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General Khanzadi said at a news conference;
Commander of the Army Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran from Incorporation battleship Rocket launcher “separ” to Nadaja fleet. Holding the largest relief and rescue exercise in the waters of Bangladesh, with the presence of Iranian ships and the opening of the “Jask” airport in the coming days.
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Incorporation battleship Rocket launcher
According to the Defense Security DefaPress, general Admiral "Hussein Khanzadi" Commander of the Navy at a meeting with journalists this morning and on the eve of Navy Day took place said the media Arrowhead deterrence in the sphere of national sovereignty and defense today No smart media will definitely not succeed.

He pointed out that the Navy Day is the big day named for the victory in the Pearl Operations, which was won by the youth of this border in the 67 days of the war. The enemy thought that Iran was weakened by the revolution and did not have enough coherence, so it was a military strike.

General Khanzadi said that the Navy was not surprised at the imposed war, and this lack of surprise made the victory over the enemy aggressive.

"The documents indicate that the Navy was in full swing at that time and was not overwhelmed," he said, noting that the Navy was not surprised.Saddam told the media clearly that the strategy was to seize Iran within a week. Of course, given the political, economic, and chaotic state of affairs and the activity of various groups at that time in the country, the realization of this strategy was not unexpected.

The 34-day Strong Resistance of the Navy Commandos in Khorramshahr, the operation in "zolfaqarieh” Abadan Cove, the support of the Abadan peninsula and the presence of major operations such as Abadan and Jerusalem's defeat, are part of the effective role of the Navy in the Battle of the Army, the commander of the Navy said. It is a sacred defense era and these attempts have defeated the enemy's strategy.

General Khanzadi stated: "The most important operation during the holy defense of the Nadaja was the operation of pearls that the "al-Bakr "and "Alamieh” platforms and enemy oil terminals were either completely destroyed or completely destroyed by the enemy, and the enemy lost its offshore economy, and here the enemy's strategy was difficult The enemy was seriously cut off and the enemy lines were completely cut off.

"During the holy defense, we were able to escort 10,000 ships in the form of 150 offshore operations and only 20 of our ships were damaged, and this is a great success for us," he continued.

The commander of Nedaja continued, "The navy was leaning toward the eastern Strait of Hormuz after the war with the guidance of the Supreme Leader and settling down the coast of Makran to take advantage of the sea resources.

General Khanzadi, referring to the fact that we have escorted 4,200 ships so far with the dispatch of 50 ships, stated: Supply of equipment is one of the long-term plans of the Navy in this direction.

He added: "The Persian Gulf and the South Sea of our country are of great importance in terms of transit, access, energy and peripheral seas, and one of the most important waterways in the world is among the 9 most important crossings in the world. 

The navy commander of the Army stated: "The great look of the total command of the Navy which has caused the presence of the naval in the coast of Makran revealed the importance of these beaches by connecting us to the free waters of the world, hence the strategy of developing the coast of Makran and naval authority The title is two important strategies in the country's maritime power production.

General Khanzadi added that the intention of the Navy to send a navel to the Atlantic Ocean forced the Americans to comment on the plan and say that Iran has this capability.

In another part of the press conference, "Sabalan's” navy and Bandar” Abbas's” carrier arrived on December 3rd, reaching the coast of Bangladesh, with the presence of other countries, organizing the largest rescue and rescue missions, which is the result of continued Iranian presence in the international arena.

General Khanzadi added: "On Saturday, we will have a renegotiation of the Covenant with the aspirations of the Imam Khomeini. We will also be adding the shield missile ship to the Navy's navy this week, which will operate for peace, friendship and authority." Made we will also open "Jask” Airport this week.

In another part of the press conference, he said: "At one of the meetings of the Indian Ocean Indo-Pacific Marine Symposium, the Islamic Republic of Iran proposed to form a martial group to ensure the security of the countries of the region, which initially faced opposition from some countries, but ultimately With the vigilance of other countries, and we hope that this plan will be fruitful at the Indian Ocean Offshore Officers' Summit, which will take place next year, and we will be able to provide the security of the waters of this region without the presence of foreigners.

General Khanzadi said that after the Nedaja's presence in the open waters represents the display of Nadaja's capabilities and capabilities in the global arena, after adding the Shield Shooter to the Navy's fleet, we will have the addition of surface and submarine vessels in less than a year.

In response to a question on the presence of Nedaja in the Atlantic, he said: "We are promising that this will happen very soon, and this should be through the Strait of Bab Al-mandab, the Red Sea and the Suez Canal, the Mediterranean Sea, the Strait of Gibraltar We will continue to move around the Atlantic, and this depends on several factors, some of which are technical and technical factors, and some depend on the conditions of the oceans. We will definitely enter the Atlantic in the near future, and will enter and visit our friendly countries in the South American region, and will display a flag of our country in the Gulf of Mexico.

At the end, General  Khanzadi said: "The construction of the”  kamand” defense system in the defense industry has almost been completed and will soon be installed on naval vessels."
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