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Note / Hassan Sadeghian
Once in a country, there will be a belief in reform that this national consensus will be transformed into society, relying on the internal force of structural reforms, and the military will be based on the will of the national sovereignty, something that is now happening in the opposition block of Turkey Cannot be.
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Publish Date: 13April 2018 - 11:32

Turkish elections; a susceptible issue for democracyInternational group of Defapress: hasan sadeghiyan A 2016 constitutional referendum was launched after the 2016 Turkish coup and a state of emergency by issuing frequent sentences and widespread erosion. War operations began between the intellectuals and politicians to put in place a single opinion on the new law Turkey's election will be signed by Erdogan, the most important parts of these new laws in Turkey are:

1- "Political factions can go into the electoral alliance with the partnership." According to the standard, if a alliance among the AKP and the National Movement, named the "alliance of the Republic", will be probable to succeed by combing chooses.

2- "A political faction can hold up one more political faction in elections." This origin also provides the chance to develop sovereign and little factions for big and authoritative factions such as the AKP.

3. "If the whole chooses of the factions in the elections are much more than 10 percent, this means the admission of all the alliance political factions to the parliament": this origin is a fundamental license for the frail and little factions, so the national movement, which can be as instance, with 9% of the chooses, send at smallest amount 40 representative to the parliament.

4) An association named "mobile funds" will process services to patients and hinder people on the premises. "

5. " Uncontrolled ballot papers will also count."

6. " The ballot boxes will be selected from government employees."

The last paragraphs have been placed on the hands of fraudsters and it should not be forgotten that in the 2017 election, the ballot was declared without proper stamp and the result of the ruling faction 's victory.

Now the way to win the Erdogan faction in the 2019 election has been paved, today the main argument of the Turkish people has been the 2017 election, and this has gleaned the tranquility of the Turkish Democratic faction, which itself has a poor performance in various fields, including economics and politics. They have no hope of winning the election in a weak position.

One of the tasks of the Democrats in Turkey is to modify the relations among members of the authority system in order to weaken the group and provide conditions for them at the same time. The functions of this group can be: 1) Resistance to integration Regime in Turkey, 2- protection of independent domains against the regime; 3- illegitimate regime demonstration; 4. increasing the cost of the ruling faction; 5 - creating an acceptable democratic alternative;

As far as the analysts are concerned, the field of control of the regime is greater. And as Democrats weakly act, it will open up the prosperity of the ruling faction.

But the opposition group of the ruling faction of Turkey does not perform the duties well and pursues these issues as one of the main concerns of the people. In this situation, we should not seek to change the political structure of Turkey.

Another issue under discussion is " faction leadership and charismatic legitimacy", which is one of the reasons for the ruling Turkish ruling faction. In the last decade, one has been able to compete with the current president of Turkey; so that even Fethullah Gulen is all in the spiritual leader of this the faction has been defeated by him and has been removed from the political scene by unceasing coups.

The election in front of Turkey is the only fear of a bloc, If all the parties agree on one person, his victory will be decisive, when this will be facilitated by the non-alignment of the ruling faction to a national consensus, and Turkey will begin to make real reforms, and the military According to the will of national sovereignty, and this is a problem that is not currently seen in the opposition. And yet no coalition has been formed to compete with the Turkish ruling faction, and the opposition faction has been weakening and isolating day by day. As the Turkish people demand a new language that is different from today's politics, which is in parties Existing Turkey is not visible. Currently, none of the existing eagles are capable of confronting Erdogan, and the only way to put it out is the real unity between the blocks in Turkey.
Gelichadar urged the parties in Turkey to eliminate the large walls that the ruling faction had stretched over to other parties, but did not mention it. This issue was raised in the last election run-up of the Republic faction, but due to the lack of hope for this It is very unlikely to be seen.

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