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Notes / Sayed Mohammad Ali Hosseini
The European side is on a path that is extra or fewer constructive to the American side, with its end to various violations of the different pieces of the quest and strengthening of the ambiance of worry for the Iranian commerce community and the obliteration of the confidence-building process that the Islamic Republic has been leading in.
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Publish Date: 04February 2018 - 00:48

A big choice antecedence of Europe about JCAP CommitmentsAccording to international group of DefaPress:

Mohammad ali  Hosseini, a spokesman for the former Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the European, especially the country wrote a memo in Germany, Britain and France, that the process of signers berjam on the verge of a big selection regarding the obligations of jcpoa and one of its most important international responsibilities Are placed. According to Mr. Trump's four-month deadline to Congress USA and Europe for berjam in order to fix the defects, time and opportunity for this selection left much.

Although Europe has always been in his proclamation positions on preserving the integrity of the nuclear agreement and emphasized in practice also have tried (not to the extent of necessity and optimum quality and Defense) the same path to follow; but some considerations, similar to what ا does point out, ambiguity to the European side of the behavior Emerged that appears to be the only way to fix it, they stay away from politics and current tolerance sick and explicitly and more transparency to announce their decisions and positions:

. First: Mr. teilerson, Minister of State for quite some time talking about the formation of the team work with the presence of European sides that its original purpose, "defects correction berjam» and attempt to reach agreement on the other side" or a "reach" Mechanism to dispel the concerns of the United States "has been announced. Of course, the missile defense program to the workgroup as well as the activities of Iran or regional, according to them, "Iran's unstable policy maker in the area also.

In the positions stated by the European side expressed clearly that they opposed any agreement on another side are berjam; however, it seems to protect the integrity of the berjam Mechanism in earnest-looking "to dispel the concerns of the United States". Though the evidence below shows that the European side to achieve this illegitimate and illegal claim Americans are committing a strategic error is apparent paradox ultimately claims the protection of the integrity of the berjam as well.

Second: the weekly der Spiegel disclosed recently that made Germany; France and Britain in the wake of new sanctions against Iran are "and quoted diplomatic circles that brought these sanctions apply to units with European plans with Iran's unstable politics in the region deal maker. This is a recurring charge and a decision from which to speak, in exactly the same context is measurable Mechanism Mr Tilerson to meet the concerns of the United States in the form of a joint working group with the Europeans.

Third: Mr. Jurgen todnhofr, a prominent journalist in a recent interview with the German Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country, the introduction to his questions that it conceded the country's effort to apply a new European sanctions and says European countries to discuss the issues, "based on imposing new sanctions against Iran that the Iranian missile program and the country's role in the region."

If we share the analysis of the apparently cynical role of good and evil among Europe and the USA, regardless of the above evidence; and other evidence not available there rather than the European side that unfortunately in located the path that the American side is nearly optimal and finish it to a different breach of paragraph berjam and intensify Iran's concern for the commercial side of space and the destruction of the process of confidence-building that has been a pioneer in the Islamic Republic of Iran it will last.

If you accept the fact that Europe "cannot by trying to breach the protection of berjam », increased effort and strengthen its capability for Iran and Europe to discuss the current crisis in spite of the joint effort of the triangle of the Zionist regime and the United States, Saudi Arabia and the right direction management transition Use this to find sensitive cervix.

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