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On the occasion of the anniversary of the martyrdom of Navab Safavi;
In 1954, Iranian Prime Minister Hossein Ala'a was assassinated by Mozaffar Zolghadr and prearranged by Nawab Safavi, which botched. After the event, Nawab was prosecuted and detained on November 27, 1954. His examination and his realistic companions lasted two months, which finally was martyred at dawn.
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The epic and jihad of the defapress : January 27th reminded us of the bicentenary of the martyrdom of the Safavid Navab and his group, the Fadaiyan Rastin Islam, martyr Mohammad Vahedi, Martyr Khalil Tahmasebi, and Martyr Muzafar Zhulgad.

A storyline of a endeavor who scored 23 years later

Certainly, portraying magnificent and epic moments before the martyrdom of the martyr Navab Safavi and the mujahidin of the purified Islam, the heart of each human life form is flaying and tears droplets over the type. Martyr Navab Safavi said to his wife at the last moments of his life: "Zaynabogh live and Zaynbby message" and at the last moment that he was sent to the square, "Mohammad (martyr Seyyed Mohammad Vahidi), Khalil (martyr Khalil Tahmasebi) and my mozafarm (martyr Mozaffar Zolqad), Fatima Zahra is waiting for us, witness the ghusl. Go to the halloween of the Prophet's family. They will come to visit us ". At moments when he was hugging him, he said: "Do not close my eyes because I want to die with open my eyes." In the last hours of his life, he asked the officers to wear the clergy cloth, "This is my clothes and my proud clothes."

A storyline of a endeavor who scored 23 years later

In the following, you read the martyr "Mojtaba Navab Safavi" biography:

Nawab was born in Khaniabad, Tehran, in the alley of Qandi Mosque in 1950, his father, and then religious, then a lawyer, was arrested at the time of the Ministry of Justice due to a clash with the judge, the justice minister of Reza Khan, and after the incarceration for Mental injuries he die.

Martyr Nawab done the elementary school at Qom's and then went to the Industrial School for education. He became a full-time student at the time of his schooling, and he was a lawyer when he studied at the Industrial School. Impulsively taught Arabic and religious sciences.

Because of the immense notice in religious education, he resolute to visit Najaf, but because of his be short of of help, he went to Abadan and was affianced in filing.

He was prosecuted for hostility with British agents and a rally of people and a burning speech against British colonialism, but fled to Najaf, with the help of some of his helpers.

A storyline of a endeavor who scored 23 years later

In Najaf, he decided to come back to Iran to fight Kasravi. After injuring Kasravi, he was locked up. After commencement, he entered the sense of Theology. After the implementation of Kasravi, who was prearranged by him and by Sayyed Hossein Emami, returned to Najaf. This time, he was led by teachers such as Allameh Amini, Sahib al-Ghadir and Ayatullah Sayyed Hadi Milani. In Azerbaijan, came to Iran, he traveled to the area and tried to notify nomads about the issues of the day. In 1946, he launched the first march in opposition to the prime minister of Hazir, which led to the fall down of his government. On February 15, 1946, he was prosecuted, and from this date began the subversive struggle. His campaign for the return of Ayatollah Kashani from exile is indicative of his interest in real clerics.


The battle cadre of the warrior who came to work on despotism was ragged apart by the implementation of the warrior on the orders of Nawab and by Khalil Tahmasebi. Mossadegh disagreed with three main issues after he came to power:

1- Agreement between the court and Mossadegh

2- Breakdown to put into practice Islamic law

3. The breach of the American leg and the unique four Truman agreement

Mossadegh was forced to jail him, this prisoner continued until the fall of Mossadegh.

After the scheme of August 28, 1932, they issued their first statement under the title "The Shah and the Prime Minister to present almost no law to Islam!”

Navab traveled to Arab countries in early 1953 There Arafat was heavily prejudiced. In Egypt, he met with Najib, Nasser, Sayed Qutb and Muslim Brotherhood leaders. At the University of Cairo, all through a speech against the British, the slogan "or noble! Al-Qa'alal "and demanded the nationalization of the Suez Canal. At the time of the end of the group agreement, it was decided to carry out Zahedi, Amini, Al-Sheikh, Alaem, and Timur Bakhtiar, which was not likely.


In1954, Prime Minister Hossein Ala'a was assassinated by Mozaffar Zolghadr and prearranged by Nawab Safavi, which unsuccessful. After the event, he was under arrest and arrested on November 27, 1334. His and his loyal companion’s trial lasted two months. In the wake of the King's epic, he formed epics and ultimately was martyred at dawn on January 27, 1954, while noisily reciting the Koran, however he did not wish to form an Islamic government, but his daring struggles after 23 years of his martyrdom.

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