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DefaPress conversation with Admiral Rastgari;
Head of the Marine industry Organization, about the latest achievements of the organization in the military and civilian areas, said: "We rely on the internal power of the" sea "for insecure enemies.
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Defensive and security group Defapress, displaying of Marine Authority and Increase the defensive depth in the sea that front line of defense of country is, is need to equipment that before Islamic revolutionary, It needs equipment and facilities that required the presence of foreign advisors in the area before the Islamic Revolution in this country, but with the victory of the Islamic Revolution, domestic experts, craftsmen and academics, using indigenous knowledge, started a path that, in the past two decades, had the fruits And we saw blessings in the field of maritime defense and maritime industry.
The Ministry of Defense's Marine Organization, building on various vessels and other equipment needed by the naval forces of the Army and corps, has consolidated the footprints of the two forces in the Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea, the Oman Sea, and the Free Seas, relying on faith and spirituality Using the inside equipment, they tore up the aggressive American rangers and raised the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the Suez Canal and beside the occupied territories.

The Maritime Defense Ministry with the construction of vessels and other equipment for Navy and Army, the footsteps of these two forces in the Persian Gulf, Caspian Sea, Gulf of Oman and free waters has consolidated and the forces relying on faith and spirituality and using the equipment inside, exceeding US Marines forced to her knees and the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran raised the Suez canal and the adjacent soil.
To analysis the success and achievements of the Organization of the maritime Ministry of Defense and armed forces logistics Admiral with the head of the Organization, namely Admiral Rastgari  to the dialogue.

Since this Tuesday missile-launching warship "Separ" in the fourth area, Imam Reza (AS) marine Ndaja marine Army Navy fleet in the Caspian Sea will be joined, the beginning of dialogue devoted to that question in relation to the redemption of the carrier had asked admiral. Read full text of this dialogue.

Defapress: admiral’s said regarding the features and capabilities of the rocket launcher carrier "Separ" and the actions that have been done, to build it.

Admiral Rastgari: missile-launching warship "separ" is type of sina and in the Caspian Sea to join the ndaja fleet. This old class battleship missile toward the ejection of rockets is because we have achieved many successes in the form of a rocket launcher carrier features is provided.

This battleship has a high speed and the ability to discover, identify and surface targets and enemy involvement and can aim on the surface of the forty monitor. It could also coincide with the surface and involved four floating about the aim and hit. It is also a safe and integrated telecommunication system has a carrier. Fire control system is also entirely Iranian and the ability to deal with electronic warfare. It also has missile surface to surface and the ball with a track uniform.
The missile was built under conditions of sanctions and we demonstrated our ability during the boycott, and according to me, if sanctions were not imposed, we would not be able to reach this level of capability and self-sufficiency in the design and production of defense equipment.

This missile-launching warship was designed and built by the department of Marine Industries of the Ministry of defense with the capabilities and technologies of the modern and fully Iranian based on the needs of Imam Reza's 4th marine region.

Increasing the North Sea Fleet's defenses with the addition of the "Separ"

In this project, more than 65 mechanical systems, installations, mobility and drift, electricity and electronics, navigation, telecommunications, weapons, fire and weapons guidance with a mere 1,400,000 hours of work and more than 10,000 operating activities and utilization of internal formidable network of 400 centers of industrial, research, academic and industry organizations in cooperation with the Ministry of defense and armed forces Logistics is doing great.

This year, experiments near the wharf (HAT) and at sea (SAT) have been successfully completed. Based on the planned planning, 95 test heading, over 1000 control items for the various systems of this ship, as well as 77 training courses of more than 15 thousand hours of theoretical and applied training in the relevant specialties at the 3 levels of organizational, intermediate and factory For the staff of this wagon has been held.

One of the most outstanding features of this ship is the optimization and localization of more than 80 percent of the equipment and machinery, compared with other classmates operating in the northern and southern regions of the country.

One of the most important achievements of this project is the increase of defensive power and deterrence of the north of the country's fleet, entering the design, construction and, in specific, the optimization of various types of missile ships, the completion of the strategic navy training branch of the Islamic Republic of Iran during internships for students and lawyers in University and Maritime Specialist Training Centers in the Caspian Sea.

The creation of the idea to the production of Defense products, all of which is

Defapress: when has the self-sufficiency movement in the defense industry and the manufacture of equipment in this area started in our country?

Admiral Rastgari: The Sacred Defense movement began. The enemy invaded Iran and the army also had all its equipment in the West, and the West had promised Saddam to attack Iran and we support you, and one of their supporters was to support the spare parts of Iranian military equipment Blocked.

In the time of holy defense, especially in the Navy and Air Force, we faced a shortage of pieces. At that time, the Ayatollah Khamenee was the representative of Imam Khomeini (RA) in the army, so at the same time, they insisted that we should go to the construction of parts, and from that moment on the issue of self-sufficiency in the forces, that our domestic needs should be We build ourselves and rely on domestic knowledge, and this approach has been a blessing to the country; the fragmentation movement began in the first year of the imposed war in the forces and especially in the equipment-driven forces.

The movement began with a shell of mortar shells that many factories and artisans started to produce. And then, defense industry experts began to build sophisticated components and equipment, and today we are reaching the point where Islamic Iran stands on the deck of power; it is from creating ideas to producing Iranian-based knowledge, industry and technology.

Self-sufficiency in the construction of underwater cables
Defapress: Defense policy, Maritime Organization to what it is and if it is the only organization in the field of military activity?

Admiral Rastgari: The main mission of this organization is to support and meet the needs of the powerful navy forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is being pursued in four areas of radar, surface, subterranean and sedimentary floating.

Floating is a mobile city, and what people in a city need needs to be embedded in a float, because this float should be on the water for months. These requirements include biodiversity (granary, refrigeration and heating and cooling systems), physiological, power plant (power lines, power-downs, distribution and distribution lines, water tanks, sweepers and water pipelines), communication (wireless and Wires, Ranchi, helicopter flight site, control tower, etc. Therefore, when speaking of floats, the industrial capabilities of a country should be manifested in that float.

The Ministry of defence with an open innovation approach in the sense that any infrastructural need that in this Ministry have been used there, but four years ago the use of the infrastructure of other organizations and companies was put on the agenda; for example, we discuss the cable under the sea we need In this area we also sanctions and we cannot cable, so the Department of Defense didn't create it infrastructure but also with the cable industry to enter the country and today it is negotiating with the power cable kg 40 cm square inside the country, which has a 400 m to build the deep sea Can go and not have the possibility of getting the pipes as well as tearing the water to penetrate inside it and put it into other BlackBerry devices and hit enter.

Therefore, we use what we need from defense industries and other industries in the country. In those areas where the enemy should not know what equipment and capabilities we have, we will definitely use defense industries, and these industries will be called red industries, and in other cases we use the yellow and green industries, which are the same industries in the country, and this causes We have found strategic partnerships in the country, and industries, knowledge companies and research centers are strategic partners in the Department of Defense, which means creating employment and wealth creation, knowledge and technology.
Request for buying Iranian floats from countries / Production of 176 civilian floats by the Ministry of Defense
Today, many defense systems in our country, including floats, missile systems (such as shore-to-sea missiles), fire control systems and telecommunication systems, are being purchased by other countries because of their great capabilities. Also, these systems are used to defend the shrine and confront the ISIL and now Iran's naval vessels are in the Mediterranean.

Last year, the Navy's commander was one of the countries at the Defense Department's Marine Corps, and formally thanked us for producing good products and compared our products with one of the most powerful countries, saying: "Our products are for us in terms of Ease of use is far better.

The Marine Corps also comes in addition to military production in civilian sectors that can produce products, such as Kabul, launcher and intelligent panels and simulator systems that were launched last year by the City Railroad "similator” in Mashhad. . This is to say that when we build a product, we also have the ability to build the simulator. Negotiations to build a city railroad simulator are under way for the cities of Tehran, Isfahan and Tabriz.

In the field of civilian production, it should also be noted that to date 176 civilian floats have been produced by the Marine Organization that can be used by public institutions such as the Fisheries and Ports and Maritime Organization and the private sector, including recreational and tourism companies, or is in use.

The Ministry of defense is a symbol of resistance "economy"

Defapress: given that the "resistance" economy is one of the tasks of the Ministry of defense command and agencies affiliated to the Ministry, is to what extent the Organization's products to international markets have found a way, and have brought economic?

Admiral Rastgari: until today the country's marine products ourselves, we have added 2. Over the past few days also with another country for selling our marine products contract signed floats during its six months in the future for production and send them.
Today, the maritime organization has matured, and the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces support the symbol of the "resistance economy", because all policies, targets, strategies, plans and actions are based on domestic and indigenous production. Today, in the Ministry of Defense, you do not see a product imported from abroad and provided to our own armed forces.

The honor of the Ministry of Defense is that after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, this movement has progressed and after the sacred defense, the design and production capabilities were achieved. During the war, we reversed engineering, bringing out foreign equipment and producing the product of our own, but today, thanks to the presence of the elites and prominent Iranian scholars who have to be proud of them, the Department of Defense has a rich reserve for design and production, and Many of the systems used today by our armed forces and shrine defenders have been designed and built by Ministry of Defense specialists.

Americans did not believe in our maritime capabilities

Defapress: Does the Department of Defense's Marine Corps take part in exhibitions held in different countries of the world and display their products to other countries and companies in the world?

Admiral Rastgari: We have been present at several international exhibitions and exhibited our products at the booth of the Islamic Republic of Iran along with other maritime organizations of our country. Of course, in a few countries, we also prevented our participation in their exhibitions, due to the influence of hostile countries in those countries, on the pretext of boycotting Iran. Of course, in a couple of years after the event, we participated in several exhibitions and exhibited our products and it was interesting that visitors did not believe that these are Iranian products.

Today, we are reaching the ability to design and manufacture submarines, and produce the destroyers of the Jamaran and Damavand classes. We also produced Sinai class ships. We also constructed radar floats at speeds up to seventy nautical miles; however, radar vessels with speeds of 100 nautical miles in calm waters of 180 km / h were also built, but floating ships capable of carrying rockets and firing systems and fire guidance. Speed, perhaps, is less than the fingers in the world, but today the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the few countries where a missile float is produced at speeds above 70 knots.

At one of the exhibitions, the Americans came to our booth several times and looked at our floating crews carefully and did not believe that Iran could build such boats. They imagined that we were advertising and chanting more; that is because the sea basin included all the industries, and the most sophisticated defense equipment, submarines, and at the highest point of the atomic submarine. It's even harder to build a submarine than making an aircraft, because under-sea conditions are heterogeneous and the environment is nonlinear. Today, human beings have reached space through thousands of kilometers, but still have not been able to reach 11,000 meters of the ocean, because there is a vacuum in space, but the lower we go at sea, the pressure is higher.

The sea with the construction of a submarine for the enemies we are insecure

Defapress: please say about "Fateh” submarine, and that at what stage?

Admiral Rastgari: Construction of submarines takes place between 12 and 15 years, not in Iran, but in the world from the stage of creating ideas to producing and carrying out tests.

The submarine conqueror is the first submarine to be native and completely Iranian. Its design has been carried out by domestic professionals with great capabilities and special weapon capabilities, but these capabilities and capabilities should be tested repeatedly in various operational and atmospheric conditions that the submarine is currently undergoing tests, and we hope that it will be unveiled and then operational in the near future. To be This submarine will increase the depth of the Islamic Republic of Iran at sea, and this ability will terrorize the enemy and will seriously threaten the sea for adversaries because they do not know where they will be launched.

We were also able to produce a 200-horsepower engine in a boom. In the area of installed engines, Yamaha, Johnson and Mercury are three of the most prominent brands in the world that we were able to build today.

Vibration of "Fateh Submarine" Has Approximately 0 DB / Creation of Rubber Covers

Desapress: What is the submarine sonority of the conqueror?

Admiral Rastgari: Aerial and space radar work, but underwater electromagnetic waves are emitted and sound waves are efficient, and waves detect the target by dealing with the target and the return. The submarines are known for their body shape and form, the sound of their engines and the bubbles created by their butterfly, but they can still be hidden; in the submarine of the conqueror, we have reached the ability to absorb the noise, vibration, in other words, the submarine's noise is almost zero DB This means no sound is heard from the submarine. We were able to achieve this capability using the techniques presented by our academics.

We also now have the ability to make rubber cushions that release sound waves inside these cushions, which further captures submarines underwater.

 We have the ability to build an "atomic submarine"

Defapress: Where did the nuclear propulsion event come from and what are the interactions with the Atomic Energy Agency in this regard?

Admiral Rastgari: The president made this issue last year, and Defense Minister Sahar Dehghan also placed this issue at the Marine Organization's goals. We are also in the process of negotiating with the Atomic Energy Agency; today, the country has achieved the ability to produce small nuclear power plants, and we need the same scale and power for submarine propulsion. But we have not been given the command to build a nuclear submarine and nuclear fission, but we have the ability to build it in the country.

Defapress: Nuclear drift also applies to surface floats?

Admiral Rastgari: Nuclear drift for the carriers is not cost-effective due to its high cost, and in the world it uses this thrust for aircraft carriers, because it is intended to travel long distances to the sea for a long time. But if Iran builds a naval engine on its agenda, we have the ability to build an aircraft carrier with nuclear propulsion, but it is costly.

Today, our country has something to say in this area because it has basic knowledge and we can easily enter this area, only that these issues should be addressed in our defense doctrine.

Defapress: About the aircraft carrier, did not we enter the design debate?

Admiral Rastgari: no. Because I mentioned that the construction of an aircraft carrier is not in the Iranian defense doctrine. We have 15 islands in the Persian Gulf, all of which are some sort of carrier aircraft. The Islamic Republic of Iran, aggressiveness politics and aircraft carriers for trans-used basically.

But if one day the global arrogance became more and more reverted to the military options, we have the ability to build a carrier aircraft with nuclear drift.

The first 1300-horsepower diesel engine is produced

Defapress: What progress did you have in the national motor vehicle debate?

Admiral Rastgari: So far, our country's engines, including the main body and the Cylinder, were made overseas, but since 1392, the responsibility for the construction of the national engine was transferred to the Naval Organization, and in the past two months, with the presence of the naval commander of the IRGC, the shell We cast the national engine in the country, and this was done for the first time in West Asia. The national engine body is one and a half thousand kilograms and is made of ductile cast iron (very hard and unbreakable cast iron) and its casting process is very complex, and casting must be done within eight minutes, otherwise the alloy will lose its properties.

We originally had a design plan that had a problem with the map, and, with confidence in the casting industries of Iran and domestic experts, it caused the shell to be cast.
Diesel is one of the components of self-sufficiency and independence of the country, because the field of road, rail, sea and military transport needs diesel. And when we were sanctioned, the enemy also banned Diesel, because he knew that the transportation could disturb the country.

We drove all Diesel items except Cylinder, Turbocharger and Sucker System over the past four years, and this year, the machined body, will produce the first 1300-horsepower engine that is all-Iranian. To build those three systems, we did not negotiate with three companies due to the fact that it was not economical, and today we have achieved good capabilities in turbine production discussions. The turbocharger is also a small turbine. The engine has a railroad application and can be used in the maritime domain. The same engine can be used as power generation and generator, and we have fired the changes we made in our boot system, and 650 kilowatts with a yield of 40% for a CHP power plant, and we are trying to reach 850 kw, and Take a megawatt from this same diesel base.

Of course, I would like to thank and thank the Vice President of Science and Technology of the Presidency and Mr. Dr. Sattari for entering and supporting this project.

Repairs of all marine equipment in the country

Defapress: What is the interaction of the Marine Organization with the research organizations and the self-sufficiency jihad of the naval forces of the Army and the Corps and do we need foreigners to repair our equipment?

Admiral Rastgari: In the armed forces of our country, zero to one hundred jobs are carried out by the Marine Corps and naval forces, and there is not a foreign adviser in our collections, and a ship has not been sent for repairs abroad. All repairs and construction work are carried out by the Ministry of Defense and Naval Forces Army and Revolutionary Guards.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, we did not send floats for repairs abroad, so it was very difficult to carry out repairs at first. When the advisers left, they delivered drops without a map, and the use of Dockers was a problem for us, but today, under the same dock, submarines and destroyers are being repaired.

Defapress: Army and navy naval forces also repair civilian flotilla?

Admiral Rastgari: Repair is done for some organs. Basically, these factories should like the airport to be prepared to save any damaged vessel, accept it and repair it. Armed Forces Marine Officers have this capability and provided services to various organizations.

We carried out floating case repairs at the Marine Organization for several external lines.
Mass production of cruise missile intercept systems using resonant radars

Defapress: Is cruise missile interceptor using resonant radars?

Admiral Rastgari: Yes. We fired the missile and locked it on the target and provided information to the defense system and launched the missile, and now the system has been mass-produced.

Defapress: Marine industry is also active in Air-sea warfare?

Defapress: The area of Air-sea warfare is the same area of influence that also includes bird hovercraft and hovercraft.

Differences between UAVs and UAVs are that there are patrol boats, but UAVs are remotely driven. These boats are designed and manufactured in the form of elevators, means at low altitudes.

The Marine Organization does not manufacture UAVs and builds it with the Air Arms Industry Organization.

To date, a large number of hovercraft has been produced, some of which have been sold to the environmental organization.

May 2018; holding the first national symposiums conference

Defapress: There are some explanations for the simulators' conference scheduled for this year.

Admiral Rasrgari: In early April, next year, the first national symposiums conference will be held jointly by the Ministry of Defense Marine Industries and Ferdowsi University in Mashhad. Considering the capabilities that were created in the country, the holding of this conference was necessary. Also on the sidelines of this conference, an exhibition of simulators will be held and a workshop will be held.

In addition to the Ministry of Defense, which has many say in this regard, other private and public sectors are also present at the conference.

So far, many simulators have been produced and delivered to troops in the maritime domain. These simulators are also used in our country's military universities to equip students in a room like a bridgehead to guide military and civilian flotilla.

There is also a city train simulator and a variety of launch systems.

Today, the country does not need to design and manufacture all kinds of automobile, rail, sea and air simulators.

Iran’s answer to every threat Sea base is in the sea

Defapress: Given that the Persian Gulf is the location of the trans-regional forces, is our country's defense industry capable of dealing with threats in this area?

Admiral Rasrgari: The enemy is the base of the sea and has shown that in the past two decades it has the potential to do so; the two wars in the Persian Gulf and the presence of global arrogance in the Persian Gulf, the Balkan War, the Kosovo War, and insurrectionis policies on the horizon 2020 and 2050, with their attention to the Pacific and the containment China, represents this. The enemy of his doctrine is also at sea, but his weaknesses are on the same seaside, and undoubtedly the Islamic Republic of Iran's response to any threatened seaside in the sea.

Underwater is not detectable, and with all the advances made by humanity, in the conditions of water under the sea, including temperature, heat and density, the sound waves have nonlinear behavior, and the enemy may not be able to submarine presence within a few meters Detect Therefore, given the capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in various maritime and missile areas, the enemy will certainly be seriously damaged. This is well known to the enemy and has come to the conclusion that it is not mistaken, and to this day they speak of a military option, but they do not dare, and the course is over.

The Sixth Islamic Republic of Iran Inflammation Struggle in Iraq and Syria. The victory of ISIS in Syria is a miracle of the century, because the money and capital of the reactionary region of the region, the manpower of the Takfiris and the modern western equipment of the West made something that they thought everything was over, but Iran stood at the same time with a Syrian trunk And then Russia was added to it, the ISILs were destroyed; therefore, they are well aware of the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran and know that every tragedy will have human costs, dignity and many equipment for them.

Defapress: Thank you very much for giving us your time.

Conversations from Mekdad Kamkar and Mohammad Hassan Jafari

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