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Ms. Sheikh Isa Qasem, a son of the Bahraini scholars, said that as Imam Hussein (AS) emigrated from Medina to retain faith, the martyrs of the eight years of holy defense also emigrated to incorrect fronts to defend Islam.
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Publish Date: 22March 2018 - 08:22

Jihad does not bound the way to IslamAccording to the epic and jihad group of Defapress, the mother of the documents of Sheikh Isa Qassem, a Bahraini scholar, presence the commemorative of the Hoveizeh Martyrs said: "I am persuaded by the attendance of Hoveyza's operative areas, and I feel that everything is linked to Ashura and the Islamic Revolution.

She said that Hoveiseh epic is the continuation of the Karbalat epic, as Imam Hussein (AS) went out of Medina to reservation faith, the martyrs also defended Islam from the right fronts in contradiction of the lie of emigration and the least we can do in reply to their expenses and desires is the appearance of the right to act and keep the veil.

he added: Referring to the reality that the Islamic Revolution of Iran has had a great influence on other countries and a global revolution, "It is the responsibility of all Muslims in the world to be answerable for the preservation of this revolution, and everyone should attempt to do this."

At the end of the document, the women sent the message to the nation that they were traveling: "Human beings have trust in faith and the right to victory, just as martyrs of the holy defense have won."

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