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Note / Abbas Abbasi

The Islamic Revolution was formed on the basis of confrontation with secularism

While the West principally turned the task of religion out of the radical scene and aimed at dogmatic systems based on secularism, the "Islamic Revolution sought to establish a system based on the belief in a sole god and the yielding of sovereignty to him and the need to capitulation to him”
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Publish Date: 05February 2018 - 16:25

The Islamic Revolution was formed on the basis of confrontation with secularismAbbas Abbasi's Provincial DefaPress: If, till periods before, World War I and II, or "Renaissance" in Europe were a historical division, the Islamic Revolution on the eve of the 15th century arose a new era, And divisions into stupor. Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution said:

"Abbas Abbasi province; until a few decades ago, the first and second world war, or "Renaissance" in Europe the point of dividing ¬ ¬ ¬ was historical, the Islamic revolution on the verge of a new age of 15 century Ah, figure that these equations and forklift Division to the gamut of oblivion. Islamic revolution leader in the same field he said,

With the Islamic revolution in Iran and formed the Islamic regime at this point of the long campaign and that of our nation behind a massive, leader (Imam Khomeini (RA)) for the protection of the revolution and Islam, new age with distinct features with the time before, in the universe arose and the impact of this A new era on the nation and the State Government for weak and strong and also loaders, loaders clear superpower. This new era should be called the era of Imam Khomeini (RA). "Hence, the Eastern and Western analysts, are influencing the world sacrifice as far as" Imad, a prominent Lebanese trader research», the eighties of the 20th century AD "the Khomeini decade" and "Robin ayat " American "a book titled in the name of God-published Khomeini decade." and now, "Alvin tafler» society The Next American spirituality pajouh ¬ says:

Now if the Imam Khomeini for a message, the message is not specific to him for a nation, which is about the world. Imam Khomeini (RA) is the twenty-first century man, although in the 20th century went out of the world. " The arrogance of the Islamic world that this rise and actually تابید it to shed light, for the inhibition of no attempt nor equal.

Islamic Republic of Iran from the beginning shape of his decisions with the phenomenon of Western ¬ clash. The ideal target for the Islamic revolution, with the interests of the West in the confrontation and the nature of the revolution, as well as with the idea of Western ¬ was inconsistent. While the West is basically the position of Dean had turned on and it fitted the scene from the side to the policy-driven political system and for the comment was based on secularism, "the Islamic revolution, but in the wake of the military establishment on the basis of faith in the one God and sovereignty and the necessity of submission to him against the He was subject to far West "to worry about. But the other cause for Islamic Republic of Iran, including "supporting the campaign against poor peoplefitted anywhere in the world from the perspective of the West" is fitted and the issue of a threat when fitted fitted more serious that the issue remained in the realm of thought and did and fitted the Islamic Republic of Iran in the wake of realize This view is the forklift. From the perspective of the Islamic revolution, the battle of right and always a vain battle and Imam Khomeini (RA) with emphasis on the subject, the essence of the Islamic revolution, with the major powers in the opposition regard. He fully light-has said: "we have power, so what, all of Arrogant we'll win."

The subject of the export of the Islamic revolution, the Islamic awakening, story book the Satanic Verses and the death sentence for the author by Imam Khomeini (RA) and many other events that happened in many cases, Iran and the West in front of the time. In essence this is a conflict with your essence revolution fitted and therefore of all tools, including forklift it means violence commissioning eight-year imposed war to deal with Iran.

But after 39 years of the Islamic revolution, now a unique discourse, "the Islamic revolution is global and the regime" of the Iranian people under the guidance of the Supreme Leader of the revolution of Imam Khamenei with the passage of the Col is a theatre and political, economic, cultural, and difficult to deal with the crisis and intrigue generated in the room thought ' domination and Zionism» is the most important challenge for power in the third millennium has been dubbed arrogant.

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