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On the occasion of the anniversary of the martyrdom of Navab Safavi;
In 1954, Iranian Prime Minister Hossein Ala'a was assassinated by Mozaffar Zolghadr and prearranged by Nawab Safavi, which botched. After the event, Nawab was prosecuted and detained on November 27, 1954. His examination and his realistic companions lasted two months, which finally was martyred at dawn.
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27 January, reminiscent of the anniversary of the martyrdom of Navab safavi and his supporters lost its clean helpers of Islam, martyr Mohammad vahedi, the martyr Khalil tahmasebi and m. zoalqder.

Without a doubt, portraying moments filled with glory and an epic-maker martyr Navab safavi's testimony before and lost, and perseverance, the heart of every clean human tear droplets and pushing on this species. martyr Navab safavi in the last moments of life to his wife Zeinab had said: "any living Zeinab and hears the message" and "species in the last moments when he's shooting to the sides of the square, it was said: «mohamadm (martyr Sayed Mohammad vahedi), (martyr Khalil tahmasebi) and mzfarm (martyr m. zoalqder), f. z. waiting for Testimony of our baptism. The merry House of Prophet (PBUH). They will come to visit us. " In the moments when he's shooting to the gallows ", Wormholes are said do not close my eyes, because I want to die with open eyes. In the last hours of her life from the spiritual to the demand by the tons of clothes, because it said: "this, dress clothing is my honor and dignity."

A storyline of a endeavor who scored 23 years later

Do more of the martyr biography "m. Navab safavi":

. Navab in1950 at the stage of Tehran on the candied mosque Khani Abad was born, his father, first missionary, and then legal counsel claims, at the time of the Ministry of Justice to cause conflict with the arbitrator, the Minister of Justice, was imprisoned and then fell out of jail because of mental problems hanged ـ Fanny died.

martyr Navab elementary in Qom military wise completed, and then to the industrial school for training the way he found during his uncel under the school put together their income which a lawyer was ـ lawsuits when the industrial school was spontaneous, attending to learn Arabic and religious sciences Payment.

Because of the enormous interest to religious education, decided to billboards overlooking, but because destitute was to Abadan and in filing.

Due to conflicts with the British officials and make fiery speeches and rallies people against British colonialism, was prosecuted, but the efforts of a number of fellowship, to Najaf was Ferrari.

In Najaf decided to confront and fight against Iran, Kasravi. After the casualty down Kasravi imprisoned. After the release of the Faculty of theology. After the execution of his mandate and to the Shahnameh by Seyyed Hossein Emami, back to Najaf again. This time the presence of professors, such as allameh Amini, the owner of Al-Ghadir and Ayatollah Seyed Hadi Milani, by the way. On Iran's side came to Azerbaijan, it, leaving the travel and tried, the nomads to inform issues of the day. In 1957 the first demonstrations against the Prime Minister threw way hajir, which led to the fall of his Government. On 15 February 1957 was about chasing and fighting begun on the underground. His struggle to return from exile, Ayatollah Kashani says she is interested in the traditional clergy.

The Cabinet of military dictatorship to razmara had come on the job, with the ordered execution of razmara Navab by Khalil tahmasebi was disintegrating. After the basic issue over three Mossadegh with opposed him:

. 1-court agreement and Mossadegh. 2-non-implementation of Islamic tenets. 3. the opening of American Pie and the contract was originally four Truman

Mossadegh had imprisoned him, this continued until the fall of Mossadegh's prisoner.

After the first 28 July 1952, plot their declaration under the title of "the King and the Prime Minister has not lodged against the stricter Islamic law have legal!».

Earlier in the year 1953, 120 Arabic country to travel. There, Arafat's hard under the influence. In Egypt, with noble, n., s. pole and met leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. In a speech at Cairo University during British conducted anti-, "or noble! » national demand and head off to the Suez Canal. When concluding the contract, the Consortium decided Zahedi, Amini,  Alam, batema and Timur Bakhtiar's death, which was not possible.

In 1954, the year Hussein Prime Minister Alaeddin by m. zoalqder and Navab safavi was assassinated, which failed. After the event about the chase and was arrested on the day of October 27 1954. His trial lasted two months ofadarsh Fellowship. The King's daughters in the saga are practiced and finally at dawn, 27 January 1954, while loud reads the Quran, was martyred, but though Islamic Government wish completed, but his heroic struggles after 23 years of shhadatsh to fruition.

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