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Kurd In a conversation with the Defapress:
The representative of Islamic parliament said that the Islamic Revolution not only changed the interior condition of the country, but also challenged Western politics.
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The victory of the Islamic revolution challenged Western politicsAccording to interior reporter of Defapress: Ali Kurd, a member of the Social Commission and representative of the people of Khash city in the Islamic parliament pointing out that the deprivation of citizenship rights, the furthermost domination of the Pahlavi regime in the right of the people of Iran, stated: throughout the time of the people's oppression They did not have a character in making decisions about the country, and whatever was done by the authorities at that time on Iran was the program and the demands of the Americans. Freedom, the right to vote and participation in the development of the country was the first right given to the people by the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

This representative of the nation of the nation considered the Islamic Revolution as the greatest change in Iranian history and added: "All sectors of society were involved in the victory of the revolution of our country, and if the unity and unity of the people was not conquer of the 2,000-500-year regime of the kingdom, it would not have been possible."

A member of the Social Security Council of the Islamic parliament of the Islamic Security Council measured the greatest blessing from God and the most important achievement of the warriors of Islam against the enemies of the country and said: "In the imposed war with other powers of the world, we showed that the confrontation with Iran is serious for any country that intends to rape our soil. It will be over. In fact, the security that has conquered our country after the holy defense age is due to the rebellion of your warriors and to the fear and move away of hateful people in Iran
Kurd said: "Our victory shaped a strange passion and enthusiasm among the various peoples of the oppressed region, the liberation movements and all the liberators of the world."

A member of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, said the victory of the resistance front against the Zionist regime in Palestine and the defeat of terrorist groups in the area by the forces of the Iraqi and Syrian armies, said the configuration of the Lebanese Shiites and the achievement of Hamas in Palestine And their role as repercussion of the coming of the Islamic Revolution of our country.

The representative of the people of Khash city in the Islamic parliament argued that Western antagonism to the Iranians began with the entrance of the revolution, saying: "Why did not the Americans face threats and sanctions throughout the reign of the country?" Why was Iran backed by America? The actions of Americans at the time of the Taliban were not a symbol of friendship and antagonism to our country; the silence and approval of American officials from Iran were rooted in the reverence of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Kandar continued, "Iran today is not the center for securing the interests of foreigners. If we find that we have been attacked by enemies, we have chosen independence for our country. We are not affiliated with any country and no power, and all that we have achieved in all areas today is the result of domestic production.

He emphasized the Islamic awakening and the power of the warriors of Islam in the form of the military of Ansarullah Yemen and Hezbollah in Lebanon from the revolution of our country and said: "Our revolution not only changed the internal condition of the country, but also challenged the policy of the West because, with the destruction of the Pahlavi regime of Islamic countries For example, Palestine, who was oppressed, took a dual soul and found that they could reach their desired endurance with the tyrants.

He said that the enemies of the country not at all stopped hating with us, he pointed out: the counter-revolutionary rudiments fed by the United States and the Zionist regime are struggling to hit Iran, seeking an opportunity to understand their aims; consequently, readiness and watchfulness The continuation of our country's armed and security forces and the promotion of border security is a caution to the counter-revolutionary elements. In fact, security stability depends on the sacrifices and militancy of the armed forces, which have plundered the enemies of the revolution beyond the borders.

This representative of the nation's home, pointing out that the answerability of the establishment in order to dish up the people is an significant factor in the continuance of the revolution of our country, stated: "The economic problems of the people cannot be denied, if officials abandon to decide the concerns of the nation, surely the enemy of this opportunity It would be suitable to make the most of its use in order to depress people from rotating to revolution. Therefore, the continuation of the Islamic Revolution requires the type, perseverance and readiness of the establishment to meet the people's sensible needs.

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