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General Kiomars Heidari:
The commandant of the Islamic Republic's Armed Forces said: "We support any country that wants to war with the Zionist regime; so, the layout of some claims in our morale will not make an obstruction and we will follow our lanes in accordance with the leadership."
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Publish Date: 14February 2018 - 17:30

We support any country that wants to war with the Zionist regime(Tehran) Defapress: under the cause of the coming of the centennial of the victory of the glorious Islamic Revolution and the beginning of the Fajr decade, a conversation with General Kiumars Heydari, Commander of the Army, concerning the military's achievements throughout the four decades after the victory of the revolution we did it.

In part of the conversation, general Heidari said that he had suspicious collaboration among Iran and his gracious countries, but also emphasized that we have frequently stated that everywhere we needed to be present, we obviously expressed our presence.

He spoke about the prospect of US policies in the area, with regard to the obliteration of the ISIL and the root of the claims complete by the use of some resistance groups in the area of Iranian weapons.
Read the full text of this conversation:

Defensive self-sufficiency is one of the best achievements of the Islamic Revolution, how do you explain the meaning of this achievement in the present international context?

After the victory of the Revolution, we have 23 troops in the ground, explicitly; there are 23 defense forces in the ground force, which are grouped in approximately all groups, counting military units, battle support units, and soldierly arts support units; when 23 troops together Links can play a defensive role.

There were many complications in these 23 troops, such as in the air systems, armored systems, weaponry systems, missile and anti-missile systems, each of which had 23 systems, none of which had a built-up and homeland structure, even for maintenance and revamp There was no hospitalization, and the foreign advisers were doing preservation and repair work, and the Iranian forces, as their crew, carried out many service activities with a low level of self-respect.

After the victory of the Revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomeini (RA), all of these systems were supplied to the ground forces, but they needed to be reserved, repaired and rebuilt, so the Imam Khomeini and the leadership on self-sufficiency in this regard emphasized Mubarak's appearance. , That is, the movement of self-sufficiency and movement on its feet; the army, in view of the arrangement and forces of the school, the Provincial Council and local Council, imposed the unsophisticated Constitutional square as a Provincial Order.

We went on this pathway and managed to become full of life in the field of war throughout the 8 years of the Holy Defense with the will of God and with the completion of this significant topic of the movement of self-sufficiency, and we completely support the war, looking at the sacred defense. At that time in the unbreakable, weaponry, in the air and anti-missile systems, we were talented to defeat the Iraqi army, which was supported by 43 countries, and finally won. At that time, we were more worried with maintaining the status quo, because there was no chance to create, but after the sacred defense, the leadership once more emphasized that we should stand on our feet, and knowing that we are everlastingly barred from history. We institutionalized the self-sufficiency pressure group in the Army and the military.

This self-sufficiency has had marvelous gains for us, which in the first phase we were bright to keep everything we had in the first place. After that, we opened the foundation studies, which destined that we set up think tanks to inspect how the wars were about to happen, so that if we had a war, what weapons would we need, with this look A new meadow of sacred defense, and with a look at the future, we redesigned the ground hand and army manufacturing centers, and some of the assignments were set to take ladder to bring forth the prospect wars, arms and bullets, which luckily, today, in this area of one We have a vast prosperous.

Today, in these 23 troops, we are capable to arrive at out to neighbors and friends. Today, I defy say that in a number of mechanisms, perhaps at the level of the countries of the area and even the border, we are matchless in the capabilities of armored vehicles, gunships, dampers and helicopters, with the experience of eight years of warfare, because of amenities such as anti-missile weapons and ... We offer a new version.

These are all renowned by the lucky thing of the unmatched leadership, and the Imam of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, because they had such a demand from us, and we, as the leader of the ruling army, were told by their orders, and we are God's protectors, which at least we were able to show the leadership with self-sufficiency give it.

What is your poise about the army before and after the revolution?

After the Revolution, I entered the Army in the year 1982, so I studied the history of the measures before the revolution in the army in history. In the room you are currently observing and now sitting in (Army Command), before the Revolution, there were former generals, their records, their dates and their method of meeting.

By studying them, we discover that in fact, before the revolution, there was nothing as an army based on the will of the people and the citizens, but rather a consistent unit that was consistent in terms of consistent and operated as a soldier of world conceit. We had quarters that served as soldiers, it seems that Iranian, but on the whole foreign advisers who were in the army and were commander behind the scenes. Army generals had no plan and no choice at all.

They were tufted tigers wearing the clothing they future to be sold, but motionless the body of the army was very different from those of the army, because the body of the army, officers and rectors who were present in the body of the pyramid were Muslim and revolutionary, but under pressure And the suffocations of that time unsuccessful to introduce themselves to society as predictable. The records show that the body of the army was Muslim and was intimately related to the clergy and the large establishment of that time. actually, the thoughts and strategies of the religious establishment in the body were effectual in making elastic nuclei in the ground force that these rings The statement of Martyr Sayad Shirazi and the martyr Abkhazan converse with the Imam and the clerics who were leading the expression at that time.

They were the great martyrs who were linked with the body of the people, the circle connecting the army body with the revolutionaries of the army with Imam Khomeini. The same Muslim, religious, and school body that was in the pre-revolutionary army led the revolution to rapidly achievement, and a revolution that could have been accompanied by many casualties and defeats came to victory with a few martyrs, as the body of the army was revolutionary and the same thing It was effective.

Immediately after the victory of the revolution, they returned to the garrison with the command of Imam Khomeini (RA). On Feb. 19, the air force pilots announced the loyalty to Imam Khomeini and, of course, the body of the Army's ground forces did so. Our revolution is unique, at that instant, counterrevolutionary groups such as mushrooms were created in more than a few provinces, including Khuzestan, western countries, northwest, north of the country, Gonbad, Sistan and Baluchestan.

The army insolvent up before its revolution, but after the revolution, the army fast changed its situation and was placed on the throne of Imam Khomeini (RA). March 29 was also named for this reason, the day the gangs had raised their evil and Imam said: The army will leave the barracks and go to the gangs. Today we have an army that has been likened to this tradition by the leader of the revolution. Definitions of leadership from the military are very deep, and there are also notions of leadership with an ant to the martyrs of the ground forces.

How has the revolutionary character influenced the military successes after four decades of revolution?
In the sacred defense, we presented 46,000 martyrs of the ground forces, while in the army we have 48,000 martyrs. In the wake of the revolution, 125 army were martyred.

We are all the children of the revolution in the army, the commandant of the army has given back to the spiritual revolutionary forces, the school and the exam, the current army commandant was also known as revolutionary forces before the revolution. Our army, without arbitration, will be and will be led by the leadership and as a result of a military revolution. Because our leadership is revolutionary; so, when the commander (revolutionary) is revolutionary and the world perceives them as revolutionary information, logically, all bodies of the army, like the Provincial, are revolutionaries. The army commander held a rallying rally called the Revolutionary Army, which meant that they once more called on the army to be revolutionary in the minds of the community Our commander is revolutionary, so the army is revolutionary in his pursuit and has a jihadist spirit.

Our martyrs with the near the beginning martyrs of Islam have many common points in believing in the presence of jihadi scenes, because they do not consider in sacrificing life, that is, being revolutionaries.

How are Iran's defense relations with friendly countries and how much defense we have with other countries?

In relation to friendly countries, we have a general strategy in general, and it has led us to make that strategy a leader. In this regard, we have repeatedly declared that we are serving with all sincerity the countries that intend to serve the society and their country in the course of the revolution and the divine goals of the revolution. To this day, we tried to insulate the slogan of Imam Khomeini as a partner of the oppressed people of the world in the army.

This motto has been institutionalized in the army and the armed forces, we never intend to rape any country, but at the same time, in defensive our country, we are not under the excuse of another country, and we are fully able of defending the values of the revolution and with all sincerity.
In the past few years, we have proved to be a place where the Muslim cry is raised and help us. Also, where the necessity of helping the deprived and the Muslim is not under the control and under the leadership of the leadership, we have been working with all the power in the affairs of the friendly countries and let’s are our brother.

What are the threats posed by the United States, the Zionist regime and Saudi efforts to put an end to the Islamic Republic of Iran? How does it fit in with the facts of the field?

These countries, if they were not knowledgeable about what was happening on the scene, could not have made any threats to our country and instead of just verbally threatening, they would launch a military hit, but because they saw our ready scene and capabilities Iran is touchable in defending the values of the revolution, they are raising threatening words to convey, while they would not behave like they were. I believe that our defensive and avoidance capabilities, created by the armed forces and day-to-day labors of the people and by the people, have shaped authority that no factor can hinder the advance of this ability.

They are threatening the program under the table or on the table; such words have become out of date to us and do not affect the morale of our military and our nation. If they have a one-percent intention of stupidity and evil, they should know that their case will be difficult by the hands of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran in a fraction of the time. We stand on our feet and we will stand; so we are prepared to help any country that wants sovereignty.

What are your predictions about the future of US policies in the area, with look upon to the obliteration of the ISIL government in Iraq and Syria?

From the victory of the revolution so far, the US has in danger us and aggravated other countries against us, and has created large and small groups against us. The United States once talked about abolishing Iran, then changing the line of consideration and system. At the moment, it has also reached a stage where it says it wants to stop the growing growth of the Islamic Republic. That is, the country has stepped up the descending steps and, of course, in the future, the trend continues, until the words of the leadership of their existential effects stay in the area. We wish that the countries of the region could unite and unify and rely on the uneven inclinations that they have made, to transport the United States and its Western allies to their countries. According to this historical process, they will not have a place in the area.

Exactly where we are in the area

The claims made by the United States and some countries in the area that the use of guns of mass obliteration from Iran is more domestic than international and international, and the history of the antagonism of these countries with Iran is obvious. From the day of the victory of the revolution to this day, there has been an American antagonism towards its country.

The US-Iran project is as well being raised by the United States, which does not influence the confidence of our nation, and all the free nations of the world understand that these are extra of a claim and political slander.

At the same time, we obviously stated that we were present where we needed to be present. Leaders and officials have repeatedly announced where they are or will be. In scrupulous, we support any country that wants a war with the Zionist regime; consequently, the plan of some claims will not make a disturbing mood in our spirits, and will advance our path to the leadership.

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