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Tag: Khanzadi
Navy cmdr.:
Iran’s Navy 'first power in region'
News ID: 73673   Publish Date: 2018/11/13

Iran navy commander in India to attend military symposium
News ID: 73620   Publish Date: 2018/11/11

Army Navy cmdr.:
Persian Gulf, Iranian vital national interest: Khanzadi
News ID: 73373   Publish Date: 2018/10/30

New Corvette Joins Iran’s Southern Fleet
News ID: 72947   Publish Date: 2018/10/08

Commander: Iranian Submarine to Come into Service in Months
News ID: 71983   Publish Date: 2018/08/25

Iran Navy’s Destroyer Equipped with Homegrown Version of Phalanx CIWS
News ID: 71826   Publish Date: 2018/08/18

Navy to ensure marine imports, exports security: Cmdr
News ID: 71664   Publish Date: 2018/08/10

Hormuz Strait Remaining Open Hinges on Iran’s Interests: Navy Commander
News ID: 71486   Publish Date: 2018/07/31

Spokesman: IRGC Resolute to Continue Patrols in Persian Gulf
News ID: 71215   Publish Date: 2018/07/16

Navy highly regards development of Makran region
News ID: 70625   Publish Date: 2018/06/10

Iran Navy Commander Calls for Collective Efforts to Secure Regional Waters
News ID: 70054   Publish Date: 2018/05/07

Commander: New Destroyers, Submarines to Join Iranian Navy Soon
News ID: 70045   Publish Date: 2018/05/06

Iran-Oman military cooperation meeting kicks off in Tehran
News ID: 70029   Publish Date: 2018/05/05

Iran Keen to Team Up with Indian Ocean Littoral States in War on Terrorism
News ID: 69867   Publish Date: 2018/04/26

Navy Commander: Foreign Delegations Agree to Establish IONS Military Alliance
News ID: 69846   Publish Date: 2018/04/24

Iran Offers to Host Regional Center for War on Piracy
News ID: 69839   Publish Date: 2018/04/24

Iran’s naval chief meets with military delegations in Tehran
News ID: 69833   Publish Date: 2018/04/23

Iran's Army Navy cmdr.:
Maritime security collective issue
News ID: 69830   Publish Date: 2018/04/23

Iran takes over IONS presidency
News ID: 69823   Publish Date: 2018/04/23

Navy cmdr. Reveals:
Tehran to host Indian Ocean Naval Symposium this week
News ID: 69788   Publish Date: 2018/04/21