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Martyr's wife Newly Identified in conversation with DefaPress:
Martyr's wife, “Jamshid Abbasi”, said: "One of the demands of the martyrs was keeping hijab from us. Meeting the demands of the martyrs is the smallest thing we can do for us.
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Publish Date: 13January 2018 - 08:32

Khadija Chegini, the newly identified martyr's wife, Jamshid Abbasi, in an interview with the epic and Jahad reporter Defapress, said: I and Jamshid married late in the 1983 year. After our child birth, my wife went to the holy military service. Send me a few letters a week from the front. In his letters he insisted that I should be careful. He believed that he should defend his country. He considered himself a soldier of the Imam of Time (AJ).

He added: "The last dispatching of my wife was September 13, 1985. Five days after Jamshid's departure, Marsh heard the Karbala 6 operation. Since I knew he was in “Somar”, I was worried about him. A few days later, I found the addresses of his friend’s letter that were in our house. When I got to my wife's door, I realized that they were martyred. At that time, I did not think my eyes would last 30 years for my wife to return. During this period I found a nervous problem. The hope for his return has kept me alive today. Our common life lasted 2 years and the result of our marriage is a girl named Dreams.

Abbasi's wife, referring to her daughter's childish cries, remarked: "My daughter cried when saw her friends’s father and wanted her father. When he realized that his father was missing, he would say: "Why should my father be lost?" To be proud of her childhood martyrdom, I would say to her: "Always raise your head and proudly say that you are a martyr's child."

Chegni stated: "Sometimes I went with my daughter and my friends over the grave of the anonymous martyrs, and I mourned for them on behalf of my wife, and I read Fatiha." I always liked my wife's body to return buried in Imam Zadeh Abolhassan in Shahr-e-rey.

sHe said: "In all these years, I felt the presence of my wife next to me and my child. When my nostalgia prevailed over me, I was calm, hoping that my wife would come back healthy and meet him. Although I knew that he was martyred, we did not want to believe it.

Chegini admitted: Sometimes I was bothered with my daughter because of the pressure on me. One day my wife said, "If you beat our daughter, I will never make you lawful. After me, you must take care of our daughter. "He tried to prepare me for his testimony with his talk.

Martyr Abbasi's wife emphasized on keeping women's hijab, "When I see women, especially young girls, who observe their veils, I enjoy it." One of the demands of the martyrs was keeping hijab from us. Meeting the demands of the martyrs is the smallest thing we can do about them.

"I, my daughter and other members of our family, were not publicly declaring that we were a martyr's family, in order to refrain from stuttering words," Chegini remarked on the hints given to the family of the martyrs. My daughter did not know when she was studying at the university when she was a martyr's child. When they went to the Rays of Light, because of the cries of my daughter's cries, her friends realized that she was a martyr's relic. We bargained with God and we are happy that Jamshid has been martyred in this way.

Martyr Abbasi's wife added those two years ago, along with my daughter, we tried DNA testing. The identity of my wife's body was also identified through this experiment.

He referred to the return of the martyr body and said: "During the past days, I was contacted by the missing-search committee and announced that they would come to our house. The tone of their conversation was different from previous calls. I'm sure my wife is back. Representatives of the martyrs of Tehran and the martyrs and affairs of the emperors came to our house and after the introduction of the news; they returned the body of Jamshid. I was awake that morning and talked with Jamshid. I felt more at home than ever before. I ask my wife for happiness and good luck for our daughter and intercession.

Martyr Jamshid Abbasi, son of Gholam Hossein, was born on April 23, 1962 in”Gonbad-e-Kavos”, according to the defapress. He was the first child of the family.

During the holy defense, he was sent to the operational areas by the Islamic Republic's army as a soldier, and he was martyred in Operation Somar and during Operation Karbala 6, and his image was lost.

The body of this great martyr was recently discovered by the Missing Search Committee of the General Staff of the Armed Forces and his identity was identified through DNA testing. The martyr's family farewell to the martyrs of Tehran on Wednesday (juaniary,10 , 2018), with the presence of the martyrs of Tehran, after their 30-year-old martyrs.

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