Updated in: 24 September 2020 - 19:25
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Iran President Inaugurates Major Power, Water Projects
tehran defapress – iranian president hassan rouhani on thursday launched...
News ID: 81924   Publish Date: 2020/09/03

Emerson Poll Finds Trump-Biden Race Tightening Post-Conventions
tehran defapress – the race between us president donald trump...
News ID: 81922   Publish Date: 2020/09/01

Denmark’s Novo Nordisk Sets Up Insulin Production Line in Iran
tehran defapress – the world's top insulin-maker, novo nordisk of...
News ID: 81921   Publish Date: 2020/09/01

Russia mocks US ahead of JCPOA Joint Commission
tehran defapress – in a sarcastic tweet on the recent...
News ID: 81920   Publish Date: 2020/09/01

Leader receives Education Ministry officials
tehran defapress – leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed...
News ID: 81919   Publish Date: 2020/09/01

Iran Eyes Growing Ties with Uzbekistan
tehran defapress – iran’s president called for closer cooperation with...
News ID: 81918   Publish Date: 2020/09/01

Chinese FM spox:
Joint Commission should be an opportunity to safeguard JCPOA
tehran defapress – chinese foreign ministry spokesperson zhao lijian said...
News ID: 81917   Publish Date: 2020/09/01

US anti-JCPOA efforts questioning multilateralism
tehran defapress – iranian deputy foreign minister for political affairs...
News ID: 81916   Publish Date: 2020/09/01

Saudi King Fires 2 Royals in Alleged Corruption Inquiry
tehran defapress – king salman of saudi arabia fired two...
News ID: 81915   Publish Date: 2020/09/01

US Has No Right to Trigger Snapback Mechanism, Says Iran UN Envoy
tehran defapress – iran’s ambassador to the united nations reiterated...
News ID: 81914   Publish Date: 2020/09/01

Syrian Air Defense Systems Repel Arial Attack on Damascus
tehran defapress – syria’s air defense systems foiled an israeli...
News ID: 81913   Publish Date: 2020/09/01

1st Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi flight leaves occupied lands
tehran defapress – despite all criticisms, the first-ever commercial flight...
News ID: 81912   Publish Date: 2020/08/31

'Club of Sanctioned' to force US lift cruel sanctions
tehran defapress –an iranian parliament member stressed, "the unity of...
News ID: 81911   Publish Date: 2020/08/31

Iran’s Exports to Iraq on Rise
tehran defapress – a senior member of the iran-iraq joint...
News ID: 81910   Publish Date: 2020/08/31

Pakistan slams Indian forces’ firing at Kashmiri mourners
tehran defapress – in a statement on sunday, pakistan’s foreign...
News ID: 81909   Publish Date: 2020/08/31

China Urges France to Help Protect JCPOA ahead of Joint Commission
tehran defapress – chinese foreign minister wang yi called on...
News ID: 81908   Publish Date: 2020/08/31

Iranian Deputy FM in Austria for JCPOA Meeting
tehran defapress – iran’s deputy foreign minister abbas araqchi traveled...
News ID: 81907   Publish Date: 2020/08/31

Afghan President Names Council to Advise Negotiators
tehran defapress – afghan president ashraf ghani named 48 people...
News ID: 81906   Publish Date: 2020/08/31

Rouhani felicitates Kyrgyz counter part on National Day
tehran defapress – iranian president congratulated the national day of...
News ID: 81905   Publish Date: 2020/08/31

Iran owes its security to Air Defense's vigilance
tehran defapress – issuing a message on monday, leader of...
News ID: 81904   Publish Date: 2020/08/31