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Rostamian in a conversation with DefaPress:
The MP said the imposition of new sanctions against Iran was the culmination of the US hostility and the unreliability of the country and said: "Trump, who has not reached the favorable result in recent riots in Iran, tries to undermine Iran's menace and sanctions."
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Publish Date: 06January 2018 - 20:22

The new sanctions represent America's enemies with Iranian peopleAli Rostamian, a member of the Social Commission and the People's Representative of the Dynasty and Delfan, in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, in an interview with the interior DefaPress reporter:

Referring to the decision of US senators to impose new sanctions on Iran, Tramp and some senior US officials, on the first days of the riots in Iran, were among the first enemies who expressed their support for the Iranian people, but when it came to the result The rioters did not succeed in the arrogance world, they again showed their main face and exhibited their animosity with the Iranian nation by organizing various meetings and deciding to increase the new sanctions against our country.

The representative of the nation's home continued, arguing that Trump, without any document, rejected the adherence of Iran to the provisions of the treaty, he added: "It is all the American effort to introduce Iran in violation of the International Commitment of Action, so that it can, for rational reasons, To be This is while the United Nations has repeatedly stated its commitment to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He believed that the split between the nation and the Iranian government was the great desire of the enemies, and at the head of them Americans, and said: Since the advent of the Islamic Revolution, American presidents have somehow wanted to split between our government and our nation so that they can weaken the government and to their own intentions reach. Trump also sees economic problems as the weak point of our people and tries to undermine the principle of the system.

Rostmian highlighted the unity between the government and the nation to prevent any rudeness of the enemies of the system and revolution, and said: "When the people suffer the problems, the state must help the nation and use all possible capacities to deal with people's lives. Failure to address the people's problems will lead to the dissatisfaction of the nation, and the same protests make the enemies illusions that people stand against the principle of revolution.

A member of the Social Council of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, referring to condemning the recent turmoil by the revolutionary people, stated that, given all the economic problems facing the streets, people came to the streets and suppressed the counter-revolutionary behavior of the instigators, they should be considered by the government and authorities. People, despite all their livelihood concerns, have shown that they support the revolution and support the velayat-e faqih.

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