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Martyr Biabani wrote in his will "It was a manner I chose and I faith that the state line of martyrdom will continue,” I chose this path because of the constancy of Islam and the conservation of the Qur'an, the success of the revolution and the help of the Imam and the conservation of the Islamic nation, and will fight for the respite of my life. "
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The testament of martyr Faramarz Biabani/I will continue my method Until it reaches to martyrdomAccording to the reporter of Sajed , the martyr Faramarz Biyabani was opened in Tehran on February 13, 1961. He was afire by the start of the imposed war on the Right Front, and on December 27, 1979, throughout the operation of Qods in Susangerd, he was martyred.

The text of this letter that made the martyr is a souvenir to visited, read on:

In the name of God

Hello my dear mother's affection and all dear brothers and sisters and friends and acquaintances that I hop God all good and your health from God Almighty I port.

Yes I asked about going to the front, you'd like to share a few words.

This was the way that I chose myself and I hope to continue the border martyr. I remember the sustainability of Islam and the Koran and the revolution, and help maintain and preserve the homeland this way until the end of 1992 to select John fought, and about this like I wanted if the thrust was humble testimony rants I don't cry, but I read the Quran and prayer and tribute The time of the Iranian martyrs karbalai. Therefore I say for the second time in mourning I don't cry, but their patience with enemies of Islam's revolutionary broken back.

Her mother and a brother and my sister this template a few words with love that in my heart to read and she died not to say that I am sad mom thank you for like that during these 17 years and I hope you got that because of mistakes in front of me Forgiveness and pity that I could not compensate your affection.

Someone who can take my mom was cute. Who was the soul of my mother's? I'm just another cross from you is that you help the leader of the revolution and its messages to his guiding her life and also for the humble I also pray prayer especially in a timely manner.


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