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DefaPress reports;
With the fade away of ISIL's strategic H.Q. in Iraq and Syria, this cluster is hacking in Afghanistan an eruption that may end at the price of Afghanistan's obliteration.
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Publish Date: 08February 2018 - 15:30

Afghanistan new victims ISILAccording to international reporter of DefaPress , with the defeat of ISIL and the fading of its strategic bases, this terrorist group in Syria and Iraq is thinking of breaking into a new end.

It seems that, Afghanistan is their new purpose to repeat their awful crimes; a country that still has problems with the US military group. US President George W. Bush, in 2001, attacked Afghanistan under the alleged reason of twin contest actions on September 11 and the fight against the Taliban.

The enduring "freedom" was the name given to this crime, and the main point of this war, announced in the media, was to fight and get rid of al-Qaeda, the Taliban and their supporters. A month after the Yankees arrived in Afghanistan, the Taliban regime misshapen, but the United States remained on the excuse of maintaining security in Afghanistan. A former US Army Chief of Staff, Jack Kane, in a dialogue, said that we have been concerned in this war for 16 years and this is a disgrace that we could not stop this war in our own interest.

According to this dialogue, we can finish that the United States and Donald Trumpt have a new program for Afghanistan to envelop the cost of the 16-year-old war that supposedly cost US $ 117 billion to US officials. Allowing for the vast resources of Afghanistan and its important reserves such as gold, silver and platinum, large quantities of iron ore, uranium, zinc, tantalum, bauxite (aluminum ore), coal, natural gas and copper, make the eye the gluttony of each country is joined to these resources.

In latest years, the US Geological Survey has recognized and predictable Afghanistan's mineral wealth worth about a trillion dollars. Since then, Afghan and other countries have affirmed this treasury as a significant benefit to Afghanistan's economic independence, but the major reason for the breakdown of the United States in these 16 years to steal this capital is the lack of smooth roads and rail connections for the sell abroad of iron ore and copper.

Now, a country still injured in a spiritual war, must contract with the American-backed group that has been deserted from Iraq and Syria. The killings that have been approved out under the alleged reason of faith in the past 20 years have been the only victims of Shiite and Sunni Muslims, and there has been no release from killing civilians, including Shiites and Sunnis.

The recent killings and terrorist operations in Afghanistan show that ISIL is in the process of being formed. A group founded by the United States with only one aim is also to ensure the security of the occupation regime of Al-Quds. When the countries in the area are busy with their policies in the region and fighting ISIS, they will not threaten Israel at all, and this is perhaps the most pivotal policy of the Yankees in the region.

Maybe one of the major reasons for ISIL's change to Afghanistan is the insecurity of the eastern borders of Iran. Iran, which has been able to counteract American maps in the area, and this, is not good at Americans' sake. Yankees want to make unsteadiness in eastern borders in Iran's engagement with neighboring countries.

When Afghanistan is insecure, it's the best reason for the United States to stay in the country again and decide on the opportunity to steal resources. The same reason that came about in Iraq and Syria, but with the obliteration of ISIL and the evaporation of their tactical areas, the two countries can no longer defend the presence of the United States. On the other hand, Afghanistan's vast resources have made Turkmen and his country seek to achieve these resources. The United States and its pupils are stressed to reach out to their wisdom to overcome Islam with the word war and bloodshed to justify their profession and crimes against their nation and other nations.

With the admittance of ISIL into Afghanistan, interior disputes in Kabul are rising sharply, and in the first place, national unification is in difficulty, and this is the best pretext for the United States to enter the war with a gesture of defending the rights of the Afghan people.

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