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Martyr’s sister in the “koye niknaman”
"Our country has many enemies for the reason that of the revolution and the war we have left," said Mashhad-e-Kobe martyr’s sister, emphasizing that leadership has always been the benefactor and shield of the people in order to save Iran from the crisis. It is natural that these enemies attempt to lesion each other in a dissimilar dress.
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Publish Date: 30January 2018 - 12:42

According to the Epic and Jihad reporter Group of DefaPress, in the Koye Niknaman, the program is hosted by Golestan Cultural Center with the aim of celebrating the families of the holy martyrs and shrine defenders, promoting the culture of give up and martyrdom, reviewing spiritual doctrines, promoting existence of the martyrs, invigorating The agreement is held with the aspirations of the Imam (PBUH) and the martyrs, promoting spiritual beliefs and expressing the Shia thinker and ideological positions.

Shield leadership is the defense of people in times of crisis

Hojatoleslam Vahidi spoke in this program and stated: all the prophets of the one put their own people who were familiar with death. In fact, the people who were responsible for the death of and accept, accept the death of his best form.

Stating that notify when the House is finally expecting a good and beautiful home, added: "exactly when we read the prayer must be that such a prayer for ourselves. It is not true that we do not work with death and say that when it comes, our Scouting.

This religious expert with our religion stating that education should be the death of ourselves, said: this prayer and death to those who are sighted, not their benefits, as if the principles of religion cannot be made not to emoticon.

Hojjatoleslam vahidi stressed: the basis of our principles of religion, religiosity, and if the principles of our religion is not a firm foundation of principles of our religion earthquake to break; if not, the principles of our faith firmly, even if on the way God willing martyr, martyrdom is not be our problem to solve.

Shahid Hamid's sister in this speech to the ceremony and expressed that all martyrs in the ideal and common goals were stated: keep the faith, honor, integrity and follow the words of the martyr leader targets youth that was sacrificed for it, died.

Stating that if we want to remember the memory of martyrs should survive our individual goals and aspirations of the children of the martyr to preserve soil, added: "today we must all comply with rftarman and life priorities of the leadership speech. We have an eye to lead his remarks to the moment on the basis of sew and behave.

This is the sister of the martyr role with an emphasis on leadership that always has been the patron and shield Iran from the crisis are saved, said our country through war and revolution that can make a lot of enemies behind. It is natural that these enemies will try different clothes each time on the wounded. Fortunately we have been able to attend our leadership backing the storm burst into health problems.

The program in niknaman, with the celebration of the martyr sister Hamidreza ended

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