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DefaPress reports;
Turkish military operations in these days, with the presence of Erdogan, have taken one more color; this presence is an significant sign for Turkey.
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Publish Date: 31January 2018 - 15:00

According to the international reporter of DefaPress, "Efarin" is from the cities of Aleppo province in Syria; it is to be found in northern Syria and has 366 villages of 2,333 square kilometers, with about 460,000 populations living in the city. This city is located on a foothills and the river Efran is passing by. The uppermost mountain in this region is Mount Hawar, its tallness from the sea level reaches 200 meters. The region was named after the Canton of Efarin after the Syrian civil war in 2012, with all the administrative and political authority of the area carried out by the Kurdish forces.

Nearly six years after the interior Syrian crisis, the area has been aggressively violated by Turkey, and it is probable to say that the dominion of Syria and the lives of the citizens of this area are in risk. The Kurdish Defense Forces commanders became the spine of the Syrian government and the Syrian army subsequent their target to see the United States asking for an end to this violence.

The significant thing that Kurdish Defense Forces commanders demanded was that they operated separately of the Syrian government over the past six years, and yet Russia's proposal that the Syrian army's entry into Manjib and Efrin for the avoidance of any attack by Turkey was discarded and wanted to hold up the United Alliance Support yourself.

The Syrian Arabs have seen the furthermost damage to the Manjib and Efrin cities. Those who have been completely barred from entering these cities, and if they want to enter this city in outstanding cases, they must have valid qualifications and approvals to enter this region, and on the other hand, they must pay heavy charges.

Perhaps the main reason for the Turkish intervention in this area is the Kurds' defeat in this area. Since you came to power in the region, their pressure in the most significant part of Syria, which is said to be Kurdish, is a geographic bridge to the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey's admission into this region can be seen as Turkey's dominance of the whole border area among Turkey and Syria. This would be a gust to the Turkish government's red line, which will decrease the pressure of Turks in Syria.

On the sixth day of the Turkish military operation, for the first time in the past 14 years, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan entered the region with military uniforms next to with Khalusi Akar, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces to inform the latest developments in the area.

He said "The aims are to get rid of terrorism and relocation of three and a half million Syrian refugees in the buffer zone, which is handed over to the Free Syrian Army, not the Syrian army,” The Free Syrian Army, which consists of dozens of units and armed groups. The army has lead Turkey in a straight line to resist the Syrian government and Bashar al-Assad.

Maybe it can be said that Erdogan is shaping an article in this region, most of who are Syrian immigrants, in arrange to bring the Kurds into a alternative. This act will make the Kurds no longer have power in the region, and the idea of forming a single Kurdish entity in the region is virtually eliminated.

The main aim of the United States and its allies in the area is the stop working of Syria and the stop working of other countries in the area. The United States, Britain, France, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia issued a text last Friday calling for the Syrian government to tear into regional governments and decrease its presidential powers. The document, which is owing at the United Nations, will reduce the powers of the presidency, government, parliament and....

Turkey's future elections in the coming year have caused Erdogan to be worried about targeting three and a half million Syrian refugees. Immigrants who have protested the Turkish people may have called for Erdogan and his party to defeat. Maybe the move of Syrian refugees to Efarin is the best and only answer obtainable to Erdogan to flee the breakdown of the election. On the other hand, the concurrence among the Syrian government and Bashar al-Assad is to shelter immigrants. If the Syrian government does not agree, Turkey will unsuspectingly enter a worsening war that the end of the war may be unpaid to the loss of Erdogan's current position.

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