Updated in: 20 July 2024 - 15:42
09:56 - 2024/07/20

Launching a rocket to the heart of Tel Aviv

According to the reports, yesterday Ansarallah targeted Tel Aviv by Jaffa and caused severe casualties.
15:42 - 2024/07/20

The Zionist regime's drone attack on southern Lebanon

Lebanese sources reported the attack of the Zionist regime's drone on an area in southern Lebanon.
15:30 - 2024/07/20

Can the US provide presidential election security?

After Trump's assassination, some doubts came about that how the US Security Service wants to provide security for the US presidential election.
14:43 - 2024/07/20

Great weakness in the US Health System

The US health system since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, could not manage to stop the death toll.
13:32 - 2024/07/20

Baby of war, born healthy

Gaza doctors save the baby from the womb of a mother who has been martyred in an Israeli airstrike.
13:21 - 2024/07/20

Dozens of civilians were martyred under Israeli bombardment right after ICJ's decision

Dozens of civilians today were killed and others injured as the occupation warplanes bombed various areas of the Gaza Strip on the 288th day of the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Strip.
12:13 - 2024/07/20

Hamas demanded the immediate action of the UN Security Council to end the war in Gaza

Hamas demanded the immediate action of the Security Council to end the occupation and repeated violations of resolutions by this regime.
10:11 - 2024/07/20

Israel's presence in Palestinian territories is illegal

The United Nations’ top court has ruled that Israel’s presence in the 1967-occupied Palestinian territories is “unlawful” and must end.
13:25 - 2024/07/17

America is responsible for the crimes of the Zionist regime against the Palestinian

Hamas movement emphasized that the US government, with its unlimited support to the occupiers, is the main responsible for these systematic killings against the Palestinian people.
20:58 - 2024/07/17

Israel will lose all tanks if they raid the South Lebanon

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah confirms that if Israel attacked southern Lebanon, they would lose all their tanks.
11:09 - 2024/07/17

Iran extremely rejects any attempt for Trump assassination

Iran has roundly rejected claims of devising a plot to assassinate former US president Donald Trump but, vows to pursue legal channels to consign him to justice for his ordering the assassination of General Soleimani in 2022.
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