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Syria to reopen key border crossing with Iraq today
the reopening ceremony, which is seen as a victory in...
News ID: 78859   Publish Date: 2019/09/30

Iran's power in interest of world Muslims
speaking during a ceremony on saturday, commander of the islamic...
News ID: 78847   Publish Date: 2019/09/28

Iran’s Economy to Flourish with Stopping Crude Exports
speaking during a ceremony to commemorate the sacred defense week...
News ID: 78841   Publish Date: 2019/09/28

Leader's Top Military Aide:
US’ Anti-Iran Pressure Out of Fear from Tehran’s Growing Power
the entire region," general qa'ani said, addressing a ceremony in...
News ID: 78821   Publish Date: 2019/09/27

President Rouhani rings bell for new school year in Tehran
after three-month summer vacation the back-to-school ceremony is officially inaugurated...
News ID: 78789   Publish Date: 2019/09/23

Iranian President Heads for New York to Attend UNGA
on monday morning after a see-off ceremony attended by first...
News ID: 78783   Publish Date: 2019/09/23

Iran among Top 4 World Defense Powers
war on iran in 1980s in tehran, the ceremony took... and defensive power the ceremony in tehran was participated by... in a similar ceremony in the southern province of hormozgan... in the ceremony ranking commanders of the armed forces also...
News ID: 78781   Publish Date: 2019/09/22

Deputy Commander:
IRGC Unmoved by Enemy Threats against Iran
a local ceremony in markazi province in central iran also...
News ID: 78780   Publish Date: 2019/09/22

Iranian Navy Commander:
No Worries about US Theatrical Coalition in Persian Gulf
in 1980s in tehran, the ceremony took place at the... the ceremony in tehran was participated by senior military and... ceremony in the southern province of hormozgan and the territorial... military and civilian officials were also present in the ceremony...
News ID: 78779   Publish Date: 2019/09/22

Iran Holds Countrywide Military Parades to Mark Sacred Defense Week
speech at the opening of the ceremony in tehran on... at the military ceremony in bandar abbas the most recent...
News ID: 78766   Publish Date: 2019/09/22

Iran, Kuwait Confer on Recent Tensions in Region
rear admiral sayyari said, addressing a local ceremony in markazi...
News ID: 78756   Publish Date: 2019/09/20

Jets of Iranian Army, IRGC Readying for Sunday Aerial Parade over Persian Gulf
might and defensive power the ceremony will be participated by...
News ID: 78751   Publish Date: 2019/09/20

FM Zarif Mocks Peaceful Label of US’ Hostile Moves against Iran
a local ceremony in markazi province in central iran also...
News ID: 78750   Publish Date: 2019/09/20

FM Zarif hails ASEAN as successful example of collective action
addressing the a ceremony on the 52nd anniversary of foundation...
News ID: 78740   Publish Date: 2019/09/19

IRGC cmdr:
Iran not afraid of big, small enemies
on a local ceremony in north khorasan province &ldquo we...
News ID: 78738   Publish Date: 2019/09/19

Sanctions failed to stop Iran’s oil industry
he made the remarks on saturday in the ceremony of...
News ID: 78693   Publish Date: 2019/09/14

Scientific, manpower development, govt.’s top priority
introduction ceremony of the minister of education and added, &ldquo...
News ID: 78692   Publish Date: 2019/09/14

Leader attends Muharram mourning ceremony
ali khamenei attended the mourning ceremony of imam hossein pbuh...
News ID: 78628   Publish Date: 2019/09/07

Army cmdr:
'Enemies feel pain of our slap in their face'
enough for us &rdquo mousavi handed awards during the ceremony...
News ID: 78581   Publish Date: 2019/09/03

No Chance of Talks under US Sanctions
ceremony on tuesday &ldquo if they wish for more security...
News ID: 78570   Publish Date: 2019/09/01