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Martyr Qajarian order Promoted by his friend:
One of his friends said: "general had a specific dedication to Hazrat Roghayeh binat al-Hussein (AS), and said," Ask your biggest wishes from hazrat Rohgayeh. (AS)"
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Ask your biggest wishes from hazrat Rohgayeh (AS)According to the epic and jihad reporter of Defapress: Martyr Qajarian was the old commander of the Guard, who was born in 1951 in Neishabur, and joined the Revolutionary Guards with the beginning of the war and went to the front and went to war. After taking his Dafus courses in 1988, he was appointed as the Deputy Chief of Armored Brigade of Imam Reza (AS) and served for 10 years and was appointed to this Brigade in 2009.

Despite the devastation on the Holy Defense Front, he joined the Shah's defenders and was martyred on February 4, 2016.

One of his friends of the martyr Qajarian wrote about the moral features of the martyr and said:

Ask your biggest wishes from hazrat Rohgayeh (AS)

I remember that he loved Rogayeh very much and talked about him with a special interest, Ask your biggest wishes from hazrat Rohgayeh.

He never like to be without motivation in any issue

In work and military activities, he was not at all short-lived. There were no commandants inactive there and methodical below his hands to do that. He continuously was the main agent and always the first reason. When he spoke about the topic that was very thoughtful, he cusses to Imam Hussein (AS).

There was a brave man and don’t have A little bit of fear in his entity

he spoke in a meeting about the holy defense, saying that conferring to the famed mane on the tone Adam was correct. He said: " swear to God was not in my heart throughout the war, even where I was involved in the war in the channel with a robust Ba'athist officer."

Crying for Martyr Shushtari

When he was privileged to be indorsed to the H.Q., and the Team Board with the protectors of rite in front of the structure was controlled and Haj Aqa chahkandi nezhad for the joy of the essence of general Shushtari Salavat sent Commandant with his generations and calmly and noiselessly waterworks. On the similar day, in the Assembly of the Group, he stressed on his unpolluted service, swore to Imam Hussein (AS) and said: "Do not imagine, I'm glad to be a higher degree.

Emphasis on family behavior

With all of his strength and power when he spoke to his wife and children, he was calm and affectionate.

When he was in charge of coordinating the journey of the leader, he cried out with all his being, saying, "This is the grace that God has bestowed upon me to serve the most believers after the Imam of the time(AS)."

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