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Notes / Sayed Mohammad Ali Hosseini
The European side is on a path that is extra or fewer constructive to the American side, with its end to various violations of the different pieces of the quest and strengthening of the ambiance of worry for the Iranian commerce community and the obliteration of the confidence-building process that the Islamic Republic has been leading in.
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A big choice antecedence of Europe about JCAP CommitmentsAccording to international group of DefaPress:Former Foreign Ministry spokesman Sayed Mohammad Ali Husseini wrote in a memo that: Europe, especially Germany, Britain and France, which are signatories, are on the verge of a big option about fulfilling commitments and one of their most important international responsibilities. Have owed to Mr. Trump's four-month deadline for assembly and the European Union to eradicate defects, there is not much time gone.

though Europe has consistently emphasized the conservation of the honesty of the nuclear agreement in its affirmed positions and has, in put into practice, endeavored to pursue the same path (not in terms of the desirable and qualitative quality), but some considerations, similar to those mentioned under , Has formed ambiguities about the performance of the European side, which seems to be the only way to conquer it, to avoid them from present and recent ill-treatment, and more explicitly and plainly in announcing their decisions and positions:

First, US Secretary of State Tylerson has been discussion about the formation of a working group with the attendance of European parties whose major aim is to "remedy deficiencies" and struggle for an "alternative agreement" or to attain "a mechanism for resolving US worries announced. The working group, certainly, deals with the missile defense program as well as the local behavior of Iran, or in their sight, the "destabilizing policies of Iran in the area."

In the positions announced by the European parties, it is obviously stated that they are against any other contract on the hobby; however, it appears to be a "mechanism for the declaration of American concerns" to protect the honesty of the reason. The subsequent evidence shows that the European side is committing a planned error in pursuing this unlawful and illegitimate American claim, which eventually contradicts the claim of the defense of honesty.

Second: The Spiegel Weekly lately exposed that "Germany, France and Britain are in the procedure of impressive new sanctions against Iran," and quoted diplomatic circles as saying that "Europe alone intends to begin Iran's destabilizing policies in the area by impressive sanctions." » This duplicate charge and the decision it speaks precisely within the framework of the same mechanism as” Mr. Tyler son” has taken in arrange to address the worrys of the United States in the form of a double working group with Europeans.

Third: The German leading reporter, Jürgen Toddnhaufer, in his latest discussion with the Foreign Minister of our country, introduces an foreword to his query, which openly refers to the labors of European countries to inflict new sanctions, saying: "between the European countries, there are matters It is about impressive new sanctions next to Iran that will link this deed to Iran's missile program and its character in the area.”

If we want to ignore the in fact pessimistic psychoanalysis of the separation of good and bad roles flanked by Europe and the United States, the over facts and other proof do not leave a doubt that the European side is unfortunately in a path that is more or less favorable to the American side and ends with violations of clauses Different types of pursuit and intensification of the atmosphere of concern for the Iranian business community and the destruction of the confidence-building process that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been at the forefront.

If Europe accepts the clear fact that "it cannot defend itself by attempting to infringe it," the amplified efforts and strengthening of the consultations of Iran and Europe are competent of running the present disaster despite the ordinary attempt of the American triangle, the Zionist regime and Saudi Arabia. Gradually and find the right corridor to this sensitive crescent.

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