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In a conversation with DefaPress Was raised;
Hojatoleslam Bahrami Navid, referring to the sensitivity of the martyr Mustafa Ahmadi Roshan, said: "I remember that Mustafa was our home, I bought Sangak bread, and a stone sticks to the bread. Mustafa cut off the stone and said: I will take it for a bakery shop. Mustafa's father said that the bakery also provided separate costs for the preparation of stones and also taught their children to pay attention to solvent and unlawful.
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According to the reporter of the epic and jihad of the Defapress, The martyr "Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan" was a human believer, with insight, and a very good moral. He was a proud and clean guy. A person who, with all the facilities available, never deviated from the direct path and devoted all his life to his divine goals and goals. Six years ago, on this day (21 December), Mostafa was assassinated by mercenaries of international arrogance after multinational nuclear experiments and was martyred.

Accordingly, the press defense correspondent conducted a conversation with Hojjatoleslam Bahrami Navid, Imam Jamaat of the Mosque of Brigadier, the teacher of Bu-Ali Sinai University and friends and mates of the martyr Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, as well as Sayed Hassan Khatami, a friend and schoolmate from the school and martyr Ahmadi University You can read in continue.

Hojjatoleslam Bahrami Navid

Mustafa's father was very careful about solvent and unlawful.

I remember that Mostafa was our home, I had bought Sangak bread, and a stone seed was sticking to the bread. Mostafa cut off the stone and said: I will take it for a bakery shop. Mustafa's father said that the bakery also provided separate costs for the preparation of stones and also taught their children to pay attention to Halal and Haram. Mustafa was raised in a large family who was paying attention to these issues and in the discussion of solvent and unlawful. and he taught his friends also by practicing what he had learned.

His father’s Minibus was the first instrument for work

Mustafa's father had a minibus that Mustafa work with its. Mustafa defined me one day, deprived some people of the rentals, and did not spend a family and lived because he lived in an area that was limited and people knew each other well, if nobody was a bookkeeper and He felt that he was subject to religious issues and in his affairs, he separated his money. His father is an individual, the rent he takes must be lawful, and attention to these small points that will make the child a success.

Mustafa was self-constituted and diligent

Mustafa, from a childhood, was acquaintance to the culture of work and effort, and for this reason, he was growing. He worked as a teenager with his father. Mustafa always said that I was standing in a race and always working on my father's feet. Mustafa had seen himself and herself; he was cuddly and disappoint from the classroom of the society, and this fact led to the work of the Islamic community until he reached a high position.

He was a social activist and athlete

Mustafa was not just a student to study, but he was very active in social, sports, cultural and mobilization activities. In all areas he was thinking and trying, and he was not at all quiet. With the good ethos, kindness and gladness that he always had with him, he worked hard and revolutionary and never despaired in the path of life with all the difficulties and ups and downs and ceased to work.

The first year of the entrance examination was accepted and accepted, because he did not like the grade and university he was accepted, and the result was unsatisfactory for him, he decided to take part again in the exam. Mustafa said to his close friends that I want to accept and study at Sharif University and get the desired result.

I did not expect him to accept the high ranking at Sharif University, considering the volume of work I saw with Mustafa. Mostafa had a weird and good will, and he saw a long, long distance, even the horizon of the future, and his efforts were fruitful in this regard.

The university was a place for the issuance of the sons of the Imams (AS) and religious activities of Mustafa.

When I studied undergraduate mechanics at the University of Tehran, I met with Mustafa's education at Sharif University and I went to bed with Mustafa for many nights, and I saw very closely, despite being a student, he still works with the same religious and revolutionary spirit. .

Mustafa had a great deal of effort in order to achieve his wishes. "A lofty ambition that the men of the time have come to their place in a long time"; Mustafa was the true example of this verse of Persian poetry.

He worked at the university to promote the sons of the Imams (AS), and in particular the publishing of “Nahjol Balagh” Amiralmomenin, performing congregational prayers and pursuing important community issues.

Mustafa had big concerns

Mustafa contemplated various cultural, social, scientific and political issues and worked on issues of thought and ability to solve all problems. When I think of the depths of his thoughts and thoughts, I see six years ago a horizon and his eyes focused on the issues of today's Islamic society and the Islamic world. How beautiful he was thinking, studying and working in the field of technology. Technology and science of Mustafa served Islam and ideals. In the book, "Prayer," I read, "The value of humans is a need that they feel in themselves, and not things that are", and the martyr Ahmadi was so bright and always took steps in this direction.

In society, we may value most people based on material and physical assets, which is a mistake. Many people in the community are such and superficial, while according to the teachings of Imam Ali (as), man is at the height of humanity that needs to feel God. Such a human being finds value for God, and this makes a person worthwhile, and Mustafa would do so.

Great concerns made Mustafa valuable and lasting until he reached happiness and martyrdom.

Mustafa had a lot of troubles and needs that came to them. In the period when Mustafa was a martyr, neither was the defense of the holy defense, nor the defenders of the shrine, and in other words, the issue of martyrdom was not at all questionable, but it reached this prosperity, and took the revenge of the great scumbags and their night-time activities from God.

His testimony was unbelievable to

Mustafa was an energetic, energetic and talkative speaker, when I heard that he was martyred, I was shocked, it was hard for me to believe that I could no longer hear him and I did not see him.

Mustafa was not happy and not well. He was a hard and hard worker, and with effort and confidence he was able to reach the peaks of progress and progress, and ultimately reach the goal of eternal prosperity. Growing up and cultivating humans is difficult. Mustafa's voice and his steady steps and high thoughts are still heard and call on the young generation to engage in jihadi struggles with faith, belief, and trust, an activity that does not despair and joy.

Sayyed Hassan Khatami also narrated his memoirs from the martyr Ahmadi Roshan as follows:bbbbbbbb

I and Mustafa studied with each other at the Khayyam School and the Hejazi Library, helping to resolve each other's problems.

This friendship and family movement continued, until I and I received the diploma, last year and last year, and we were accepted and accepted at the university.

We studied together

Mustafa and I were intelligent, and we did not learn much, but we were studying together for an exam with a plan, as we approached the time of the exam, we worked hard to achieve the desired result and eventually we succeeded.

For example, Mustafa was very strong in chemistry and I was fluent in Arabic because my father was an Arabic teacher. We read these lessons together and had pamphlets from my sister university, which I had been attending a few years ago. And by reviewing and reviewing with Mustafa, we were able to accept both of us in our favorite disciplines. We did not have any special financial resources, but we succeeded with love and perseverance.

He was active, lively and cheerful

Mustafa was very kind and in the toughest conditions happy and lively. He had perseverance and chose the great demands. I recall usually said: a fish never grows in a small pond of water or a small tin, it should join the sea, and Mustafa would always endeavor to be one hundred percent, and any situation that was coming would be disappointing and desperate and always work and work. He was seaworthy and the depth of his eyesight was beyond the apparent features he possessed.

All work was done for the sake of God

Mustafa did not seek to be honest or praise anyone, or even to think about the outcome of things; but when he knew that he was doing right, he continued to work with all the hardships and pressure that never despaired or tired.

He always believed in God, and he did not despair until the last step, and he continued his work. Hope in a disadvantaged and critical situation never stopped, he thought about progress, and worked harder to reach the goal.

Helping and teaching to others was one of his usual tasks

Mustafa did not have to worry. It was like a teenager. I did not know how to drive; the minibus took his father and taught me driving, it was very narrow in the narrow streets of Hamedan. We were 16 years old and we could not get a driver's license. He had a good perseverance and encouraged all his friends to try.

Marriage Mustafa

Mustafa, despite the fact that he did not have any financial facilities, was not a soldier and was a student, with the persistence and perseverance he was able to put his wife and his descendants in hand.

I and Mustafa were very intimate. The morning woke me up and we went to class or we did different things. This intimacy was so great that we were doing all the work, fun, hobbies, and even the work of the rest of the family.

Mustafa arrests after his martyrdom

When Mustafa, the Sharif University of Tehran, was accepted, we again did not cut off this connection and went on a journey; even after the martyrdom, Mustafa came to my sleep or my friends, nodding and helping, and even after my testimony, my friends Has not forgotten. Hope that we can be good friends for him and be a proud and prolific leader of the Mustafa way with our hope and effort in our double work.

Describe the characteristics of the martyrs

First, let's not make the martyrs celestial and inaccessible, and to express the characteristics and attributes that distinguish them from others. Usually, all of these martyrs have a special feature; therefore, they examine the common aspect and for the younger generation to take steps in this direction.

Martyr Mehdi Ahmadi Roshan was born on September 9, 1979 and graduated in 2002 from Sharif University of Technology and business associate at Natanz. Several scientific articles have been registered in English and Persian in the name of this martyr.

Martyr Ahmadi was a personal guardian and a student of Ayatollah Khoshhatakh was a professor of ethics in Tehran. The business associate at Natanz's site was a funny person and at the same time in a serious and decisive management. During his student career, he was the deputy of the student cultural mobilization of Sharif University. He also participated in a massive rally on January 9, 88th day of the reciprocal swear allegiance to the province. These scientific elite of 21 December 2010 were martyred by the explosion of a magnetic bomb attack by global arrogant agents.

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