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A defender of the shrine saeed, "Abbas Kordoni, Abbas Kordoni called the warriors to fight ISIS, This passion and inspiration forces created a great saga in Nebul and al-Zahra.
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The epic and Jihad department of DefaPress :  Sayyid Hassan Musa of the race that day in Iraq and the presence of the Syrian daesh to defend inmate (as) shrine there Meanwhile, after participating in several operations, during the release of the Shiite Al-Zahra and from the two cities to achieve their enrollment grade. He is in this area of the eye operation was severely injured after several acts of his vision.

He'd martyr hmarzm and Zahra and operations such as Saeed Alizadeh, a. Hosseini kahkesh, a. majdi, a. hajivand, a. hajivand, deduc­tive eliasi Habib Rahimi disposition, a. kardavani, m. a. Ghorbani and.

Respectively. "He called" Seyyed Hassan», but to friends and anyone on the similarities and the thinking he dubbed "operational, h. Bagheri".

In order to browse the memories of it operations and keep alive the memory of the martyrs and teach in this operation, press defense reporter to interview with Moses the paid race.

Query: Defense of the day prior to the beginning of the operation, Al-Zahra nble and tell us.

The first days of war in Syria and to defend the shrine (s) so much for the force and importance to. Defenders of the shrine in the alley and the alley around the shrine were to defend the shrine damage trampled. Sometime later that the relative security was enough juice, two new danger arose. These two risk for two Shiite city dweller besieged Al-Zahra and nble andkofriyaand fuah. The enemy had sworn that if you enter the city, Joey walked blood.

The freedom of the city for a very important shrine of defenders. Every time we advance in operational, all expressed a wish that this operation is a way or step for freedom from the Shiite town. Although the population of haserh in these cities, the proportion of the entire population of Syria, was one percent, but the health and lives of the city's Shiites, especially children to force a special significance.

kardoni martyr Abbas said before the testimony, I wish that these two free city, but during the liberation of the city and Zahra was martyred.

For the freedom of the city of Al, and long before the beginning of scheduled operations. Several times the force to get information to the hearts of the enemy, and the information is collected. Because I love when the Republican Martyr Haj Hossein Saadat said: we were so close to the daesh, theCigarettefound the smell.

Al-Zahra and operations 12 Feb 94. Several times before executing this operation was put on the agenda, but the direction of the military and weather issues delayed. Almost all of the energy that was in the company's operations, about a month ago in the area attended and prepared themselves. The day was cold and hard. Negative temperature to about 15 degrees. The force is barely keep themselves warm. Despite being a difficult and overwhelming air power to the region, for the motivation, to get ready.

Over the number of forces that participated in this operation, the volunteer force for the liberation of the city of and Zahra. The force to some extent for the freedom of the city are the motivation that they did not want to waste even a day earlier and begin operations. The siege of the city from Shiite forces, such as the one by daesh for cancerous gland.

The day on which notice to the force that the operational direction of the day after the release of two cities and alzhrast, a certain passion between the force created.

Martyr Reza Adeli, Hosseini kahkesh and Mahmoud Moradi eskandari will remember that the eyes of joy electric. Martyr Adeli was full of energy. Abbas calls for daesh Carey for which is a key oil ojab daesh. This passion and motivation is the force causing a big epic and Zahra will be created.

If you enter this city daesh, terrible tragedy came into existence. The Shiite Ali ibn Abi Talib, we are and should be the voice of the oppressed can heard.

The Defense presses: the first martyr operation and Zahra, who was it?

. The release of a channel, ahead of the start of the operation and Zahra was necessary. Saeed Alizadeh was the first martyr of the operation while the release channel was martyred. An acquaintance of mine and said about 40 days before the start of the operation returns. He was the first parish in the operations the responsibility of the information and operations. I recall that at the meeting of the commanders that about 12 people attended, a Lebanese Commander by the name of "Zulfiqar said that you're the first to martyr said the operation was thwarted. Said that it was a joke character, responded: If the martyr nashvm, after the operation I came to you. It's time I know you.

Raised this issue several times in z and said that Saeed Alizadeh (Camille) you want to testify. Of the 12 person present at the meeting, six people to testify.

One of the commanders with a sweet accent to Shirazi Zulfiqar said: "maybe not be a martyr like you said why you insist." said, "I replied, I wish the testimony

". Before the start of the operation that got separated, said Zulfikar and once again the head of this thread, and laughed at the joke. Groups enter the midnight channel. Said that the area was before dating all the force was injured.

I arrived with a delay and the Commander of the operation. After the morning prayer to instruct the Commander of about two kilometers into the enemy under fire run to the channel. In the meantime, Navid Safari martyr saw that are planning to bring back the injured said configure. When the enemy, said Saeed and having to volley.

When the giant said to inquiring, to testify. The force gathered round his forehead and said can kissed. The Force morale with their testimony said. And I promise that it has had no familiar moments together, we started to joke up sagging spirits return to the kids.

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