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Martyr’s sister in the “koye niknaman”
"Our country has many enemies for the reason that of the revolution and the war we have left," said Mashhad-e-Kobe martyr’s sister, emphasizing that leadership has always been the benefactor and shield of the people in order to save Iran from the crisis. It is natural that these enemies attempt to lesion each other in a dissimilar dress.
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Publish Date: 30January 2018 - 12:42

According to the Epic and Jihad reporter Group of DefaPress, in the Koye Niknaman, the program is hosted by Golestan Cultural Center with the aim of celebrating the families of the holy martyrs and shrine defenders, promoting the culture of give up and martyrdom, reviewing spiritual doctrines, promoting existence of the martyrs, invigorating The agreement is held with the aspirations of the Imam (PBUH) and the martyrs, promoting spiritual beliefs and expressing the Shia thinker and ideological positions.

Shield leadership is the defense of people in times of crisis

Hojatoleslam Vahidi spoke in this program and stated: "All the prophets had put one of their duties to initiate people to death." actually, they were responsible for accepting people, tolerant death and making their death the best.

he added :"When we make a home, we lastly anticipate a beautiful and gorgeous home, adding: "When we pray, we must be in a situation to make prayers for ourselves." It's not true that we do not have to die and say that time comes to come to us.

He said: "Those who pray and do not die do not benefit from their prayers, as if spiritual principles were not created, the spiritual specialist said that religion is not being built.

Hojatoleslam Vahidi emphasized: "Our religion is the basis of faith, and if the main beliefs of our religion are not solid, then the earthquake will break the foundation of our principles of religion. If our main beliefs of religion are not solid, even if we are martyred in the reason of God, our martyrdom cannot be our problem.

Shield leadership is the defense of people in times of crisis

martyr Hamid Reza Mashhad-e-Kobeh's sister spoke at the ceremony and argued that all martyrs shared their aims and goal, saying that preserving religion, respect, defensive honesty and subsequent the words of the leadership was the goals that the young martyrs sacrificed for their lives.

He stated that if we want to learn by heart the martyrs, every of us must conserve the aims and aspirations of the martyrs of this land, added: "Today, we all must prioritize our lives and our performance according to the words of the leadership. We have to look at the leadership and do something at the moment according to his words.

"This martyr's sister, emphasizing that she has always been the follower and shield leader who has rescued Iran from the crisis, said:" Our country has many enemies because of the rebellion and the war we have left behind. It is usual that these enemies attempt to injury each other in a dissimilar dress.

Fortunately, with the support of our leadership, we managed to keep the storm behind these problems.

The program ended in a cute little place by celebrating Shahid Hamidreza's sister in Mashhadalkoubeh.

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