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EU calls for observing 'restraint' in ME region
tehran defapress – eu foreign policy chief josep borrell in...
News ID: 79786   Publish Date: 2020/01/04

Venezuela condemns US military attack in Iraq
tehran defapress – venezuela expressed its firm condemnation of the...
News ID: 79785   Publish Date: 2020/01/04

Trump committed political, military suicide
tehran defapress – expediency council secretary mohsen rezaei described trump’s...
News ID: 79784   Publish Date: 2020/01/04

Pres. Rouhani visits martyred General Soleimani’s family
tehran defapress – president hassam rouhani visited the family of...
News ID: 79783   Publish Date: 2020/01/04

Syrian President expresses condolences over Gen. Soleimani’s assassination
tehran defapress – syrian president bashar al-assad offered condolences to...
News ID: 79782   Publish Date: 2020/01/04

The response for a military action is a military action
tehran defapress – iran's ambassador to the united nations majid...
News ID: 79781   Publish Date: 2020/01/04

Russia Warns US of ‘Grave Consequences’ of Soleimani Assassination
tehran defapress – russia strongly condemned the us for the...
News ID: 79780   Publish Date: 2020/01/04

Iran’s Zarif Tells UN Chief:
Assassination of Gen. Soleimani Act of Terrorism
tehran defapress – iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif and...
News ID: 79779   Publish Date: 2020/01/04

Grand Ayatollah Sistani condemns US’ ‘vicious’ attack
tehran defapress – iraq's top shia cleric grand ayatollah ali...
News ID: 79778   Publish Date: 2020/01/03

Ayatollah Khatami:
Americans will no longer find peace around the world
tehran defapress – tehran's interim friday prayers leader, ayatollah seyyed...
News ID: 79777   Publish Date: 2020/01/03

Nasrallah vows to continue General Soleimani’s path
tehran defapress – the secretary-general of the lebanese hezbollah resistance...
News ID: 79776   Publish Date: 2020/01/03

US to pay for this 'terrorist' crime
tehran defapress – top adviser to iranian leader ali akbar...
News ID: 79775   Publish Date: 2020/01/03

Parl. speaker:
Iranian nation not to forsake blood of its martyrs
tehran defapress – following the us attacks in baghdad airport...
News ID: 79774   Publish Date: 2020/01/03

General Soleimani Has Multiple Substitutes, IRGC Spokesman Says
tehran defapress – the spokesperson for the islamic revolution guards...
News ID: 79773   Publish Date: 2020/01/03

Iran Army Chief:
Assassination of General Soleimani to Strengthen Resistance Front
tehran defapress – commander of the iranian army major general...
News ID: 79772   Publish Date: 2020/01/03

Iran Defence Minister:
Crushing Response Awaits US for Assassination of General Soleimani
tehran defapress – iranian defense minister brigadier general amir hatami...
News ID: 79771   Publish Date: 2020/01/03

Iran, Regional Nations to Take Revenge for General Soleimani’s Assassination
tehran defapress – iranian president hassan rouhani warned the us...
News ID: 79770   Publish Date: 2020/01/03

Iran's SNSC to hold emergency meeting over martyrdom of Gen. Soleimani
tehran defapress – iran's supreme national security council will hold...
News ID: 79769   Publish Date: 2020/01/03

FM Zarif:
Malice, stupidity of US terrorist forces to further strengthen tree of resistance in region
tehran defapress – iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif has...
News ID: 79768   Publish Date: 2020/01/03

Leader vows tough revenge waiting for criminals over Gen. Soleimani martyrdom
tehran defapress – leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed...
News ID: 79767   Publish Date: 2020/01/03

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