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Martyr Abbasi's daughter in an interview with Defapress:
Martyr Jamshid Abbasi said: "I consider myself the daughter of all the unknown martyrs." When I went to the grave of anonymous martyrs, I would say, "If your spouse and children are not here, I am the daughter of you all and I will read to you Quran."
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according to defapress reporter: Wish the newly identified "the martyr girl Abbasi Jamshid Abbasi" in an interview with a reporter of the saga and defend Jihad press, stated: I'm glad that I did after I have been pedrdar for thirty years. Although I embrace my father to configure, but it still did not believe basegshtsh. With the return of my father's giant, the feeling of lightness.

I am the daughter of all the unknown martyrs/I did not medium martyrs for my father’s body returning

He added: my mother went on to the tomb of unknown martyrs and several of my dad find benign fathah. When I went to the tomb of unknown martyrs, said: "If your spouse and children are not here, I'm the girl for you and all of you sing fathah." I myself know all the unknown martyrs of the child.

Shahid Abbasi girl said: I was with the martyrs and pain, but never back middlemen did it for my father, because my father's belief that any time I want to hear,. If never returned, be sure to work on convenience.

A 30-year-old trip. Abbas Abbasi stated the Honorable brother Shahid also: I'm most small family member. 16-year-old was both my brother went into military service. Jamshid to somar were deployed to the middle and Parviz. Jamshid in operation Karbala-6 was missing. Until a few years after مفقودی, her daughter said that her father would travel and returns.

He added: my father 10 years before my mother died, but missing Jamshid to Alzheimer's before it, the word was his name Jamshid and photographs on the walls of the House installation.

The brother of the martyr, said: my mother has Alzheimer's disease three years incurred, so the news that 30 years of waiting was listen to him appropriately.

I went to my brother's urging, but

Martyr Abbasi Abbasi's other brother continued his brother's remarks, Jamshid said: I and my brother went to military service. Before you start the operation over a letter from my brother wanted to return to the back and I stay in his place, but the Armistice.

He added: when after the operation to leave the House, I realized that my brother is missing. That day came home with military dress. One of the neighbors had thought that Jamshid had returned and quickly sent her back to her family. When I entered the House sister in law the news missing  Jamshid gave me.


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