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A story of life, of Jihad and martyrdom of Hassan Tehrani Moghadam;
The martyr Tehrani Moghaddam» live the U.S. and Israel is always a nightmare
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According to eoic and jihad reporter of defa prss:  of the authors of the books discussed on the occasion of the sacred defense missile firing to the Islamic revolution Guards Corps to takfiri  in deir ezour Syria, read a description of the biography and activities of" martyr Hassan Tehrani missile Commander of the guards the front» Wrote that it will continue to read:

. H. Tehrani, height and shape and a normal face. From the time of birth in October 1338 in the neighborhood originates in Tehran until the tenor battles with invading enemies became clear, once upon a time though difficult and adventurous but normal again. Poverty and the hard days on the side of a loving family and faithful that with the bread of the solvent can tailor the parenting time spent, has passed.

Khomeini needs you!

. The most important seeds of faith in the hearts of kids planting. When a small dilapidated mosque to revive in front of their house was pleased with the Ayatollah had returned. With the location of the baby boys in the family front Tehrani Abad is a small mosque called the mosque of fifteen meters were: Zaina(A.S) It is a small mosque, also the soul boys have fallen. Hassan at the height of love and an interest in football, like his other friends for the first time the mosque prayer can meanwhile. A great teacher named Mr Ali lavasani crowded place with پسرهای so that they will encounter in the neighborhood where all kinds of corruption and there was a problem with it, I saw the beauty of Islam and Liked it and soon the men were great for the community.

In the days of the revolution, the days precedence Tehrani family F., Ahmed, m., h. and a. in Hosseinieh Ershad or mosques or militant groups active secret. H. and a. bzergtrshan were associated more with brother Mohammed. M for most children of the location of the judgment of the teacher and the Commander. They are from years ago a group of kids they were given a place because of their revolutionary hymns, "a couple of times for their arrest was poured and the program every time, with the support of the people had been unsuccessful. This group of Imam Khomeini on the day of the arrival of the hymn to the homeland on 12 February 1357 is part of the same group were a song lasting an Imam Khomeini's anthem at the airport.

In the early days of the revolution, studying his uncel for the boys in Germany had sent invitation. The mother said: see where you now can serve more. The young Khomeini needs you! The boys never did, and still later to regret going out.

  1. 56 years in metallurgy from Polytechnic University had been accepted but continues along his brother Mohammad and other friends of the cultural revolution things have worked. M. it was responsible for intelligence Corps foumanat days. Hard days and prolific. In the villages of the North, barred trade in the construction of the mosque and bath and cultural work to school for the kids and a busy military training. Height was more like a friend Hassan wishes height. Hasan, young skinny limbs and its kind and welcome that comes with a unique, intimate words and ethics sweet very early in the Dell open everywhere, a vast arena was opened. He was with his inherent sedaghati that whatever be the Islamic country could do something for his country.

The audacity, of Kalashnikov strain something

The war had come to the ideal of the Muslim people of Iran, and hoped to double penetration. H. promptly to the front area. Her younger brother Ali to the South and to the Group martyr Chamran University was continuous. Hassan with a group that was deployed to the West of the country. His first experience in SAR-e pol back from bitterness and hardship of war. The testimony of his friends saw very early and get that if audacity and courage and if it is not heavy weapons from small pipe work is not made Kalashnikov strain!. SAR-e pol from 59 in late November was to get her younger brother Ali's martyrdom. With a heavy heart and burned Silence to the back. Her only brother had been buried and that the warrant was for her mother and teacher, to go Hasan Raza. But Hassan was staying and rocking, thinking that in terms of the war can do to defend the country.

The Commander of the fire authority. Someone has asked him something Should a mission to him. But creative mind and sincere spirit and firm will of him, he is prompted to wait that time from the ground. Low valuable experiences in that period and was found by the Iranian front weaknesses. The Corps did not have heavy arms! But he's starting from zero. It was also working with the same mortar! The mortar fire, which gave offer as it is scattered in various parts of the day, to allegedly open fire on the enemy, together are more effective the implementation of atshshan.

He quickly noticed Mohsen Rezai and commanders of the war, h. Bagheri and at the front was effective. A few months later when the Corps commanders to keep the enemy from the artillery they were think open in escrow Commander did not hesitate to one person: Hassan Moghadam!

Martyr Hassan companion to Zadeh founded artillery. Brilliant story of his presence in the war was the peak with the spicy. He that loves to defend the Islamic homeland and assist their Imam, was a season a time of doubt on the borders broke something complicated and specialized. The gunner of the Basij, perfotional and specialist professional corps artillery repair center, they launch the artillery forces training center, the Organization and every day the power and influence of the Corps artillery to the ROC. Unwavering support General Ali Sayyad Shirazi was an artillery officer who is unmatched and the art of Hassan Moghadam that all obstacles with its own ethics with all fixes, unattainable dreams to Corps investigator and his friend that business acumen, creativity and this emerging set of beliefs Raise exponentially; nahidi ar martyrs, Hassan Ghazi, Hassan shafee zade, Gholam Reza Yazdani and hundreds of other unknown gunner and Scout.

The inability of the Baathist enemy on the battlefield, causing a rain of missiles and bombed cities was to weaken the morale of the people and the Warriors desperately. Hassan Moghadam is a rich intelligence and faith because of the connection with the source of unbounded, no impossible  was not feasible in the Android was able to achieve a missile with range greater than the border passes and the comfort of Saddam and Baathist forces of the aggressor in the fold. The top of the class war commanders this year and fall of 63 were found, the stage was a great decide.

The first successful landing rocket. 13 out of sincere guard’s artillery to the front were deployed to Syria Hassan command to amazing in alaqul, the missile complex training. They wanted something that would require at least two years in three months time to learn. The legend that even despite all the West support Shah Pahlavi he dreams not of vision was also a researcher: Missile weapon is lost. In March, 1983 ashft and quiet sleep of Saddam's scud missiles on eBay that had been imported from the country of Libya by Libyan mstsharan on important economic and military centers in Iraq.

Hassan Moghadam was sure to make the applicable anywhere Libyan cooperation with the Iranian missile command, the soldier ran over two years will be the presence of the Libyan in Iran, Syria and their learned the coup had a fuller and 65 in January when a Libyan missile system in Iran and by the The launch of the work with the help of his coup, were dumped in two weeks with the hope to do boarding and divine grace and resorting to the inmate (s) remove the system imperfections and shoot it. The first firing of a rocket by the independent young guards who love to Islam and Imam and they wave at you, brilliant and clear the hard way: the authority of Islamic Iran with missile defenses.

During the war the forces less than 30 people as the missile unit of the Islamic country, to the command of Hasan, wherever and whenever it was necessary to make the missile difficult mission in enemy territory and he did according to this great martyr, Islamic Republic of Iran missile because it was based on Saddam's throat and sword A great impact on the war. The Commander of the revolutionary guards Commander Mohsen Rezai, in time of war, the value and importance of firing any missile operations as a knew! Iran's missile unit at war aircraft Cordless Scud Rocket 88 and the two solid-fuel rocket aircraft that was built within the country to the cities of Baghdad, Mosul, Kirkuk and threw alamare, only with less than 30 specialist force! While Iraq just over two months until the end of March از8 April 1967, long range missile to 182 cities in Iran had fired the missile, which was in addition to the thousands over the Iranian border had shed-resistant cities!

The construction of the missile with the words made in sheaa. The war ended but that he had a good understanding of the enemy knew that for the country's independence and security of supply must be filled in by hand stand against the enemy. Once upon a time in which the pale divine and prosperity and wealth and power. And even emotional dependence on the family, a lot of men of war it had spirited away, Hassan Moghadam in lonely, to prepare the preliminaries, research and manufacturing of the rocket to its promise made in "gmanamane", inspired sheaa.

During this route because a hard mount behind him had inspired, "heydari node» young woman of 62 years with ya say to Hassan, along with his assistant and ghmkhoar and prtlatemsh on the way. He was alone, and it took the war to John had bought because more than being in love, "" love the way ", Hassan Hassan was loyal and her Steady» on this love during 28 years of common life proved. If the "h" in the desert, FL Tehrani in various garrisons that sometimes were abandoned and she them to conduct research and build the missile goes active associations and, in the workshops and factories are scattered around the country, on the progress of the country's missile power step works, knew that his wife Vacancy he filled in the family and for the kids. Divine inspiration not only with the wishes of his wife did not play and did not affect her leg but she pruned and fatigue due to their connection with Qur'an and religious and Seminary, all barely in sight, and with the dignity of Islam on the way welcome sabouri.

The man who more than speak silently and thinks. Although the judgment in actions over carefully, and even dshmansh, strengths and learn to work and closes more than having to endorse and encourage this and it is divine satisfaction to have eyes bdoozd eyes can make the impossible possible. Hassan Moghadam was such a man. Never wait for the important tasks remain up against someone who does he give degrees. Although a number of officials that if at the time of his life, the importance of the things he knew well they were perhaps less impeded and his energy to justify his spending was less than the eight-year sacred defense, but he's always in the noted tilt against the problems and hinder the understanding and Shave, with faith in the future of his advance.

If the Americans can get why we fail?!

Always said when the American brain sweat the estuary can be the piece of the invention and the technical problem to fix, why we fail. We have faith in God, all things are possible unto us. However, it is effortless and takes many years of American research and testing, and the promise of God that anyone bothered to complete results. He believed that in the shadow of the true faith to Allah, the Lord of darkness are clear, and the long way the shorter test. Friends of solitude strange otusl him to AHL Especially the bit to Hazrat Zahra (SA) missile test on the memory. She was taught to his difficult tasks to your faith dedicated to Hazrat Zahra (SA) do to the blessings of the Prophet on their correctly based on the find.

The war for Hassan Moghadam never all. He is the regional developments, clairvoyance, and when Hezbollah resistance forces training and empowering them in the sphere of missile effort well knew that rockets that have produced her coup, aspire to in the region Israel lone Greyhound will fail. Strange that when the great man during the war of thirty-three-day Lebanon Hezbollah resistance along the family heard the news and shooting missiles they can see that Israel is imposing on the broken and brought to him, zlat never lip ngshood ¢ from your role in this Even victory for his family speak.

The emotional climax-range missiles, along with

.He, along with missals, your soul will also take over all human attachment and affiliations, the higher was the slave! For someone who is thinking of making the advent of field and difficulty and importance of the right for the latest battle of the outfit and the void, a place to show off and hypocrisy and earn prestige and authority and power!

During his 23 years after the war with the credits, with big ideas, wishes and keep alive the spirit of sacrifice and effort, and overall by being at the forefront of this effort, all the young scientists and missile unit by forces of the revolutionary guards and the most work conditions * Keep the foot work. Scientific research on the flame and kept to his friends in the shelter showed "we have faith in God's power can be effective in achieving the advent our mola.

Hours before a test all of the tests were important and Hasan Agha in the hours before the Symposium, auditioning walk alone ran the mill resort retreats, and later at the mountain behind his kids because you stand. bad first thing auditioning the prostration of the sugar. And the success immediately to God.

In the last years of life was prbarsh who wrote the divine religion spread to the entire Earth and make his absolute obedience throughout the land and creating the emergence and expansion of the Savior and spread across the world of Shia culture Alavi. If someone not knowing him and playing soccer in his green rectangle imagined vision of professional. If continuous climbs him to the highest peak and rock climbing and ice climbing and his saw his plan to conquer the world's highest peaks heard thought a professional mountaineering. If anyone can see his daily is located at runin and he will not identify imagined unemployment and interest of the sport is that you spend all this exercise. But his friends are good to learn that after each and every application pool and climbing and touring, their Commander, a new application and a new definition of the idea, and the Division of labor. He was told repeatedly I am not exercise if you die! All the equipment and facilities and provide the conditions for Sunday also had to exercise on. Believed this intellectually and physically strong and heavy if the body is not ready, if not after a two-hour sweat and toxins, he disposed of, will not be able hours in laboratories on the chemical compounds that, to reach the fuel carried, his work. Yes she even sports and recreation and travel with the aim of improving their work and essential Sunday.

These are every day with the death of the bunch and they tackled. He was kind and are happy that whatever comes to her for even simple forces wanted also wanted to repeatedly in relation to those proceedings he had denied reports Sunday (!) said that they work on a bomb every day! Right said the team that worked on fuel every day with the death of the buckle. Because of the difficulty and importance of the work of this team was that the last three or four years time herself with the Group penned in the military called the teacher of that before they had shut down half of the deployment, but with the team and martyrs  because dshtbanzadh Mehdi, Mohammad gholami, Sayed amir reza gholami and.

Two mhmadghasm solgui sweetheart and Mehdi Navab became the most beautiful set in memory of that figure.

He believes that young, finally, among the same young people who loved, and all in the name of the sound in a small search  for the rocket fuel, in a bloody incident on 21 November in 91 garrison remains in the tutor sherafat Malard around to testify.

On the eve of Eid Ghadir day and a day before the test was the biggest thing in her, with 38 members of the Fellowship of the Kingdom of jvansh to rise and not just family and friends that the leader of the nation and their members. While the lessons of hope and faith and effort and lovingly to all people. Yes! Can you give your life to the height of the size of your divine dreams take you to beautiful and high life condition of being to be faithful and raht path where the rose-try.

The leader in the strange message, try this gmanamane years wages sweetheart bavafa with three rational expressions and expression were odd: Sardar. A prominent scientist and appreciate great, unassuming and sahbtshan with the family of the martyr he said Hasan Agha who each gave me that it was on the day of the funeral and loyal and Honorable martyrs to burial ground myself in my wife commented it hot, miserable!. Hassan Moghadam has always tried to do something that is excellent. What is the time when the artillery established and missile  what to do when as the father, was on the side of children and liked to compensate for the absence . She is amazing great ideas fast satellite rocket on ponder and so in a way that was required for the acquisition of Sciences he was diligent in the meetings of the specialized masters and head designer of missile systems to exchange comments. "The missile was adopted for her date of birth was beside him and grouth  with night live and bear the heat of the scorching deserts and repeat the tests and had seen steady work. He is the father of Iran's missile to the right. "The Conqueror", "resurrection", "secession", "zlesal", "shahab 3", "sejjil" steps which was Hassan scored in front of the basic role of his arrive , the firm will of the presence and the problems in time. Glory and his alone to the mountain and to the evening prayer prayers never to quiver.

Have always had full hands. Hassan Moghadam was sure the American and Israeli threats against Zionists should always be ready with a full hand. The two-week meeting on the day before his death with one missile teams, because of their strong determination and the desire to continue this way gives a hint and h. jvansh for the Fellowship of all, with the fist on the table and knocked, I said even if I write this man on the ghberm Wanted to destroy Israel!

. H Tehrani Moghadam and anonymous environment claims but later the friends of shhadatsh borders and addeha. The God that dlhast love to her revolting and puts it on the day before his death when hearts Moon in visiting leader, recent jobs report that very large and important steps in the progress of the country's missile industry, was to provide the entire balance of the Supreme command, this message will receive leader  The message that he was after shhadtmzlomaneh media and no doubt for anyone who is thinking of our beloved country, the excellence of Islamic Iran, the RAH-breaking.

In the name of God

Target recognition of the way in advance and set between the refrigerant to achieve it and then assign efforts and don't bother to remove the step between the station and delkhosh way don't convince you to trust God; and all his power into the realm of. God bless you sweetheart and devout men and ambitious scientist and wind.

Seyyed Ali Khamenei

message end/

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