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Mousaviinjad in a conversation with the DefaPress:
A defender of the shrine saeed, "Abbas Kordoni, Abbas Kordoni called the warriors to fight ISIS, This passion and inspiration forces created a great saga in Nebul and al-Zahra.
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Publish Date: 06February 2018 - 17:27

The epic and Jihad department of DefaPress : Sayed Hassan Mousaviinjad, who was there throughout the first days of ISIL's presence in Iraq and Syria to defend the holy shrine of Ahl-Bait (AS), following participating in more than a few operations throughout the liberation of the two Shiite cities of Nebel and Al-Zahra poise achieved high. He was seriously hurt in the operation from the eye, which, after several take steps of vision, got it.

He relic the operations of Nebel and Al-Zahra and the martyrs' companions such as Saeed Alizadeh, Ali Hosseini Kahkesh, Ahmad Majdi, Ahmad Hajivand Elyasi, Ahmad Hajivand Ghasiasi, Habib Rahimi Manesh, Abbas Kordoni, Mohammad Ali Ghorbani and others. His jihad name is Seyyed Hassan, but his friends and associations have been nicknamed "Hasan Baqeri" for their likeness and operational thinking.
In sequence to review the recollections of that operation and keep the memory of the martyrs present in the operation, the press defense reporter has spoken in a discussion with Musa nejad.

DefaPress: tell us the days prior to the operation of Nebel and Al-Zahra.

The first days of the war in Syria and the defense of the shrine of Hazrat Zaynab (S) were very significant to the forces and were decorous. The shrine defenders protected the shrine in the passage and the alleys about the shrine to stop injure to the shrine sometime later, when there was relation security, two new risks arose. These two hazards were for the cordon of the two Shiite towns of Nebil and Al-Zahra, and Fouha and Kathira. The opponent had on oath that if he entered the cities, he would hit the bloodstream.

The story of Saeed Alizadeh's martyrdom / the object of forces formed a vast epic in Nebel and Al-Zahra

The let go of these cities was very significant for the shrine's defenders. Each time we had an operation, everyone spoken that this operation would be a way onward for the release of Shiite cities. In spite of the truth that the packed inhabitants in these cities was one percent of the sum Syrian population, the health and lives of Shiites in these cities, particularly children, were of exacting importance to the forces.


Martyr Abbas Kordoni said: Before the martyr, I wish that these two cities would be free, but they were martyred throughout the release operations of the city of Nabul and Al-Zahra.

For the liberation of the cities of Nebel and Al-Zahra, it was sketched long before the operation started. Numerous times, warriors gathered in order for the enemy to get information. I keep in mind when Sa'adat martyr Haj Hussein said: We were so near to the ISILs that we had the smell of their cigars.

Operation Nebel and Al-Zahra started on February 12, 2009. Several times, the operation was by now on the program, but was delayed owing to military and climate topics. Almost all the forces that were supposed to take part in the operation were present in the area about a month ago and were preparing themselves. It was hard and cold days. The temperature of the air reaches about 15 degrees. The forces were hard to keep themselves warm. In spite of the harshness and great weather circumstances of the area, forces were preparing for their reason.

More than the number of forces concerned in the operation, there was a applicant force for the release of the city of Nebil and Al Zahra. The forces were so aggravated to free these cities that they did not want to squander even one day, and previous operations started. ISIL's blockade to Shiite cities was a cancerous tumor for the forces.

The day when the forces learned that the following day an operation was began to liberate the two cities of Nabul and Al-Zahra, a special passion was formed among the forces.


Martyr Reza Adeli, Martyr Hosseini Kahkesh and Martyr Mahmoud Moradi Eskandari, who memorized their eyes full of joy. Martyr Adeli was full of energy. Abbas Kordoni called the warriors to fight ISIL. This fervor and inspiration forces formed a great saga in Nebul and al-Zahra.

If ISIL entered these cities, there would be a bad disaster. We are Shi'a Ali ibn Abi Talib and I should hear the subjugated voice.

DefaPress: Who was the first martyr of Operation Nebel and Al Zahra?

The release of a channel was essential before the operation of Nebel and Al-Zahra began. Sa'id Alizadeh was the first martyr of the operation to be martyred throughout the channels free. My associate and Saeed came back about 40 days before the start of the operation. He was from Damghan and was accountable for information and operations in the operation.

I remember that at a gathering of commanders with about 12 people, a Lebanese commander named jihadi Zulfiqar addressed Sa'id said that you would be the first martyr of the operation. Said, who had a joke character, replied: "If I do not martyr, I'll come to you after the operation." Then I know and you.

Zulfaghari repeatedly raised this subject and said that Sa'id Alizadeh (Kamil) will come to you with martyrdom. Of the 12 individuals present at the meeting, six people were martyred.

"Maybe Said does not like to be martyred, why do you insist," Saeed replied, "I wish to testify", one of the commanders with the pronunciation of Shirin Shirazi saeed to Zulfaghari.

The story of Saeed Alizadeh's martyrdom / the object of forces formed a vast epic in Nebel and Al-Zahra

Before the start of the operation, which was separated from Saeed and Zulfiqar, they again joking and laughing at this? The groups arrived at the channel midnight. Said, who was familiar with the region, used to go before the forces that were injured.

I and the commander entered the operation with holdup. After the morning prayers, under the command of the commander, we ran about two kilometers under the enemy's fire and reached the canal. throughout this time, I saw the martyr Navid Safari, who was planning to bring Saeed's wounded body back. When they went to Said, the enemy seized Said and his environs.

He was martyred when Saeed's body was pulled back. The forces gathered around Said and kissed his forehead. The forces lost their confidence with the martyrdom of Saeed. And I promise that we did not have any associates awaiting that instant, and we began to joke to return to the weakened mood of the children.

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