martyrs and Ismail minutes, in the form of 9 Brigade, Badr Islamic revolution Guards Corps were organized and fought with Saddam Hussein's army.

Another group of loyal troops in the area were also known as "ahoar" (Skunk), between the provinces of Basra, Maysan and competent cannot, especially around Hor al azim, the establishment.

This group of Islamic forces NASA to house Pro marytr Ali Hashemi and his forces in a camp at Hor al azim. series were joined and in identifying the area and provided a huge operation areas such as Khyber and Badr and Al-Quds operations and operations of dynasty 4-hours around the Lake I alanaaj " » role in the North.

Look at the history and practice of Islamic resistance and mobilize the people of Iraq

Badr Brigade Division after the upgrade to the Badr, important operations such as Karbala-Karbala-5 and 10-2, played the role of dawn. After the war, in the discretion of the Badr warriors experience the revolutionary forces of Division of the year 1991 intifada (1370-1369) and they were all of Iraq's provinces, except the 4 provinces, from the control of the Ba'ath regime defiled.

No doubt if foreign support and support terrorist elements was the lack of photos, you to win the intifada, but the enemies with the support of the world and with the Baathist crimes committed in the cities of Iraq, especially the horribly bullets rain the shrine Imam Hussain and Hazrat Amir al-Mo'menin, motahar a. (Hi Allah dead) in the city In Najaf and Karbala, the Suppression of popular uprisings.

After the Suppression of the intifada, many of Iraq's Shiite revolutionary, Iran and other countries of refuge. This mode until the time of the American invasion of Iraq in the spring of 2003 (April 1382).

At this time, the Iraqi resistance forces while the enemy lost one (Saddam) had been comfortable, your enemy caught another (the United States, Britain and NATO). For this reason, once again, turn to armed resistance "and.

At that time, "pronouncement" that a young cleric affiliated with the Sadr martyrs bits, was a popular resistance force called "the Mahdi's (AS)" formation of strikes that's hard to enter the US Army.

Despite the success of the US military's (PBUH) against the occupying military, that some of its operations related to the "Islamic Emirate of Iraq» (the official branch of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, which later become the terrorist was" was "daesh) knew, internal disputes cause انشعاباتی was in the stream.

The result of splits in the movement's Mahdi (AS), such Ahl-e Haqq kata'ib Hezbollah and Hezbollah njaba» formed that each one plays an important role in the fight against American invaders were played.

The American military presence in the last months in Iraq, internal conflict in Syria with the occurrence of branching in the army of this country and support some regional countries and foreign powers, became a war.

In the meantime, the threat of terrorists with the shrine of Hazrat Zainab (SA) commits the greatest possible historical stupidity. This is simply the threat of fighting forces, causing the arrival of Hezbollah and the Iraqi Mujahedeen forces, along with the warriors and young Afghans in Pakistan Zeub=nabiun  hojjatiyeh Division brigade, to the outskirts of Damascus to defend the shrine aqile Bani Hashim (AS).

The victory in defense of Zeinab shrine Kobra (r) coincide with the victory of Hezbollah in the border town of Homs province ghasir liberation, which with the help of Syrian military presence and the movement of combatants njaba realization. The victory continued the Islamic Emirate of Iraq until the arrival of the Syrian territory from the East side, named "the Islamic State of Iraq and a dinner" (daesh) changed and many of the areas occupied Syria.

Battle the forces of the Iraqi Islamic resistance front and alnasrh with terrorists daesh continued until the political parties that the misuse of some of the West's infidelity and alanbar in sit some Iraqi politicians, would in addition daesh alanbar, the province of Nineveh province to within the city of Mosul and a vast section of the DOL Selected Holy cities of Zamora and occupied, the delegate and the details about the threat.

Daesh attack although the map was designed before, but the fatwa of Ayatollah Sistani Jihad, who attended the beginning of millions of Iraqi youth the formation of "popular mobilisation" (hashd al sahbi) in Iraq, the global arrogance will fail in such a way that after 3 years the battle to mobilize folks, finally, Iraq Completely from the global arrogance and Zionism Gemma cleans.

Battle of the Iraqi Islamic resistance forces while in the territory of this country which ended their presence in Syria is still continuing and the different fronts, from the desert to the West of South Al bokamal up the Hill, saw the Jihad activities adelb group.

One of the main priorities of the Islamic resistance movement in Iraq, dealing with the Zionist regime. By the same token, "Syed Hashim al mosavi, a spokesman for the Islamic resistance movement" in his press conference last year njaba in Tehran, the special operations Brigade in the formation of the movement for the liberation of occupied Golan from the army of the Zionist regime.

The wrath of the American authorities to the extent of the activities of the Islamic resistance movement in the territory of the country of Iraq and Syria have been high when they name a few branches of the Islamic resistance in Iraq, especially the Ahl-e Haqq, kata'ib Hezbollah and the Islamic resistance in njaba special sanctions list terrorist groups at the level of the world *. One of the important reasons for this action, considering this group from the Islamic revolution and the velayat-e Faqih.

However, contrary to the impression of American authorities, such actions not only caused the pressure on this organization-not their popularity "or reduction, but they use their media, more fields to get the name and activity of the known group among the people of the world has provided OBO Ned.

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