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DefaPress reports;
Turkish military operations in these days, with the presence of Erdogan, have taken one more color; this presence is an significant sign for Turkey.
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Publish Date: 31January 2018 - 15:00

According to the international reporter of DefaPress,

"stan Efrin" the city of Aleppo in Syria province; the city is located in the North of Syria and has 366 villages with an area of 2 thousand and 33 km2 of which about 460 thousand people live in the city. The city is located in the foothills of theEfrinRiver and passes beside him. The highest mountain of the region is the huareh mountain its height from the sea level to 200 thousand meters. The area after the civil war, Syria from the year 2012 by kurd forces as "Efrin" was the name of the Canton that all administrative and political powers of the area by kurd forces.

Now, after almost 6 years of Syria's internal crisis the region is located about Turkey's severe aggression and it can be said that the Syrian regime and the citizens of this region at risk. Kurdish defense unit commanders after seeing their ineffective asked the United States to put an end to this aggression, to skirt State and the Syrian army.

Tip the unit commanders the importance of significant Kurdish demands defense is that in six years to act independently from the Syrian Government, and even suggested that Russian forces entering the Syrian army to manbj and Efrin to prevent any attack on Turkey's rejection and its American ally to support the back of the G.

Syrian Arabs have so far been most hurt the City Office of manbj and efrin have seen. It barred the city, which has been banned completely, and if exceptions will enter this city out of one hand must have a valid license and sponsor to this range and on the other they must also pay a heavy toll.

Perhaps the main cause of Turkey's intervention in this region will leave failed in this area. Because the Kurdish entity in its sphere of influence in Syria, which is the key point, according to the Kurds, the geographical bridge to the Mediterranean Sea, disappears. Log on to this range can be added to the price of all border areas dominated by Turkey between Turkey and Syria. The red line efrin the Turkish State is losing it reduce the influence of the Turks in Syria.

On the sixth day of the Turkish military operation for the first time in 14 years, Turkish President Recep Erdogan Tayeb military suit along with kholoosi Akar, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff of the armed forces entered the area of the country was efrinto be informed of the latest developments in this area.

He said the aim of the destruction of terrorism and stated: three and a half million refugee resettlement program in the zone of retaining that Office entrusted it to the Syrian army not the Syrian army. Syrian army that consists of dozens of armed detachment and company. The Turkish army with direct leadership to oppose the Government of Syria and Bashar Al-Assad is students come.

Perhaps this kind of said that Erdogan is the formation of a an entity in this area is that the more people that make up the Syrian immigrant to Africa of this area to the minority. This action makes the other will not have power in the region, and the idea of the formation of the unit in the area of Kordestani disappears.

The main objective of the United States and its allies in the region, Syria and other countries in the analysis area. American countries, Britain, France, Jordan, Saudi Arabia last Friday have published a document which calls for the Division of the Syrian Government to the regional Governments and reduce the powers of the President of this country. This is the document that is supposed to be raised at the United Nations reduce the powers of the President, Government, Parliament and Will the Turkish elections early next year has led Erdogan to think a head and s. Surrey, giving three and a half million settlers. Migrants that makes people's protest against the Turkey is perhaps the call of defeat for Erdogan and with sound. Maybe the Syrian immigrant to pass off Efrin the best and the only solution is to defeat in the election of Erdogan's escape. On the other hand, the Government agreeing to Syria and Bashar Al-Assad to shelter immigrants, if you do not agree to the Syrian Government, Turkey will be entering unwanted attrition by the end of the war, maybe the price of loss of the current position of Erdogan.

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