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The BBC and some of the obstinate media today are trying to deceive public attitude, instead of lying in their libraries, by adding unrealistic news values to a happening.
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Publish Date: 02February 2018 - 20:22

Modern lying with BBC methodAccording to Social DefaPress Group - Mohammad Hassan Jafari; let’s start with a famous proverb; they say from10 news of BBC one of them is a lie. This may have been true in the past, and certainly, today it is sometimes seen that a dishonesty is published between its news, but it is rarely; and this is one more famous trickery for our thoughts, so that our eyes on the methods of deceiving public attitude by this royal English media with a view neutrality that we have taken, and when we see it does not lie, we hate this proposition and it’s like.

Today, the most important worry of some of the foreign media is how to make a little problem as a big problem. In the chaos of the month of this year, according to eyewitnesses, a small residents in some cities, counting in Tehran, was concerned in the riots, but with the media and media hotspot that was immaculate from the unidentified media, this small topic was one Became a big subject. Actually, the main character of the mass media in supporting the latest chaos was to add value to the news, with the full reporting of the news, to a small topic of divisive news value.

Thus, it's no more important to tell the fact and lies, but it's important for them to make the situation as small as possible and get bigger it to the maximum. Really, the dishonesty that is being made today by these media is the impractical addition of news values to an occasion.

If we suppose that there is no prearranged protest movement, these media will take a sight of it and step during the actions in order to find a protest movement to any ploy within the country and by insertion magnifying glasses on that affair and It's a multiplier announcement that makes the event important to its people and publicize it, and the truth lies in the fact that they are telling the people that this occasion is important to you and that with the generalization technique, move every complaint movement with any reason to move against the system; This is the BBC's lie.

Throughout the recent commotion, we saw that the complaint movements that lead to commotion were more in the cyberspace and the media than in the pavement on the street.

And the superior lie of the BBC is that there are about 2 million people from Iran in Arbaeen going to Karbala Husseini, and this media only covers unauthorized news, ticket prices, roadside rubbish, and a few trivial topics, and is trying to find an occasion that It is incredibly worthwhile to turn the story into "opposition" and turn it into reality, but it makes a small progress.

The duty of the national media and other official media of our country is with every flavor and a glance at managing the news flow, and by suspiciously covering the media of events, to stop the magnification of the media and to stop others from using the method of adding unrealistic values News for an event to deceive public attitude.

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