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The second part / the detailed press briefing with Amir Sayari;
Pointing to the strategic importance of the Caspian Sea, the military commander of the Navy said: "The Caspian Sea, as requested by all the neighboring countries, has been raised as a sea of peace and friendship and should not enter the arms race."
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Caspian Sea should not enter the arms race / Americans say we are men of the seas are hard / Nedaja's progress in missile and torpedo areasIran before the revolution by the autonomous Government and the impact of a framanteghh Government has always given this massive resources and the development of the see-axise was jamandeh, up from 88 years to command the naval leader of the army, became a strategic force and the scope of its mission of territorial waters to the water b. The yen and the world's free.


So far, 88 years of Navy with dispatched more than 50 operational naogroh while securing the lines in the North of the Indian Ocean, the Strait of Bab almandb, Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea in the field of Defense and diplomacy as well as the transfer of culture and the development of the country's see-axies are also significant activities of their own.

Ndaja in the field of design, construction and production of all types of surface, subsurface, and as well as a variety of systems and also the defense so far has been successful, improvements and the presence of free and sovereign in the sphere of water supply of the country as well as the manufacture of Roads lines and light and heavy equipment and Radar and missile systems we serve it to  Admiral Habibullah sayari Commander of the army and Navy reach one-hour conversation with him that went on to the second part of this interview.

Escort ship in the waters of 4200 international vessels.

Defapress: Defense of the foreign aid that you tell us to the ship? Do you have statistics in this regard?

Admiral sayari: Supreme Leader of Iran is the epitome of Naval Authority commented in the realm of the sea and we موظفیم to the authority, culture, intelligence, science, knowledge and identity of the people in the sea.

So far, 4200 aircraft ships in Gulf of Aden and escort and free water to 25 ships from various countries that were asking for help, we will help.

The Caspian Sea is not entered into arms races

 Defapress: perhaps in the past decade in dividing the North Sea and its resources with the Russians had challenges, almost several years that your hand of the Caspian Sea as a place of peace and remembrance, please review our current situation in the area benefits of resource extraction and segmentation In the sea?

Admiral sayari : the Caspian Sea has great resources and great importance also in its place and is considered a strategic region for neighboring countries but because it is a closed sea laws and regulations governing the sea by its neighboring countries. Before the Soviet collapse, the Soviet Union and Iran were in the area but after the collapse of the Eastern bloc 3 new countries at the sea were identified and a number of neighboring countries that Russia, Kazakhstan to 5, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Iran are among these countries, so that the rules and regulations of the sea remains d The middle of the States referred to in the hand set and several meetings in different categories to the category of Bachelor President has been held but when Iran and all countries is that this sea is a sea of peace and friendship, namely the decision to enter the tapping us military Championships and two Of the sea, any country, according to the rules of the intended uses of the resources but definitely sea security must exist to be exploited by the following necessary safety and security is always on our agenda.

Today, 20 percent of which is in our possession is completely under control and constantly monitoring and observation, will be guarded and protected as maritime boundaries of it. Thank God of communication and interaction with the countries of this region is established and the naogroh of the parties to the countries in the region to travel and are looking for all the help we need is security in the region.

Holding a rescue exercise with Pakistan

Defapress: does this year with neighboring countries and held exercise?

We in the Gulf with friendly countries and the continuous interaction of the Treaty and to establish security in the region to neighboring countries and cooperate and hand has always been active in the area, we've said we have the presence and don't let up, we want security for others.

Several years in the field and rescue exercise held with the country of Oman, and also holding exercise with Pakistan on an agenda and with the countries that are in the one-day exercises and do a and for the coordination and development of views.

The Navy is leading on the shores of the Ganj-the necessity of the implementation of the Government plan on the banks of the Ganj.

Defapress: a discussion of the development of the beaches where the Ganj today is ripe?

Admiral sayari: beaches for the progress and development of see-axise and why until now there has not been dealt with? Sir commented that this relationship has been neglected. In the years before the revolution, to the request of our colonization of these areas and the far off sea coasts of Ganj source such as wealth and power is the enemy and did not want to step up to the US.

We pay attention to the current thinking of returning to the sea to follow that to the sea we go and marine civilization again, we should therefore be revived once the necessary facilities and Bank and fostering the presence of people in the area to be taken to control the growth and effectiveness of the Ganj on the beaches. The Navy for several years as a leader in this area now. We hope the Government several projects here that do have forecasts and practical progress we are seeing in this region.

Thousands of employees of the different ndaja to psabandr have been deployed.

 Defapress: now the base is built in that area?

Admiral sayari: Yes, now thousands of employees in order to promote the integration of and ndaja the area with their families and many of the values of the different equipment on the beaches of Ganj has deployed psabandr and this is visible and shaallh of particular interest the authorities and find growth and development So we saw the progress of see-axise the country.

Defapress:: antezartan defense of the State in relation to this issue?

Admiral sayari: actions that is associated with prosperity, such as road construction, railway and airport construction and the creation of health, educational and health infrastructure according to the description of the tasks done as we have witnessed increasing progress.

The new destroyer is on the way

 Defapress:: new destroyer under construction, what are the criteria?

Admiral sayari: certainly the previous coordinates of the new destroyer and mshkhsatsh are better and has more features, and at the time of accession to the naval fleet, the exact details will be announced.

Using highly advanced equipment in Khark carrier

Defapress: current status of Khark carrier defense?

Admiral sayari: reconstruction of Khark carrier is one of the Navy's military capabilities provided by youth and the canvas was done, it must be said some of the equipment used in this battleship advanced enough that someone does not believe Iran has the ability to be enjoyed but if it was all This amount was much more enjoyable to see.

The Americans said we're hard men of seas.

 Defapress:: battleship sabalan was what?

Admiral sayari: sailing route in such a way that is sometimes unwanted communication between vessels and asked or to be established, and in accordance with the rules of the marine questions and answers can be done such as who you are? Where are you on? And

 This is what happens when you know you mentioned once for the destroyer sabalan in the China Sea occurred, so that the flow of American destroyer sabalan Navi sailing we had that question who you are and where you are on? Our own war battleship sailors of the Islamic Republic. After we did that you question here us what are you doing? The opposite side of the destroyer sabalan box subsequently is the question here is whether you had? Here is that we are closer to you! This is a calculated answer. More American carrier says wanted to tell you that the status of the sea is broken and you get annoyed that we don't worry about our sailors and responded, we're hard sea men and have the necessary experience and to make to prove that these capabilities are the same in the sea Streaming also sail and awe of his authority and show.

But because the destroyer sabalan in 67 years we Americans suffered a devastating injury with several missiles, so they thought that the destroyer sabalan, when they see that the greatness of sabalan and be used against the enemy on the height of Science today, and it stands to pay Respect. The enemy of the Islamic Republic's capabilities normally in the field of construction, reconstruction and optimization does not believe so when the capabilities in the realm of the sea sees its influences.

Defapress:: in the end, if you please, address.

Admiral Sayari: advances in the field of missiles and torpedoes from generation to generation and never cannot be what we're about. As in the field of industry and technology with daily advances we've encountered, so this rule in the area of arms and we strive to have every day in these areas can we upgrade your.

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