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The BBC and some of the obstinate media today are trying to deceive public attitude, instead of lying in their libraries, by adding unrealistic news values to a happening.
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Publish Date: 02February 2018 - 20:22

Modern lying with BBC methodAccording to Social DefaPress Group - Mohammad Hassan Jafari,a famous like the notes we begin to say that BBC News, 10 of a khbersh lie. This was true in the past and perhaps the letter of course nowadays is also sometimes seen in Mein خبرهایش to be released but rarely is; and it's like our thoughts to the other — known for our eye on deception techniques of public opinion by the Royal English media with the mien of the nameless The other is that, when we go on and do not lie that says, of these propositions and so hates.

Today the most important concerns of some alien media bitter and this is how to build straw mountain, (of course, it must be said that some of the media on Tuesday, continue using the simplest methods of the other means used by lying a myriad of small recipients also have) and a small problem in the space A great virtual to live it to the pavement or reproduced in the community. During a January Brawl this year to witness a slight population, eyewitnesses in the city, including some in Tehran were plays on the unrest but with the media and creating the media, rush name and logo, and the show took on Tuesday significant, this small issue into a big problem Convert. In fact, the main role of the media in support of the recent turbulences on Tuesday was that with all the news coverage and perfection, a small issue that has news value conflict, was also devoted to the value of the housing news.

Once again the right of expression and it does not matter, but for them it is important to build on what the scenario at least and it is maximum. In fact — that today takes place by the media, adding real value to a non-news event.

If we assumed that no protest movement is not organized, these media magnifying glasses, nose and hands step by step will be among the events up to the protest movement to make every excuse to find within the country and put the magnifying glass on it and the event The expression of more time, an event for the important  people and popularize forgiven and in fact lies the outlets that people say this event is for you and it is important to popularize the technique up the protest movement, with every incentive to move against the regime are pushed to lie; Bibi C this is.

Recent turbulences in the stream we saw that the protest movement that led to further turbulence, in cyberspace and the media was to be on the pavement of this letter.

And the bigger the lie, the BBC in the far view would be that about 2 million inhabitants of Iran in Karbala and Hosseini embarks on this media only unauthorized pass news, the price of a ticket, the roadside trash and a couple of marginal issue covers and has a quest event That's wonderful news, "housing value is converted to a" conflict ", and the reality of a motion picture Visual effects, but the small, mountain.

The task of the national media and other official media of our country with every taste and look at this is that the management of the flow of the news and media events, with detailed coverage of zoom and rush to prevent dissident groups and media are the others with techniques to add value to the unreal news an event, to deceive public opinion.


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