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Martyr's wife Newly Identified in conversation with DefaPress:
Martyr's wife, “Jamshid Abbasi”, said: "One of the demands of the martyrs was keeping hijab from us. Meeting the demands of the martyrs is the smallest thing we can do for us.
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Khadijah chegini  wife of newly identified "Jamshid, martyr Abbasi» in dialogue with Jihad and defense correspondent epic press, stated: I am married 1983 years late and Jamshid. My wife was born after the coming of the Holy frzandman, was elected to serve the military. A few weeks from the front for me. In his letter stressed that wish to be careful. He believed that the country should soils. The soldier himself Imam (PBUH).

He added: the last dispatch my wife was 21 September 1986. Five days after going into operation Karbala-6 Marsh, Jamshid heard. Since I knew he was feeling worried, somar. A few days later by a friend of my wife that we were at home, I found their address. When I reached the door to the House of my wife's friends, I realized that it would have been a martyr. It's time that I did not believe my eyes my husband 30 years expected to take back. During this time of trouble the nerves. Hope basegshtsh I up to date is kept alive. Our common life lasted 2 years and asdoajaman a girl named wish.

Martyr Abbasi's wife referring to childish crying her daughter noted: my daughter when the other parent friends can see, cried and his father wanted. When he found his father missing, it said, "because my father must be missing?". In order for the child to honor its martyr, he said: "it's always the head up and proudly say that the son of a martyr."

Chegini reiterated: sometimes with my daughter and my friends over the tomb of unknown martyrs went to several of my wife, whom I can read fathah mourning. Always loved if someday my husband back in the shrine's giant a. located in Shahr Rey to be buried.

He is as follows: in all these years the presence of my husband's side of myself and my child felt. When the nostalgia overcomes me, I hope to make my wife returns healthy and I got quiet meeting. Despite the fact that I knew he was a martyr, but do not want this issue to believe.

Chegini acknowledged: sometimes on the direction of the pressure I had, with dkhterman temper tantrums. One day my wife said, ' If you ever beat rod, dkhterman, legit. After me, you have to watch out for the dkhterman. "he would try to speak with her that I prepare for the shhadatsh.

Martyr Abbasi's wife with an emphasis on maintaining a veil of women, stated: when women, particularly young girls, I see that the hjabshan observe, enjoy. One of the martyrs of our keeping the veil. Meet the request of the martyrs, the most thing is small, we can do it for sacrifice.

Chegini regarding the idiom that can be struck to the martyrs, said: me, my daughter and the other members of our family to stay away from the word idiom to publicly declare that we are not a family of martyrs. My daughter in an era when the University course, nobody knew that he is the son of a martyr. When to light the way, because of the relentless crying my daughter, friends learned that he'd like a martyr. We deal with our Lord and that Jamshid to testify in this way, we're happy.

Martyr Abbasi's wife added: two years ago my daughter for DNA testing along with the action. Configures the identity of my wife through this test was detected.

He returned to the news giant martyr pointed and said: during the last days of missing  Search Committee, call me and said come to our home. The tone of their conversation with the previous call was different. The surefire found that my wife is back. Representatives from the Ascension of martyrs and Veterans Affairs Foundation came to our home and then return to the Chinese giant Jamshid's introduction. That night I woke up in the morning and I talk with Jamshid. She felt more than before in the House. Wife of happiness and Good luck and intercession.

According to the defense, martyr Abbasi son of Jamshid, GH, on 21 April 1343 in the eye of the dome kavus. He was the first child of the family.

During his defense of the sacred Islamic Republic as Army soldier deployed to operational areas and was operating in the area of somar and during operation Karbala-6 was martyred and the missing his body .

Not long ago, this configuration of the noble martyr missing  Search Committee, general staff of the armed forces and discover his identity through DNA testing detected. The family of the martyr day Wednesday (20 January 2017) in your configuration with the Ascension of the martyrs of martyr's farewell after 30 years.


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