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Rostamian in a conversation with DefaPress:
The representative of the Islamic Consultative Assembly against imposing new sanctions against Iran as being the pinnacle of American hostility and untrustworthy this country and said the recent turbulences in the Trump of the desired results is not Iran, threats and attempts to undermine the strength of Iran sanctions.
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Publish Date: 06January 2018 - 20:22

The new sanctions represent America's enemies with Iranian people

 Ali rostamian is a member of the Social Commission and the people's representatives in Parliament, and the dynasty in delfan interview with Defense News reporter press, referring to the decision of the American senators based on imposing new sanctions against Iran, said Trump and some high-ranking American in the first days of the OBO The first ghtshashat were enemies in Iran, that their support for the people of Iran announced; but when the results of the rioters for the world of arrogance was not achieved, it is again the main face is shown with his numerous meetings and decisions about new sanctions against our country increase, your enemy With the people of Iran to display.

The home nation Representative continues by stating that the document and the evidence without any Trump, adherence to the provisions of berjam, Iran has rejected the U.S. effort, added: all of this is that Iran violates the international commitment to the introduction of the berjam with the logical reasons of berjam. This is while the United Nations has repeatedly to the Islamic Republic of Iran with the Covenant expressly stated.

There he hatched between the nation and the Government of Iran's enemies and the great desire in the Americans and Ross said: since the advent of the Islamic revolution, us Presidents wanted a way between the State and the nation, we will be able to rule the create  gaps are weak and their purposes. Economic problems also Trump weakness of our people knows and tries to hit the system in this way.

Rostamian unity between the State and the nation to prevent any Insolence the enemies of the regime and the revolution outlined and said: when people are suffering problems, the Government should help to minimise the nation and using all possible capacity to handle the Affairs of the people's lives. The lack of addressing the problems of the people, the nation will be discontent and protests of the enemies have this illusion that people are against the principle of the revolution.

A member of the Social Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly with reference to the recent turbulences by condemning the revolutionary people of the country said that people are considering all economic problems that came to the streets and suppress anti-revolutionary intrigue were expensive should be of interest to the Government and the authorities. There are people with all their livelihood concerns, indicated that the sponsor of the revolution and the velayat-e Faqih backup.

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