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General Jazeeri in a conversation with DefaPress:
A senior spokesman for the armed forces, expressed that no country would be allowed to interfere in defense stuff, said French officials must be more attentive than entering into serious defensive topics, including missile topics.
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Publish Date: 21January 2018 - 13:25

France must not enter Iran's serious defensive topics / continued attendance in SyriaGeneral Sayed Massoud Jazayeri in a conversation with Defensive and Security reporter of DefaPress a deputy chief of staff and senior spokesman for the armed forces, said: "We have now officially and outspokenly informed the French and others, We announce that in the area of defense we do not allow any country to intervene in its decisions, policies and defense provisions.

He added: "So, French officials must be extra attentive than to enter into our serious defensive topics, including Iran's missile topics.

In reaction to our reporter question, the Islamic State of General Saeed jazayeri said that Iran's continued attendance in Syria would continue to exist as long as the rightful government and the people of Syria have requested the presence of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Syria.

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