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DefaPress reports;
With the fade away of ISIL's strategic H.Q. in Iraq and Syria, this cluster is hacking in Afghanistan an eruption that may end at the price of Afghanistan's obliteration.
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Publish Date: 08February 2018 - 15:30

Afghanistan new victims ISILAccording to international reporter of DefaPress ,with the defeat of the base and daesh Its strategic, this terrorist was in Syria and Iraq, is thinking of sneaking in a new destination. The new destination in Afghanistan apparently to repeat the crime Terrible; a country that still gripped the problems arisen from the American geostrategic to the site. U’s President George w. Bush the son time of year 2001 under the pretext of the incident the twin towers on September 11, and the fight against the Taliban, a military attack on Afghanistan.

Operation Enduring Freedom was something that this crime was laid and the main objective of this war that was announced in the media, fighting Al-Qaida, the Taliban and their supporters. A month after the arrival of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, the Yankees fell, but the United States under the pretext of maintaining security, steady-state in Afghanistan. Gen. Jack Keane, "the former Deputy u.s. Army ground forces headquarters in an interview it was announced that 16 years is that we're involved in this war and this is our source of the scandal to win this war we found ourselves all interests.

According to this interview, we can conclude that the United States and Donald Trump have new plans for Afghanistan so that the cost of this war to the American authorities claim that the 16-year-old 117 billion cost is drbrdashte. Due to the enormous resources the country has significant reserves of Afghanistan and that, like gold, silver and Platinum, large amounts of iron ore, uranium, zinc, bokist, tantal (aluminium ore), coal, natural gas and copper, causes the eye to these resources any country eager to be sewn.

The U.S. Geological Survey mineral investment in past years to identify and estimate the value of a trillion dollars. Since then, officials in Afghanistan and other countries, it is important for the reserves as economic independence of Afghanistan, Wealth said, but the main reason for the failure of the United States in this 16 years to loot these resources can be a lack of good roads and rail communications to export iron ore and copper, widespread corruption, bureaucracy The increasingly sophisticated insurgency.

Now it is a country that is not a religious war wounded instructed should be on education, which was the U.S. exclusion from Iraq and Syria, the buckle. The slaughter in the recent 20 years, under the pretext of religion in this country is done only victims Shiite Muslims and Sunnis have been any atrocities of killing Shiite and Sunni civilians, including people. The killing of terrorist operations, and that this is being done in Afghanistan late in themselves the subject of which is the new awe with daesh formation. Groups only with a goal by the United States was founded and the occupying Quds regime security. When countries in the region engaged in its policies in the region and combat the threat of Israel no longer have daesh threat and this is perhaps the most pivotal Yankee policy in the region.

Perhaps one of the main reasons for the move to Afghanistan, insecure daesh off Iran's eastern borders. Iran, which has been in the neutral area maps, and then it's up to the Americans did not welcome. The Yankees want unsafe with the eastern borders with neighboring countries in the message interactions.

When Afghanistan is insecure best excuses for the United States again in this country and to plunder the resources of the head of the opportunity to make a decision. The same excuse that Iraq and Syria on the hands and feet, but with the destruction of strategic areas and daesh Sean is no longer the American presence for these two countries could not be a justification. In Afghanistan, the money resources on the other makes Trump and his desire, to achieve these resources. The U.S. and its puppet are trying to realize their goals, converted to Islam with the word war and bleeding for their nation to the world a bad sight and other Nations to justify occupation and denied.

With the arrival of the internal conflicts in Kabul Afghanistan daesh greatly increases and national unity in the first place this country facing a problem and this is the best provided both pretext for the United States to defend the rights of the people of Afghanistan with the gesture of the Government of the country entered the war.

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