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A narrative of a sapper of holy defense;
We went to the grooves and after a little searching, we found the axis. The tape was still on the floor after four years, but heavily worn. As I approached, it collapsed. A little ahead, we found the channel. The remains of the martyrs who were martyred that night were there.
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Near the enemy line, entered the minefield. We were busy neutralizing mines that suddenly shine a mine was clear. Apparently one of the animals had gone on the Maine area. Forced out of the minefield and moved to the side of the line itself. A few obstacles along the way to layer the enemy thought.

To make it all mine and barbed wire and explosive barrels. The enemy to prevent our influence was used and it is compared with the line got ourselves that no obstacle.
At the same time, getting stuck to the telephone wires and the sound of air shows and "Crackle".

Kids to avoid the enemy's influence, a number of cans and canned hole and with the passage of the telephone wire, the barrier.


REW left an inquiry agent operations were martyrs. To move to the Highlands Shirazi, brother. The night, entered the minefield of the enemy. The voice of the Iraqis clearly heard. Whatever minefield went forward, the trace of the Maine. Accidentally entered the crossover have been Iraqis.
When I came back and the subject for Haj qasem definition, we decided to use the same night of the ferryboat. It was supposed to be the lost FOB, it's mark.
The next night, rewinding the tape and along with brother get them ferryboat Shirazi move. When we reached the square end of the minefield, so we went. The bar menu is a short rod and the base of the first field of the node it was engaged coil opening. I agree with the Iraqi night vision camera that were standing on the dike with guns, under. Suddenly I noticed the odd movements. I quickly informed Shirazi. The camera. Looked at the line, rush coil Strip ferryboat and escaped, said Ken

The skein of the martyrs was investigated
Iraqis take us away

 Rewinding tape ferryboat the same fit and let the foot to escape.

In the same operation, with the number of guys within the tubules into the trap off and Iraqis have long tolerated thirst.

Four years later, after operation Karbala-a, was released when the heights (the operational area dawn 3) guys said "the search heights slots. Maybe we can find a bar where a ferryboat.
Went to the side of the tracks, and after a bit of searching, we found the axis. The bar was still on the ground, but was badly decayed. Once created, it was disjointed.

A little ahead, we find the channel. The remains of the funeral that it night to testify were reached, it was here. Near one of the martyrs of the blue bottle was seen on the ground. It picked up and shake. Surprisingly I found a bottle of water.

Yearning for water. Along with the kids trapped in the Canal off combat battalion. The enemy with machine gun fire following the channel. The possibility of a move. Waiting for help, the night we tolerate insider forces. The air was clear, that our own enemy with artillery fire, and on the wrong channel.

Both sides were firing toward us. Thirst to strain. To sunset physically. After dark, the air slowly out of the channel. A little ahead to a number of martyrs of the Insider. The children of the Fort went to the canteen thirst. The remaining water and ate me.

We move again. Enemy fire was started. Finally, we close the line itself. It was number 20-liter water. Again, the kids went to the 20 liter and it still gave me water.

A little ahead to the insider's forces. The kids to the water by Colemanrun. I also picked up a Coleman. It was heavy. Happily, for it to hold the mouth and open the faucet. Whatever I shake. Even a drop of water is coming out. In Coleman's got open. It was full of ice. Picked up a piece of ice and rushed to her mouth and gum Up to a few days my throat to pain.

The skein of the martyrs was investigated
Send to gift wow what destroyed trench.

One day I was sitting in a trench in the destruction of one of the friends of the city phone. After the salutation, when asked: "what's going on?". To be struck, the letter said, "stuck here now. » A few weeks later, the package was wrapped in gift paper, to the destruction of the trench. My name and address on the package. With amazement and surprise that I opened.

A small box inside the main box. When the box is shod, my eye happened to some bread. The bread was seen on paper that was written on it: "this is bread. Incense. "

The high risk of the waterway. Operation information to children riding on a boat in the narrow waterway and the maze horalazim, stronghold of the enemy ambush. And let the boat with an oar, Belem women move towards the enemy. The sound of laughter and humor Iraqis from several sides were heard. Belem to canes we have. The body of dealt with Belem canes noise created. Suddenly the Iraqis were quiet and a little later, shooting toward us from all sides.

A place to take refuge. To quickly start rowing. Archery is still working. Every moment possible one of the beams to hit us.

The shooting was so intense that the Iraqis had in the water I. The front edge of the Belem and as it did back, my back got hidden Belem. A little ahead into Belem, came back.
Grab a paddle to her. Hossein Sultana water suddenly. We could not stop. We continue to Rahman. Finally, we reached the ambush to the trench itself.

When the area was quiet, few people went to glide; July Scouting Sultana hit and was a martyr.

Blast the stronghold. On the day of the operation Badr, m. Haj Bagheri asked me with the help of a group of children of the destruction of the enemy were taken from linear, I go and I destroyed the stronghold. Got a boat ride and move on.

The stronghold that we went to the side of the dike, along with forces. Haj Qasim, Commander of the Division and g. we’re sitting behind the dike Mirhosseini and operations guidance. Went to the left side of dike. We conducted the autopsy and to let the work materials. With wireless news that presently do not burst. The local commander was seen Division, came back. Some time passed and because I had no work, brother Mirhosseini said: "some bullets of RP برسونید and go back to the j line. » Along with two of his brothers to sack we shower and move on. We have still a few meters ahead of the bullet in a mortar among us to the ground. Two people were wounded and I continue the path alone.

Enemy fire was intense. I came up to a deep channel. Without wondering where are the insiders, the forces inside the channel moving.

A little bit ahead, so that the impression of the channel, and to the barrage hole. I realized from the new dike cross ourselves and the enemy reached the dike. Quickly came back. RP j. bullets to the guys I came with brother Mirhosseini.

The same thing happened to me the sign, "said instantly stronghold explode.". To shirvand Ali towards the desired location move. All of a sudden and intense to listen POW stronghold exploded. While the earth I saw in shirvand, on the other to the ground.

I had a good feeling. I shredded my receipt. I tried to say I turned. Little by little hands and move my foot and I'm still healthy, I realized.
I got. Of blood serum. shirvand was a martyr. I looked back. Iraqis on the stronghold.

Several grenades and a clash on the ground picked up and started to run. After a few meters, I stood and threw a grenade into the side of the Iraqis. Don't just shoot clash arms. Sometimes snipers. Several people are injured and the inside of the boat on the water. I went to the side of the swimming. Everything I've tried, failed to clear the boat engine. Iraqis still came forward. Because of my work was not made, the water came and knocked on the Chateau; start running.

Iraqis were shooting. My shot. The last stronghold to the dike. It is temporarily spared from the shooting. A lot of people were waiting for the boat behind the dike.
A number of boats. The influx of kids. The first boat was overturned.

The corner sat down. A Landi craft that brought water, was found. Once you see the situation, the twenty liter within it and the kids rider. Moving the rudder's eyes as I suck. Stand. I was close. I ride in the rain came back, enemy bullets

The first martyr operation dawn is eight. The eight-night operation dawn, in one of the local houses near blameh Creek was h.r. jafarzadeh aloud to say goodbye. She was always with the difference mode. Shook his hand in the air and walked away.

I went to Ali the Lion Creek. Morteza Haji said: "If you don't stand up, sad news?". Said: «not
I don't upset. "said," martyr Hamid.
I asked with surprise: "still not start operations, became a martyr?" said, "wanted on the sunken boats in the Creek with reflex reflector installation blameh the enemy's mortar rounds were martyred.

I'm not happy with the say lies. To take one of the kids we had returned from the front. Can be placed after spending leave together to go. He remained in Kerman and zarand, I got elected. A few days later I saw him back at home. I was surprised with the question: "what are you doing here?". With discomfort, said: "after the martyrdom of my brother, my parents are not allowed to go back to the front and I have sent my aunt’s House that your fellow citizens to stay here awhile.

His aunt was the side of the alley, waiting for him. The same day near sunset came again and asked: "where for a night stay Scouting?". What I failed to arrive home, urging and said: "my aunt knows your home address to find me here. » I said: "If you say," I.

I'm not satisfied, "said because I sayin lie.

The location of mounth went together. Stay the night there. The air was cold. The corner of the carpet and sleep herself on a mounth. The next day it went to Kerman.
Locks and chains up a foot soldier. At the time I promised to Kerman. I was waiting for my friend, up front together, go to the front.
It came a bit late. When reached, lock and chain to the monitoring had been closed. So when to effortlessly walked.
Her family wanted her to close and lock with the circuits and the presence at the front. Together to the religious school near the market and went with the help of two of the kids saw a destroyed iron on the cut chains and move toward the front.

My friend is a doctor and now I lock it and keep the chains as a memento.

Fight with the breath. Martyr Hamid Reza jafarzadeh was among the breath in the fight. One day he's with the Basij, a ride on the bike I saw; while a handy rucksack and his color was faded and torn. To buy the market. Packs are so old and manders was embarrassed it took Adam to go to market. Jafarzadeh rucksack with it came into the market and buy. Once, when I was asked to, said: "this is not someone who can hold my breath to fahmanam.

The explosion in the Faw-albahar road. Was going with the number of kids in the Faw road – albahar do. Because the power of the blast was high, near the location of exploding inside the trench drain trench wanted.

The skein of the martyrs was investigated
One of the kids turn Tinder and all quickly in perfect place of refuge.

The intensity of the blast was too high. After the sit down dust, turned out to be one of the forces in the name of all a. dormant inside the trench.
I myself hastily into the trench. Fort of Akbar's general fatigue had slept. When I asked: "wack up blast all? I did find something! "

The grace of God when you neutralize the mine. Busy thwarting minefield near the town of Faw, Iraqi aircraft that appeared above the shake and the rocket launcher.
No matter, in contrast to the fall of the rockets, in the minefield to start running. Moments after one of the kids screamed: "Maine
 Maine ". The heel of my foot and I realized I stood near the mines. If the Member was a shouting, my foot on the ground. The rockets were a little further to the ground and the grace of God that we had included a distance in the minefield and run injury don’t see.

Mines were exploded!
 The neutral minefield. A number of almary mine in a bezel. Bag seasoning when connected to the Maine blew up and got my own refuge.
Suddenly I noticed a car Land Rover goes to the side of the mine. With the noise of the driver wanted to stop. The car next to mine, stood up. There was something to blast. I shout: "sleep
Sleep on the ground.
". Driver sleep well on the ground. A little later, the voice of "the Pacific" was heard.
The driver was loud and asked: "why?" for anfjarton that does not panic, I said: "Yes

Land Rover ride and move on. I went to the mines. Surprisingly I found has the stuffing, but mines have not exploded.
If it were to explode, the driver piecemeal.


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