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General baqeri and Minister of Defense of Syria on strengthening joint military cooperation for the fight against terrorism
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Publish Date: 18October 2017 - 21:58

General Bqheri, military cooperation between Iran and Syria, military cooperation, and anti-terrorism. The main officer Mohammad Baqeri, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the armed forces, which is the last day to the President of a powerful country to travel America's defense Panel, met Syrian defense Minister General Bqheri of/Tehran-Damascus strengthened. The Security section of the defense forces, met today with Defense Minister Fahd Jassim, Syria, Damascus, and learn about the latest developments in the region and the need to plan for strengthening the resistance front in the fight against terrorists.

Negotiations also continued on the necessity of cooperation in the fight against terrorism and extremism and stressed said that the military cooperation between the two countries and armed forces, the military must be strengthened and promoted.


Bilateral cooperation between the military commanders of the committees and experts of both countries was stressed by both sides and the final measures to fight terrorism.

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