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General Kiomars Heidari:
The commandant of the Islamic Republic's Armed Forces said: "We support any country that wants to war with the Zionist regime; so, the layout of some claims in our morale will not make an obstruction and we will follow our lanes in accordance with the leadership."
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We support any country that wants to war with the Zionist regime(Tehran) Defapress: under the pretext of welcoming the Islamic revolution anniversary and the beginning of the interview with Amir-Fajr Brigadier General kioumars Heidari, Commander of Army ground forces of the Islamic Republic in connection with the defense of the army achievement during the four decades after the triumph of the revolution, there The m.

Amir Heidari in part of a dialogue of defense cooperation between Iran and the countries, said friend and at the same time, we emphasized the time has been a presence wherever the need to openly express hadorman.

The future of u.s. policy in the region due to the destruction of the alleged scheme and root daesh based on some resistance groups in the area of Iranian weapons.

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 self-sufficiency is one of the greatest achievements of the Islamic revolution, about the dimensions of the importance of this achievement in the current international circumstances explain?

After the victory of the revolution in the land force we have, i.e. 23 23; defense land force component, there are almost different categories, and the outcome of the combat unit, the unit's combat support and combat service support unit, when are you link together 23; Can play a role in the sphere of Defense.

In many, the complexity of these 23 ordination there, such as  havaniroz, a variety of armored systems, systems of artillery, rocket and missile systems; each of these 23; the system were that none of the native structure and rose, even for the repair and maintenance of the bed to There was not, and certainly the external the actions related to the repair and maintenance of the Iranian forces and the actions of the crew as many services with low. After the victory of the revolution led by Imam Khomeini (RA) systems at the disposal of all ground forces, but the need to maintain, repair and regenerate, so Rachel Imam and leadership emphasis on self-sufficiency in the field and the expression of Mubarak is also in this connection, namely the self-sufficiency movement and movement on your feet Stand; the army is also considering the structure and an invigorating,  valayat madar and Kunar province, Kunar province leader of this provision as a provincial warrant the installation of Ain.

In this path, and we were able to act with determination and with a garment covering the same subject matter during the eight years of self-sufficiency movement of holy war in the presence of active and we fully support the war, with a look at the Holy See, in which in the next era, armored havaniroz artillery and missile systems were able to be Iraqi army that the country foot the 43 were mistaking the backup and eventually win the square. At that time, we had more to think about maintaining the status quo, because the chance to create and build, but after the sacred defense again led the emphasis on this matter that should stand on its feet and with the knowledge that we are always on the sanctions for this movement being self-sufficient in force The potatoes and the military establishment.

This wireless alternative to our achievement of self-sufficiency, which in the first stage were the first step in what we repair and maintenance. Then Bob fellowships in open ground force which means that the use of Android in order to check how the future launch of wars to see if we have what will be a war and we need to see what this war arms, entered the arena with this look Of sacred defense and looking ahead, industrial centers and the Army ground forces redesign, and some found the step forward the Mission of the institutional features of the coming war, fits in with the weapons and ammunition production that fortunately today in this arena of a flourishing and enjoys unprecedented expansion We are.

Today we reached the place in the 23 ordination that we can make to the achievement of the neighboring countries and exported. Today, with dare I say perhaps a few components in the country in the region and even Trans-regional are a unique, armored, and artillery capabilities, zdzerh and Helicopter with the experience of eight years of war, are unique because of the facilities including a variety of missiles and weapons. With the new supply of Vergney.

These are all distinct, unmatched leadership of blessing and any leader would know because he had such a demand from us and we, too, as he valayatmadar to army commands we're God's compliance and a Shaker that at least were able to demonstrate valayatmadar with self-sufficiency.

in  this case that you referred to the army before and after the revolution, what is the difference?

The servant after the revolution and in the early years I entered the army, 62, so the process of event related to the army before the revolution on the study. In the room you will see now and we've been sitting on it now (the Office of the Army ground forces command) before the revolution, former generals attended the taghot , their files, and who is also available.

The study will find in fact, prior to the revolution as something the Army relies on the will of God and the people, but there is not a military unit which was coordinated in terms of uniforms and act as soldiers of the global arrogance. The garrison commander that had seemingly been individual soldiers, Iranian foreign mstsharan in principle, but who were in the army and Commander of the behind the scenes. Army generals in the next initiative and any optional. They were making Tiger dress worn by the desired and completely khodfarukhth, but again with little difference between the leaders of the army, army body, because the body of the army, the officers and the darani primarily in the body of the pyramid were Muslim and they were revolutionary, But under pressure and throbbing then did as expected, introduce themselves to the community. The records show the body of the Muslim army, and with the clergy and the Grand ayatollahs were interconnected and it is a good time and actually thought the religious references in the strategy and effective body in a way that could have been the core of the resistance to ground force that this rings including Martyr sayad sirazi and abshnasan with the Imam and the clergy led the demonstrations, interact.

They were Honorable martyrs who were associated with the body of the people, i.e. the ring connector body of the army with the army of revolutionaries with Imam Khomeini (RA) and emulation. The same body of Muslim religious school, that was present in the army before the revolution was the revolution, jumping to win and which could have been revolutionized with the losses and wastes a lot along with small martyr to win, because the body of the Revolutionary Army, and was the subject of influence. Immediately after the victory of the revolution with the command of Imam Khomeini (RA) returned to the barracks again. 19 January as well as air force pilots with Imam declared, and of course the body of Rachel homage Army ground forces before they take action. Our revolution is unique, in that section of the counter-revolution was immediately such as the mushrooms in several provinces of the country, including the West, Northwest, North of the country, Sistan-Baluchestan and dome came into existence.

His army before the revolution disintegrating, but was quick to change the status of the army after the revolution and Imam Khomeini (RA). 29 April, also was named to the order of the same day, that was the peak of your iniquity, were published and he said the army, to leave the military and go to the side, on their side. Today we have this history with the army of the leader of the revolution has been likened to tayyebe pedigree. Definitions of leadership of the army is very deep, as well as with the leadership of the interpretations that vahedi nikbakht martyrs of land force there is unparalleled.

Over 4 decades of the revolution, the revolutionary spirit of what is in holding the army show inspiration?

In defense of the Holy Martyr we presented 46 thousand ground force, while the army 48 thousand martyrs. Also during the revolution's victory, were 125 army martyr.

We are all the sons of the revolution in the army, the Commander of the local army of the revolutionary forces, and an exam is given after the current Army Commander, before the revolution among the revolutionary forces was famous. Us army under the command of the leadership without resulting in the Revolutionary Army, and will be. Because our revolutionary leadership; so when the Commander (led) is a revolutionary and the world he recognizes as a revolutionary figure, naturally all the time, because the body of the army, the provinces are revolutionary. The Commander of the army not long before the Revolutionary Army as a gathering held to mean that the Revolutionary Army wanted to once again being associated in the minds of the community. Our revolutionary Commander, so he is in the army and the revolutionary spirit of the Stirrup ".

Our martyr’s of Islam many believe in joint funds to attend have scenes ", because without the belief in sacrifice is not John, this means being revolutionary.

Iran's defense relations with countries, like how it is and how much we have defense cooperation with other countries? In connection with the country, generally have an overall strategy and it strategy and explaining to us the leader commented. In this connection, we announced with all the times compelled to serve countries in the path of the revolution and the revolution plan to serve divine purposes to the community and the country. So today we attempt time Imam Khomeini's motto is that we in the military world of grief oppressed partner establishment.

This slogan in the army and the armed forces has been institutionalized, and never intend to do any country rape, yet in defense of our country and also the following words are another country ticket and with all of the values associated with the defense of the revolution are all lovingly.

In these last few years we've proven in practice, where the Muslim cry loud and we also help us help to disadvantaged and where nature is, according to Muslim under the command of the leadership Council and not strengthening short and with all the Affairs of the country we can attempt a friend and brother notwithstanding.

The threats of America, the Zionist regime, and the efforts of the Saudi military options against being practical about the Islamic Republic of Iran with the reality of how the match field?

. If this country than what is going on at the scene did not see knowledge and perhaps did not realize our time threats and the instead of being just for their verbal threats of military action to attack, but because the scene view and our operational capabilities Of Iran in defense of the values of the revolution, it is sensible for psychological projection, chanting threatening remarks to put forward while if such action were not behavior. I believe that with our defensive and deterrent power of Jihad and struggle of the armed forces and support the boarding people created forms that no power-factor could not prevent the promotion of this ability.

It threatened that the following program is on the table or desk, this species has been veteran us remarks and in the spirit of our nation's military effectiveness. If it is a folly and intention have must know the life files in a fraction of the time with the capable hands of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic will be complicated. We will stand up and stand on your feet, so we're ready to help any country that wants independence.

Predictions of future us policies in your area with respect to the destruction of the Government of Iraq and Syria daesh?

From the American Revolution until now we are threatened, and to stimulate other countries against us pays as well as large and small was against us. Speaking of a time when America lapses in Iran, then a change in the policy line of thought of the system proposed. We have also reached a stage that it says would be the Islamic Republic's increasing growth. I.e. the country stages the descending stairs during, and of course, in the future the same process continues as far as the interpretation of the leadership of the region, although the works will remain. We wish the country in the region to be able to rely on the unity of the Alliance, and with Convergence, there is the alternative the United States and Western allies to his side of their country. According to the historical trend, it will place in the region.

We have stored elsewhere in the region, the presence of expressly declare. The alleged plan by the United States and some countries in the region based on the use of resistance groups weapons sent from Iran, the more domestic consumption, and global and international range, in the meantime the country's history of animosity with Iran. From the day that the revolution has been victorious hatred of America and today this country against our heroines.

Project Iran phobia is also raised by the United States of America is of course zoom Moons in the spirit of our nation and all the Nations do not impact a world are realizing that this is not a political scandal over the alleged issues.

At the same time, where was the need to attend to openly announce that we attend. Leadership and officials also have times where the presence or. In particular, from any country that wants war with the support of the Zionist regime is; therefore, our morale in some scheme claim it will not undermine the creation of and adherence to the leadership of the decrees with rahman ahead, we'll win.

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