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Japanese martyr's mother of Holy Defense in conversation with Defapress:
Shahid Mohammad Babaei's mother said: "Some in the international community keep chemical devotees secret and do not allow their voice to reach the world." No one knows that the Ba'ath regime has used chemical weapons in the war.
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Understanding the Philosophy of Breaking for Imam Hussein (AS) after the child's martyrdom/People said why you wear a chador/The sound of chemical war veterans does not come to the world

That was a 21 year old Iranian businessman was interested in. A year later, in one of the mosques in the Muslim country of Japan, and was married. The arrival of the Lady to the Japanese, the path her life changed. He had little information about the religion of Islam, with the entry into the community and Iran on the side of one of the mosques, with the Koran and the religion of Islam.

Attention to the Holy Qur'an and the ahlulbayt (A.S) has a size of 19-year-old boy who had his sent Iran-Iraq war and was martyred. He's also the nostalgia of madrane, is standing firm and proud of his testimony says. Koniko Yamora , known as the "mother" martyr babai "Saba m. babai. The mother of a Japanese martyr to promote and advertise the religion of Islam and the support of chemical veterans to schools and even other countries.

For more information about the activities of the revolutionary Lady, our reporter an interview with Koniko Yamora the payment.

Defapress: introduce yourself.

Koniko Yamora In the province of «kioodo» city was born, ashia is an affluent area inhabited in Japan. Mr babai was one of Iranian merchants who trade in Japan the year 1957. In one of the travel to Japan and met together awhile later he disagrees with my proposal, but my family. It took a year to Mr babai can my family to this happy marriage.

I was in one of the mosques and Muslim marriage in Japan. Japanese girls after marriage change lists, but when I realized there is no draw in Iran, I request that the name change myself Japanese ndehm but later in the name of Sheba and Mrs babai was introduced.

The first frzandman was born in Japan and brought his name to "learn English", let the hairdresser hairdresser. Ten months of the year was Salman 1959; to Iran came out. My wife's family live in the beginning. By the time a troubled situation in Iran. When I was head of the tent, I heard a lot of innuendo but I did not notice.

A year after the girl child to the orodman of Iran, God grant to us that its can of Sheba. Another child was born 42 years that I can name him Mohammad.

Defapress: How do you defend your familiar with Islam?

 It was the place where fresh Muslim, I had a lot of information about the religion of Islam. My wife is my quiet quiet familiar with Islam, but never have I had to do. Manzlman mosque in the neighborhood near the Coca-Cola chose to become familiar with our prayer Azan and Iqama.

Kids need to hear the sound of Azan at three times and in the case of the prayer question. If we can convince them with our answer. Listen to the sound of Azan every time that the child or adolescent, herself enters the queue is worshipers.

The mosque is a large family gathering. Our problems and happily in the mosque with the other worshippers raised. It is good that a teenager of this sacred place to enter the community. When the teen arrived with a healthy mind, a healthy community society.

My wife and I tried our growth in a religious environment. Little by little, he read the Quran taught me. Not long after meeting the neighbors of the Qur'an. In these classes to children and elderly ladies reading and interpretation of the Koran's teaching.

Defapress: the information you are about to what degree Iranians and Muslims?

The real news of Iran will never listen to the people of Japan. Hence I had no information about life in Iran. The only knew that the Muslims do not consume pork Iranian men and four women possess. My dad told me to figure out how you want your life partner with multiple people? I trust that I will respond to my wife. When I came to I realized that the news had been published in Iran, untrue.

Defapress: from the figure, you are satisfied? Muslims, especially Iranians, the importance of family. This is while Japan is a material society. The Muslims for a better life for their families and their efforts. While in Japan, Self-orientationA person only to his own position and the importance of good offers and conditions of other family members and friends of some importance.

On the other hand the Muslims believe in futurity life. While the religion of bedims after the death of one person, burnt and his body all. I'm glad that I'm a Muslim and Islam world.

Years after the Muslim Qur'an verses in the shdenm learned that the man in your life, try a different case lengths. As well as the Quran, the Muslims during the whole life. This way also the two path. One way to Hezbollah and the other is the devil. While Buddhism is not a religion this way and only thinks about the mundane issues.

Defapress: spouse or revolutionary activities were're?

It is when we are on the streets of Tehran in the area east of the victory of life. The Avenue of victory and square of the martyrs is one of the main bases of the revolutionaries and was a lot of events happened in there. My wife emulator Imam Khomeini (RA), I was also since he is faking. We are in the home resale Imam (RA) had also that it has a secret. "Our home agent’s times search to perhaps the Imam (RA) notices to find but nothing. My wife along with two sons against the Pahlavi regime in the demonstration company.

By the time my wife was at the market shops. It is a place where the family market, political prisoners, grants administrator, troops of the Pahlavi regime, the market of the siege. With the bustle of the market, my wife's home that night. The brother of my wife that night I gave the news that Mr babai comes home later tonight. Until the next morning that my wife to come home, stayed awake.

Defapress: under the influence of your training, the way the front?

. In the turmoil of the revolution, Mohammad was a little age but nevertheless her father comes in and Slogan. When giving head, "Allahu Akbar" went to the roof, was the first person who said "Allahu Akbar" and we repeat after him.

Most of the activities of Muhammad after the Islamic revolution and the civil war. I believe that our young people the same and other soldiers of Imam (RA), he commented that: "my soldiers in the cradle.». M. after the victory of the Islamic revolution in mobilized. He is a night guard in the mosque of “Ansar alhosein” (p) and went straight to the school the next day. When the guard took a hand gun and his other hand in the book. His commander was reminded that to dismiss the book, but was answered: "the Prophet Muhammad commented weapons and books should be story.

  1. first in Moslem Ibn aghil (p). Since the letter testamentary. M. climbing and several great interest to visit Bangladesh was exhausted. A friend tells me that the definition of forces moving into the area, Mohammad was delivered to your backpack and then weigh it, the backpack can deliver it to the Warriors when trekking because of a heavy leather to the problem anymore.

Salman also sometime after Mohamed was dispatched to the front. By the time he was a mechanical engineer. Muhammad as he had said that the society needs your services. You stay, I'm going to the front.

Muhammad Diploma1982 years and get on the exam. The first phase of the exam was accepted. At the same time, along with his friends decided that deployed to the front. I had never intended to preclude the occurrence to the front anymore but I order after coming second to go in the front entrance, answer that call. When I was talking with each other on the front that said, "the blood-stained ground martyrdom and I can't go back." Finally, Muhammad was martyred in a dawn operation.

The answer she came a month after martyrdom. He was accepted at the University of science and technology. The friend said: "I wish Mohammed was alive and to the University." I said, "the Imam commented that respond front divine University. M. in the two universities accept. "

Defapress: days of dispatch tell us more before Muhammad.

During the study, the day Mohammad asked me to fix her hair. Her hair was short and got corrupted. Nightly Mohammad to the hairdresser's. On the last day before the aazamsh once again asked me to fix her hair. First don’t accept but with Insist her hair got shorter. This time her hair was fine. When the tall Chair, Mohammad Khatami saw the looming. Dell said that Mohammad martyr.

That time I was a teacher. Coincide with the moment when Muhammad was martyred, suddenly I was bad. I came out of the class and started to cry. Because of this I don't know. One of my colleagues came to smetm and asked whether martyr Muhammad? I said: "not news".

Your child's testimony for the defense: news-press who gave you? Under the pretext of giving a book to a friend, Mohammad manzlman. Of the Huh that I will tell something was but could not tell something and walked away. The same night on behalf of the mosque's martyr to us. As long as I stay away from Muhammad and impatient are well I didn't. Two weeks after the funeral: giant his bag, and me. among his testamentary their tools. In his will, which was written for a reason of each person in the world. For various reasons, such as people with every crash, falling from the mountain. Sq. What's better is that this death by martyrdom. After reading will my heart is exploding. Finished by hand to my chest out. I press for chest as the philosophy of Imam Hussain (AS.) relaxes is the man.

The son of God by the trustee and we also have custody. The parent wants and what his Bliss felicity higher than martyrdom. It is true that the trustee had so but undeniable nostalgia.

My impatience with seeing a dream vanished. In the month of Ramadan dreamed that sound at home. Back in the cell, a man stood with a three-year girl who addressed me said: "this girl m." I was not surprised with Muhammad's marriage. The man continued: '' look into the back of the head. "when I returned to the mountain and behind trees. In the midst of the trees was the home of Mohammad and his wife lived in it. "all of a sudden I wake up. Seeing the House and relax, I am also quiet.

Click on the name of the father of all martyrs to be written only, but I request that my name as well. My Japanese name is also inscribed on the tombstone of Muhammad.

Defapress: do you have the testimony of Muhammad ready?. It is time when was a martyr, fighting on behalf of the mosque to the width of the martyr went to the House to congratulate you. We ourselves knew that Muhammad might be a martyr. Muhammad was trying to joke with me. For example, you said: "we are going to return back to horizontal and vertical," he testified.

Defapress: Marterdom to the region's defense Mohammad toot?

yes. Twice myself and once I went by the way of light.

Defense press: your activities after the martyrdom of Muhammad was how? A year before the martyrdom of Mohammad simultaneously teaching at the school and the University of Tehran. Sometime later, in the Ministry of culture and the press and of the external organization also retired.

After my retirement activities in support of chemical veterans started. Chemical veterans each year and the companions are more obscure. Every year on the anniversary of Hiroshima bombing, held a big ceremony, and invites people from all over the world. At the ceremony, stating that the people of Hiroshima have been victims of chemical weapons. In Iran, this doesn't happen and the ceremony could not be held.


Some in the international community to hold secret chemical veterans and not allow that to make their worlds. No one knows which of the Ba'ath regime in war of chemical weapons.

With a group of veterans in the Hiroshima bombing anniversary chemical to Japan and leaving there regarding the conditions of these veterans and weapons so perhaps explain that chemical as well as veterans of obscurity.

Defapress: plans to introduce the next generation to veterans?

To schools and leaving chemical and war veterans in regard to explain that. Some come to me and want more information. Chemical veterans every day companions gets worse, we must be aware of the next generation from the past to the future Museum of the hands of those who were oppressed chemical veterans.

Sometimes visit the Museum at the level of the schools, but it does not make sense and should be more activities.

In kindergartens and schools, Western culture is education. Be happy with just a dance. Today, the Western countries of the Iranian traditional culture to strengthen the family but unfortunately less attention to it ourselves.

Should be at the level of kindergarten and primary school children to learn that the use of chemical weapons is what this chemical bombs and Outcomes what effect on our warriors during the imposed war. This would also help world peace.

I have repeatedly suggested to set up photo exhibition across the country, people familiar with chemical weapons and holy warriors in the era of the real defence to hear all that, but until today this plan is not practical.

Now also in some provinces there is a supporting Association of Veterans of the chemical but it is better that these forums across the country.


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